Loomy Tunes

Tuesday, April 9, 2024

Reluctant Serger and Project Progress

We had a very reluctant member of the team this morning! The auto threading mechanism didn't want to work and it seemed like it was blocked! After rereading the instructions it became apparent that we read them wrong the first time, now all is well!
Here are some progress pictures on the looms. Chris is threading her project and on the loom next to her one of the other new weavers is already weaving.
Joycelyn is threading her colorful warp and Bonnie is almost ready to start weaving her towels!
Mark is threading the warp we put on last week and John Paul is working hard to finish the warp on the Studio Rug loom so that we can put another 40-60 yard warp on it!
Now it is time for Show and Tell! Dana has been away for a little while, so she has a lot of show and tell today. First she has a warp chain that her son dyed on dye day and one that she dyed at the same time, then she has a towel project that she wove while she was away.
Shannon brought in some curtains that she had sewn for Barbara, and Barbara brought in shawl project she has just finished, and she and Carol are going to put on the finishing touches.
Betsy finished some towels this week and it was a stash busting project! She ran out of weft on the third towel and had to substitue a similar color, then for the 4th towel she chose black as the weft. Mark brought in a couple of napkins he wove this week, he was surprised how much the napkins shrunk in the wash.
Last week I had already published the blog and I received an email from Patty about one of the students in the evening rigid heddle class. This is Sylvia with her towels. This is only her second project on the rigid heddle loom!
That is all I have for this week, as always this is Tina for all!

Tuesday, April 2, 2024

So Many Pretty Warps

It has been awhile since I gave you a peek at all the pretty projects in process, so that is the first thing I will do!
Warp and woven project!
Phyllis is working on a beautiful warp!
Shirley is loving her towel project!
Liz is threading her loom, and here is a lovely shiny warp on one of the table looms.
Betsy is working on her color and weave gamp, she likes the yellow weft so far.
I caught Liz number 2 threading a sample warp, and after I left today they sent me a picture of Patty cutting the warp off of her loom.
On the kitchen counter today was a donation that we chose things for our very own and the rest will be going to a charity we know that loves this craft stuff.
My job today was to put a 60 yard warp on the Leclerc Mira. The only way we can do such a thing is with a sectional warp beam, a tension box and a spool rack. By lunch time I had 3 @ 60yard sections wound. We timed winding the third section and it took all of 3 minutes to wind 60 yards!
Now it is time for Show and Tell!!! Phyllis brought in a crochet bedspread that her Aunt (I think) worked on and almost finished. Someone will finsh the edging and it will get washed and admired! Mark brought in a stack of 18 placemats that he had taken off of the loom last week!
Here is the pile of finished projects that are going upstairs to the shop this afternoon. Did you see Mark's placemats and Jenny's T-shirt rugs?
By 2:00 I had finished the warp on Mark's loom, and since the loom right next to it is going to need a new sectional warp in a week or 2 I just left my tension box and spool rack there.
That is all for this week, as always, this is Tina, for all

Wednesday, March 27, 2024

Moving on Up & Pretty Things

You may recall that not long ago we had a huge batch of new students come all at once. Well, quite a few of them are ready to learn about the world and wonders of floor looms. Some of our floor looms are ready for new projects and the weavers who have been using them will be gone for a month or two in the near future. So today I got several pictures of floor loom warping basics. (Oh, and we started two new students this week as well!)
Next comes a picture of Carol and one of the new students with some of the "older students" in the game of "What happens next?".
Linda is working on a bamboo warp from one of our hand dying sessions last year. Mark and Patty are coming to the end of their warps!
Now for Show and Tell, Shannon made the rounds of the room today while she was on a Facetime call with her tiny granddaughter and all of the warps and skeins from dye day were put on display. Also Patty brought in some of the skeins of linen yarn that she had dyed that day.
John Paul brought in some mug rugs he had woven using Krokbrag and clasp weft techniques and I brought in a roll of placemats and runners that I wove from a roll of strips that a weaver long ago had lovingly pieced together and then left behind. I picked it up here at the Center when a weaver's estate was brought in ages ago! So many different colors and fabrics were in that roll, I will never be able to replicate it.
Jenny made a rug out of corespun alpaca, there is a super cool pattern on the edging, and Patty made "Friendship" towels out of 8/4 cotton in many different colors.
Samantha brought in some beautiful ethnic fabric from Thailand, we always love to see these glimpses into other cultures.
Shannon brought in a computer bag from a singles placemat that Pat had given her and then she opened a small tub that she had brought in. Inside the tub were a couple of dresses and a coat that her Mother had made her daughter. They were heavily smocked and beautifully sewn! My pictures do not do them justice!
Finally, Mark made a scarf for his Son out of his favorite colors.
That is all for this week, we have some empty looms to dress in the coming weeks, stay tuned! Tina, for all