Saturday, December 18, 2010

Weaving Wonderland

(with apologies to  Dick Smith and Felix Bernard)

Tromp the treadle
Throw the shuttle
Keep the beat
Don't be subtle.

With kitties in sight
I'm happy tonight
Weavin' in my
Weaving Wonderland.

To the tangles
Give a tug
Keep your cross
Don't be smug.

I'll wind a new warp
and thread without mistakes
Weavin' in my
Weaving Wonderland.

In the studio
I can plan a project
And pretend that
I am Laura Fry.

I can channel
Daryl Lancaster
Woven scarves
and yardage
can be mine.

Later on
I'm inspired
With my Inkle
I'll retire.

I'm weavin' in bed
No worries in my head.

Weavin' in my
Weaving wonderland!!!!

Happy Weaving & Merry Christmas!


Tina J said...

Great adaptation Lou Ann! You hit the nail on the head, I don't mind these snow days at home!

Maggie said...

That was simply beautiful! You need to figure out how to link the tune to the entry!

Bonnie said...

Very Nice!

Anonymous said...

Oh my golly Ms. Christmas Holly! Love the rhyme and the picture. We're having snow days here, too! ~Marta

Theresa said...

Pretty darn cute and clever. You have now given me an earworm, JUST when I got rid of White Christmas. ;)
Merry and HO HO right back. Weaving wonderland indeed! LOL