Tuesday, May 10, 2022


 Things in our world are a little crazy right now, but when I step inside the Studio on Tuesday mornings, I just SMILE!

Patty, Jocelyn, Betsy:  just weaving.

Marilyn showing Liz her pick-up project on her Inkle loom.

A close-up look at Marilyn's beautiful weaving.

Mary's using black weft strips now.

Marie IS a "shuttle pilot"...but, I wouldn't call Patty a "warped woman"!!!!

Gather 'round!

Pat and Patty showing their "blue-green" items.  (One additional color allowed.)

Liz and Marie are getting the shelves together in the new Annex.

Charlotte, Liz and Pearl at their looms.  Lou Ann is winding a warp.

Sharon and Linda:  book talk???

Carol and Christy:  a little loom research.

Pearl and Peggy helping Shirley.

Barbara and Marilyn helping Lou Ann.

Barbara is an Author!!!

She wrote this story about her Mom's time during WW2:  Silence Means Security.

Now you can see why I'm HAPPY!  What a great place to be every Tuesday!

Happy Weaving!


Tuesday, May 3, 2022

Welcome May!!!


  With the great sales upstairs, Carol was kept busy today tagging and making the inventory list for the new items.  You can see the towels on the table that Linda wove and pulled off last week.

  Peggy brought in the towels she wove at home along with the placemats that she finished.  The great thing about the towels is that this project was a stash buster!!!!   Use up those bobbins of thread!!!!

  You might remember these scarves that Betsy wove.  She got them wet finished and twisted the fringes at home.  Can you believe that these all came from the same warp???

  Lou Ann is winding a towel warp to weave at home.  Shirley and Marilyn kept her company while she worked!

  Linda is back to her towel warp.  They have been selling well upstairs!

  Bonnie has been busy at home weaving baby blankets for her new great-grandson!  Congratulations, Bonnie!!!

  I'm so sorry I didn't get any pictures of them.

Tina is helping Betsy prepare a new warp for her loom.


  Mary cut some red check fabric to use in her Hollywood rug.  I love how it looks.

  Liz was wanting a project she could weave at home.  Marie pulled down one of the Inkle looms and she worked out a pattern for some key rings.  Then Liz was off and running (or weaving, that is!)

  I think Ruth might be wanting to try this before much longer!


  Looks like it is Peggy's turn to weave a mug rug for the gallery show!  

  Liz, Jocelyn, Betsy and Bonnie are just doing working on their projects.  

  I just had to show you Betsy's project that she has been working on at home!!!  It's a quilted Advent Calendar!  There are little pockets all around the piece to hold the tiny ornaments.  These ornaments are from Betsy's grandmother, and this will be given to Betsy's daughter.  What a special gift!

Enjoy your May Days!

Happy Weaving!


Tuesday, April 26, 2022



  First of all, BIG thanks to Marie for sending me the pictures for today's blog!!!

    Remember we said that Linda had a lot of towels on her cloth beam???  Today was the day those towels came off the loom.

  Now comes the fun part:  pulling the towels off the beam!

Now this is a lovely sight!  Thirteen towels will be hemmed and washed and whisked upstairs to the shop!  Great job, Linda!  Give yourself a pat on the back for a job well done!

Happy Weaving!


Tuesday, April 19, 2022

Just Another Tuesday


 Group discussions are common on Tuesdays as we work through all our projects.  Here Linda is showing the group her new sock knitting machine....a new fiber toy!!!!!

  Shirley, Marilyn, Lou Ann and Jocelyn keep their looms humming.

Marie offers advice while Pearl and Liz work on their projects.

Pat loaded another shuttle with weft for her rug while Mary weaves on her rug.  Sharen was at the LeClerc loom earlier weaving placemats.

Bonnie's towels are looking very good!  Linda has so many towels on her cloth beam that she was going to cut them off today.  (We need some towels upstairs!)  Laura is trying out a new color combination for the next set of placemats.

  Betsy played loom chicken!  She got every inch she could for this one.  It will be a mobius scarf.  There are three other scarves on this warp.

  Laura wove a table runner for her "blue-green" project.  It's ready to go!

  Linda also wove a table runner for her "blue-green" project.  She used a shiny silver thread for her other color!!!

  I actually wove some today at the Center.  This is my "blue-green" mug rug.  I went through my fabric stash at home and pulled seven different pieces.  The treadling is #7 for this rose path threading.

We have a few more weeks to get everything ready for the show.

Happy Weaving!


Tuesday, April 12, 2022

The Hive Mind

 ****Quick note to "B" about your comment.  Send the pictures to:

tuesdayweavers@gmail.com   and we'll do our best to help.

  As many of you might have noticed, we are a group that meets once a week, and we often have new weavers joining us.  Some of our new folks already know how to weave, and they join us for the sense of community.  Some folks join us because they want to learn about this fiber craft.  All are welcome.  We are all in different places in our weaving journey.  But, we have so much to learn from each other.

I overheard Ruth giving Rachel some information, and jokingly said, "Is this the blind leading the visually impaired?"  That got some laughter!  But, even our new weavers share what they learn with others.

    Ruth found that this nifty tool used by many knitters comes in handy for weaving.  Come to find out, several other weavers already knew about this!!!!

  We were so glad to have Pat back with us today.  We have missed her!  (She's a great source of weaving information!)

  Would you believe that this is Betsy's first time on a floor loom???  She worked out her treadling for the blue-green mug rug project and sat right down to weave.  It turned out lovely!

  Sharen worked with Carol to find out how to make the seam for her mobius shawl.  This is one of the hand-dyed bamboo warps from last year.  Sharen wove it on her loom at home.  It's so lightweight...perfect for this time of year.

  Marilyn said she needed help with her serger, and Marie sat down today and worked on it.  It does help if it is threaded correctly!  (They can be finicky!)

    You can see the blocks forming on Bonnie's summer winter towel.  That aqua has such a calming look.

  The "hive" came through for Patty's craft booth next week.  Fiber folks will have a lot of choices.

  Her Inkle Loom weaving class is full, so I know she'll have a good time.

  Just for the "Ahhh" factor, meet Biscotti.  Margi got her from a rescue, and this is part of her socialization.  We are all in LOVE!!!

Have a wonderful week...happy weaving!


Tuesday, April 5, 2022

All Hands On Deck


  The scarf kits are coming together very nicely!  Sharen is winding the weft for one of the kits into a cake while Carol and Marie worked on placing the warp and weft in the bags.

(Don't you just love Marie's shirt?)

  It was like a tag-team match.  When one person finished a cake, another weaver loaded a new one!  Betsy took her turn winding this weft.

(Four kits were sold to our weavers before the day was over!!!)

  Barbara is working on one of the mug rugs we're weaving for the July show.  We'll take turns weaving our very own using the rose-patch threading.

Hey?  What's going on back there?

  The group is helping Lou Ann wind on her shawlette warp!  Patty is reaching for a thread as she gets her shawl warp going.  Liz is almost done threading!

Oh, no!  You can't see the lovely aqua thread Bonnie is using for this towel.  I'll get a better picture next week.

  Laura just keeps weaving away on the placemat warp.  We have sold several of the ones she has woven upstairs!

  Look at that neat job they did winding the warp for Lou Ann.  She will be using these three colors as weft.

  Peggy found a place to open up her Pup. Plus, she gets to talk to everyone headed to the ladies room!!!

  This is Ruth's second warp!  She will be weaving placemats this time.

Sharon is still at it:  adding books to the master list!  We are lucky to have this problem.

Happy Weaving!