Tuesday, August 25, 2020

Begin (Again)


Welcome to Angela, our newest weaver!  She and her canine friend began their weaving adventure this morning!  It's so nice when you can weave with a friend!

It's time to add the tie up cords on the new Baby Wolf.  Marilyn is so ready to begin a new warp.

  Patty began winding the black warp on "B".  

Bonnie is ready to begin a new project!  We're just so glad to see her again!

Betsy began sleying the reed on the towel warp....she'll be weaving soon!

Jocelyn was all dressed up for a meeting, but dropped by to get thread from her towel project.  Did she find a boo-boo?

Mary found some crossed threads that had to be fixed, but she'll be ready to begin sleying next week.

Time to order more thread for the studio.  Carol brought the color cards while Marie did a quick inventory.  

(Hummm....I need to check my colors here at home!)

Lou Ann just keeps on weaving on her placemat warp.  I'm sure she's already thinking about what she wants to do next!

Pat is getting a large roll of rugs on the cloth beam.  It might be time to cut off some rugs!

I'm trying a new combination on the Wheel of Fortune mug rugs.  Too much fun!!!!

Bonnie is back to weaving on the shawl.

  Betsy finished her ISOLATE project.  She used her Inkle loom to weave a band using the "ROYGBIV" color order.  

  Patty warped up her rigid heddle loom at home with some sock yarn, and wove this lovely shawl.  She used variegated sock yarn for the weft.  (She's doing some rigid heddle weaving with her granddaughter, too!!!!  Share the love!)


Stay safe out there, fiber friends!

Wear those masks!

Happy Weaving!


Tuesday, August 18, 2020

Finish Line



 Jocelyn's warp is off the loom and ready to be hemmed!












 Betsy finished threading her towel warp!!!

   Marilyn is almost finished getting the Baby Wolf ready to weave.  Heddles will be going on the bars next week!

  There's a bunch of rugs wound on the cloth beam, Pat!!!  (Don't you just love it that you can tell she's grinning behind that mask???)

Bonnie UNwove down to the mistake--looks like it might have been two shots of the same pic.  Talk about persevere.....

Jocelyn volunteered to cut strips while Carol worked with the serger.  Carol is planning some very colorful rugs on the Studio loom!

  She's still working on that stash that was donated to the Center.

Oh, that stick shuttle....let me show you a ski shuttle, Lou Ann!!!

Getting so much closer...Patty is weaving table runners and walker bag yardage.  Looks like it might be time to order more black 8/4!

  Oh, Marie!  You are always doing bookwork!  Today we were getting inventory ready to go to the Cliff Dwellers shop.  You'll get to weave one day!!!  

Actually, Marie weaves a lot at home....those are some of her lovely towels on the table!

Stay well, my fiber friends.  Remember to wear those masks and practice social distancing!

Happy Weaving!


Tuesday, August 11, 2020

Moving Forward

 We just keep on keep on keeping on!Patty has been weaving some "walker bags" on the black warp, and they are almost ready to cut off the loom.  We'll need to put on another black warp before too long.

  Patty has also finished her ISOLATE project!  Her tapestry tells the story of all her accomplishments during this time.  (Painting the house, planting the garden, planting flowers, etc....)

  Great job, Patty!

Not So New Warps!

Betsy is still threading the towel warp....

Mary is busy sleying the reed for the placemats in Ellen's pattern.

Pat has been weaving a storm on the barn loom!  That colorful fabric is making a beautiful rug!

Last week Laura was winding the warp on the warping board...this week she's winding it onto the loom!  Those napkins are going to be lovely!

Bonnie found a wee threading error on her shawl...but, it's almost impossible to see!  She spend the morning UNweaving!!!!

This last piece on Jocelyn's warp will be a bread cloth.  She'll be playing chicken to get to the end!!!!


 Marie was working the desk in the shop this morning.  It was QUIET up there!  Next week she'll get to weave on the shawl warp.

  Marilyn is getting close to the end of this warp....what will be next?





  I finished the second Wheel of Fortune mug rug, and decided to mix it up a little with the third one.  It's always fun to play around with overshot patterns!

Keep up the good work....

Remember to keep social distance.....

Wear your mask..........

Keep safe!!!!!

Happy Weaving!


Tuesday, August 4, 2020

Still Going!

  We are being so very careful!  We wear our masks/shields inside the studio and keep a distance between each other when we're chatting.

  In fact, some of our folks come in other days:  Sharon worked on the library yesterday and checked in the books.  Patty worked on her placemat warp on her side of the room.

  Carol was busy this morning cutting fabric that was donated into strips for colorful rugs. 

  Mary just lacked a little bit threading the placemat warp this morning.  After lunch she was ready to start sleying the reed. 
  She's off and running!!!

  Just look at those eyes!  We can tell you're smiling, Lou Ann!  She's been hard at work on her placemat warp!

  Laura was back with us to wind her warp for napkins.  Don't you just love that shade of peach????

Since Pat took over the barn loom for Carl, she's been hard at work weaving more rugs.  I was lucky to get two snaps of her today:  advancing the warp and winding weft onto the rag shuttle.
  The cloth beam is filling up very nicely!

  You can't see the back of Jocelyn's loom, but there's only enough warp for ONE more towel!!!  (And that will be very close!)

Betsy is wound on and she has started threading.

  Shut the door!  Marie is sitting at the loom weaving!!!!  It's not too often that she gets to weave in the Studio...we always have her dealing with the $$$$.

Bonnie is trying out the wolf trap on the Baby Wolf.  It is a very handy tool!

  Look who has finished their ISOLATE project!
  Linda wove a table runner using the colors in the weft and warp.  She used a M&W threading.

  Marilyn wove her ISOLATE strap on her Inkle loom.  This is just a little sample of the project.

  We will continue to use social distancing and wear our masks so that we can be together.  Staying safe is the name of the game.
  Take care of yourself!
Happy Weaving!