Tuesday, December 21, 2021

Elves On Duty


Just look at all those busy elves!!!  The Weaving Studio (aka Santa's Workshop) was just humming with activity today.  Although there aren't as many weavers on duty, things were getting done.

  Marie has been busy in her home studio weaving a new batch of kitchen towels.  Using this Strickler pattern, she was able to use up lots of bobbins of thread.  Look at all of the color combinations!!!!!

   It's Christmas break for Liz, so she got to join us in the studio and thread the table loom for a project.  It's always nice to see our weaving friends!

  Patty's huck lace towels are looking great!  (She had a funny story to tell me about her tux cat, Boots.  It seems he brought her a rabbit this week!!!!)

    I think I messed Barbara up when I stopped to chat!!!  She is weaving this amazing Atwater Bronson pattern, and it's so easy to lose your place!!!

  She was able to unweave and find her place!  Yeah!!!

  Betsy is threaded, sleyed, and she's binding on the front beam!  Next comes the tie-up!  This warp is colorful!

  Tina is making progress with the crossed threads.  She's in the process of threading the threads that were out of place.

  Pat's working on a new color combo for this rug.  (This also means she's using up a lot of stash!!!)

  It doesn't happen often, but it's been known to happen sometimes.....Marilyn lost her cross!  It's not the end of the world....take a deep breath.  

  Lou Ann is providing emotional support.

  Shirley is feeling much better, and she's back to her scarf warp.

  Betsy is working on some placemats....always popular in the shop!

  So sorry Sharon's trip got cancelled, but that also meant she got to shop at IKEA while she was in Atlanta.

  Healing hugs to Charlotte.  Get better soon!

Merry Christmas to ALL of our fiber friends!!!


Tuesday, December 14, 2021


   We have several on-going projects here in the Studio.  

  Laura and Jocelyn are working on a logo for our group that we can use on our hang tags.  I'm sure we'll find other uses for it, as well.  Laura gave an update on the project at lunch.

  It looks like Pat has been working on her piece for the Convergence display in Knoxville.  That yardage is amazing!  We will be participating in the display at the Emporium Gallery downtown in July.

  Carol has woven a towel using blue, green and one more color!  I can't wait to see all the projects on display!

  Marie's scarf is from the "Use It Up" challenge as we try to use up left over yarn in the Annex.

  The scarf on the table is also part of that project!

  Courtney might be a new weaver, but I think she's catching on just fine!

  She brought one of her finished placemats to show us today.

  BIG thank you to Sharon H. for taking pictures for me today while I worked at home.  It looks like I sure did miss a bunch!

Happy Weaving!


Tuesday, December 7, 2021

Always Learning


  One of the things I love about weaving is that there is always an opportunity to learn new things!  One of the advantages of weaving with a group is the learning that takes place between the weavers.  We freely share with each other.

  Our new weavers, Courtney and Betsy, are right in the middle of it all!

  Case in point:

  Pat got the Rigid Heddle warped and started weaving.

Mary got the rigid heddle warped and started weaving.

Diane got the rigid heddle warped and has been weaving.

  Marie is teaching the weavers how to make the turn on a mobius scarf on the rigid heddle.

This is part of our "clear the tubs" effort, which will reduce our stash plus add variety to our woven items in the shop.  It's a group effort and a learning opportunity!

  Marilyn and Lou Ann are always sharing tips and tricks as they weave on their towels.  There's a rumor that Lou Ann has been especially good this year, and Santa is bringing her a new loom with all the fixin's!!!  WOW!

  Marilyn's DIL has penned a novel set in East Tennessee.  Although the story is fiction, it is based on a local tale of haints (ghosts) in a small town.  Mary was familiar with the story (she lives near the actual town.)  I'm adding it to my Christmas list!

   Patty LOVES her new tee-shirt!!!  Weavers have that "warped" sense of humor!  

  On her loom is a warp for two bamboo shawls.  She's weaving huck lace (for the first time!)

  Liz is using all eight shafts for this towel pattern.  (Be sure you click on the picture to get a closer look!)

  It was time.....Tina had regrouped the threads to weave her throws, but that resulted in crossed threads that had to be adjusted from time to time.  She spent her time today pulling crossed threads and rethreading.  It just takes time and patience.

  Jocelyn is all merry and bright as she threads a new brown warp.  This is a repeat of her brown and orange placemats.

  Barbara has her warp threaded and sleyed, so now it's time to tie it on the front bar.  Stay tuned!

  Bonnie solved the problem with her summer winter pattern, and now she just has to decide how big she wants her blocks to be!

  Linda has switched to a multi-color greens for the next towel.  Towels are a good way to use up threads!!!


  Pat was enchanted by the honeycomb throw in the November-December issue of Handwoven.  This is her version!!!

Yeah!  Shirley is on the mend, and she stopped by for a visit today!  We were so glad to see her!

Go on....learn something today!