Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Keep On Keeping On!

  There were just a few weavers in the Studio today...it sure is nice seeing friends!
  Carol took note of projects on the looms, and what new warps will be going on the free looms.
  Marie keeps the books!!! 


   Margi is working on a project using leftover pieces of woven fabric.  (Those are the pieces on the corner of the table.)
  Betsy is still winding on her warp...she's being SO careful!

 Liz is already hemstitching on her first warp!
  Susan was able to join us today, and she made the rounds to see what folks were working on.  
  I didn't mean to surprise Mary, but, I caught her off-guard when I snapped the picture.  She has begun threading the Leclerc loom that they loaded last Tuesday.

  Patty has started weaving another walker bag for the shop.  Those colors will work for a man or a woman.
  Linda is threading on the towel warp.  First up will be a pattern from Strickler's book.


  Sharon has been weaving on her scarf warp on Mondays, and she finally finished!!!  There were three scarves on that warp.  
  While I was there yesterday, I warped one of the Pups to weave mug rugs using the overshot pattern, Wheel of Fortune.  I got started weaving today, and I'll get pictures next week.  Some of our weavers wanted to try their hand at overshot, and this will give them a sneak peek!
Stay safe, my friends......
Happy Weaving!

Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Safety Weaving!!!

  We have a new weaver:  meet Liz!  She's a teacher, so we only have her for a few more weeks.   Carol will get her going!  She had scheduled a class at Arrowmont this summer, but, due to COVID-19, her class was canceled.  But, she was determined that this was the summer to learn to weave!

  Our other Liz was busy serging the hems of her placemats so she could get them hemmed.  
  Lou Ann has started weaving on her black placemat warp, while Marilyn is working on her placemat warp.  (Sounds like a lot of placemats!!!)

  Mary and Tina finished winding on the 60 yard white placemat warp.  This should keep Mary busy for a little while!

Betsy is making progress on her towel warp.

Don't you just love seeing those threads all lined up??


  Sporting her new hair cut, Alyce was weaving away on her scarf warp.  How many scarves are on that warp???


  Oh, Marie!  Did Liz mess up the serger???  Sometimes you just have to stop, clean it out, and re-thread that puppy!!

A quick shout out to Carl and Anna:  Carl is recovering and back at his place!  Stay well!
  Anna is out in California--remember to wear that mask!

Stay safe!
Happy Weaving!


Tuesday, June 16, 2020

New Warps!

  The virus isn't keeping us from getting some new warps on the looms.  Betsy worked this morning getting her towel warp ready to wind on the loom.  She has it all set to wind on next week.

  Tina brought her tension box to start the process of winding on a 60 yard warp on the Leclerc loom.  This is the loom with the white warp.  Mary wanted to learn about the process, and she took over the winding after lunch.

  Charlotte brought in this lovely shawl to add to our inventory in the shop.  She loves to work with left over tubes of thread from the studio and from the other weavers.


  Marilyn has started weaving on her new warp.  She got a little tip on winding her bobbin (just tuck the end of the thread into the bobbin center before you put it on the spindle!)

  Alyce was sporting a bright green mask--her sister in law made it for her.  She's working on another scarf for the shop.

  A customer wanted some additional placemats in the colors that Patty had woven.  She's almost finished with this special order.

Pearl is sporting the full face mask--no fogging!  She is enjoying weaving the lace placemats.

  Those face shields are great...until you're ready to eat lunch!  Pat solved that problem!!!!

  Look who joined us for lunch!!!  It's so good to see Linda, even for just a little while.

Lots of weaving to do.....
Stay safe!
Happy weaving!


Tuesday, June 9, 2020

We're Getting Good At This!

  With COVID-19 cases on the rise in Tennessee, we have been extra careful to social distance during our lunch time.  But, we really treasure this short time together.  

  Lots of conversations -- sharing news and new projects.  Who has seen the latest meme on Facebook?


  We were thrilled to have Peggy and Bonnie join us today.
 Peggy brought her finished knitted vest to show us.  

  Pat got to see a great YouTube video that had her giggling!  
  We all need to keep our spirits up....right?

  Carol and Marie reported that our online sales are taking off.   Time to add some more to the website!

   Inside the Studio it was business as usual.  

  Lou Ann has placemats on the Ashford loom, while Alyce is weaving a scarf on the Pup. 


  More placemats on Pearl's Pup while Liz winds another warp.

Never a dull moment.

  Carol was busy tagging the sachets that Pat wove.   Since the shop upstairs has opened on a limited schedule, we need to keep our stock fresh.

  We're still waiting to hear if there will be any further changes for the use of the Studio.

  Stay safe, my friends!  Wear those masks!

Happy Weaving!

Tuesday, June 2, 2020


  Alyce and Liz got some loom time in the Studio today.    That's Patty in the back looking over the selection of 8/2 on the shelves.  We still have a limit of five folks in the Studio at a time.  The board meets next week, and we're going to see if we can increase our attendance a smidge.


  Carol continues to mentor our newer weavers as they learn new skills.

 The sun was out in full force at noon today, so lunch moved under the tree in the driveway.

 Hummmm.....maybe we could move some of the Pups outside to weave????  We always have a lot to discuss and share.

   Marilyn brought her newest bands to show us....WOW!!!  


Pearl showed off her knitted color work fingerless mittens.

   Tina quietly knitted on two socks while she listened to all the conversations around her.
(I think we should all bring a small project to work on next week!)
  Thank you to Patty for the homegrown lettuce.  A fresh salad is always a treat.

Stay safe.....
Happy Weaving!