Tuesday, December 20, 2022

Elf On A Shelf????


I said "please".

I even tried to cojole her!

But, she just REFUSED to get up on that shelf!!!

I guess that means she's an Elf on a Bench!!!!


  I think Pearl got tired of my shenaigans, so I moved on!

  Shirley turned under the hems on her placemats and got ready to sew.

Sadly, our old machine had other ideas! 

Time to call in the "fixers"!

Marie remembered that we had a "featherlite" stored in the back, so out it came.  Tina took over winding the bobbin and getting it ready to sew.

  Then Tina could get back to weaving her overshot.


  Barbara, Patty and Laura were keeping out of all the sewing machine talk and just kept on weaving!

  Ruth brought her family Christmas card for us to enjoy...it had all her precious pups dressed for celebrating!  She raises Cavalier King Charles Spaniels.

  We were so glad to have Liz back with us.  She's on winter break, and she was ready to get in some weaving.  She says she is retiring this summer!!!

Our new student, Judy, is getting lots of help from the weavers.  Lou Ann, Susan and Carol all joined in to help out.

Betsy has got the rhythm down for this twelve harness weave.  It's going smoothly now.  It's a beautiful baby blanket, don't you think?

We wish all our Fiber Friends a very Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.  


Tuesday, December 13, 2022

Such A Busy Place!!!


  Say Hello to our newest weaver, Judy.  Carol is helping her unwind some yarn...not just a beginner's mistake.  You get hypnotized as you're winding and forget to check your count!  (I've done it!) 

She might have gotten distracted by the conclave going on right behind her!!!  There's always something going on!


  Marie was winding a bowl cozy warp.  It's a rather short warp, but it's to use up some hand dyed yarn.

Then we had the (twisted) twisting sisters finishing the fringes on their shawls.  Wow!  That takes some time!  Liz and Lou Ann got a chance to chat while they twisted!

Betsy had a strange problem this morning.  The angle irons that you use to engage the harness had twisted and fell out of it's place.  I think all is right with it now.

  These back row ladies really get it done!  Hats off to Laura, Linda and Bonnie!

  She's almost through rethreading.  Tina is going to be so glad to get to weave on this warp.

  It looks as though I made a mistake when I threaded this warp!  There is a length of white thread coming off the beam!  But the weaving looks great.  Patty's rug looks great!

Karen has finished her twill samples and she's ready to weave her two table runners.  She already has a plan for where they will go!

 Today was a good day to cut off warps, too!  Candace has finished her sample warp, and now she'll need to decide what to weave next!

  Shirley's placemats are finished, and ready to be hemmed!

Last, but now the least, Pat cut off a BUNCH of rugs from the barn loom.  I bet we find out next week how many were on that cloth beam!

Stay warm and safe, Fiber Friends.  Winter is really here!!!


Tuesday, December 6, 2022

While I Was Doing This.....


It takes awhile to braid the yarn on the "Patty" hats....I traded braiding Marie's hat while she threaded the stick looms.

Pat volunteered to help Marie with the threading.  Sharon worked on this project, too!

Lou Ann finished her shawl that we have admired for the last few months.  We'll get to see her twist the fringes next!!!

Jocelyn was working on her scarf warp....she just looks like Christmas!!!

These towels make Bonnie happy!  Click on them so you can see the pattern!!!

Marilyn did a little sampling before she starts her new scarf warp.

Shirley is smiling because this is the last placemat on this warp!!!!

Do you see that pattern?  WOW!  That's why Betsy is smiling!!!

Patty, Barbara and Linda were extra busy today....and not just with their warps!!!!!

Shannon really likes her finished scarves that she cut off today.  That's two scarves and some fabric to play with!!!

  Pearl found the donated craft magazines....that's always fun!

Carol is still under the weather...we send BIG hugs.

Stay warm and dry my fiber friends!!!!


Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Ah-ha! Wishes Do Come True!


  I used to joke that just maybe, one day, our potluck would have ALL desserts!  We came mighty close today!  There were multiple kinds of cookies, brownies, pumpkin cake, coconut pie, apple crisp, sparkling jello and Carl's chocolate cherry cake!  What's wrong with that???

  Okay...we also had bean salad, potato casserole and veggie munchies.  There was more...did I make it that far down the counter?  That fruit salad counts as "real" food, right?

  The next Potluck is our Souper Tuesday the last Tuesday of January.  (Just giving you the heads up!)

  Look who joined us today!  Christy and Pat!  We had so much fun catching up with them.

  Marie got the bar codes on the large stockings, and they were hung with care upstairs in the shop!

  Shirley is all dressed for our Christmas picture.  Marilyn is wearing one her woven bands with trees.   So Merry!!!!

  Jocelyn wins the prize for best headwear!  Doesn't she just scream Merry Christmas!

  These ladies were all busy until Sharon and I interrupted them!  (And we wonder why we don't get a lot of weaving done!!!)

  Christy had fringes to twist this afternoon while Barbara got caught up on messages.

  Shannon and Tina were chatting back and forth as they worked at their looms.

  Lots of red in the studio today!!!




  So sorry Carol and some others couldn't be with us today for our yearly Christmas picture.  But, here is our merry band of weavers!!!!   OH!  I see Carol!  She's wearing one of the new hats!!!!

Happy Weaving!


Tuesday, November 22, 2022

Giving Thanks

    It's that time of year when we pause and think of all the things we are thankful for.  Family and friends top the list, of course.  I'm very thankful for my weaving family...they mean the world to me.  And, to my fiber friends around the world:  thank you for visiting each week.


  Carol and Marie are always busy just doing what needs to be done.  Today Carol was still tagging items to go upstairs when she wasn't looking at the 8/4 with Marie.  It's time to order MORE!

  I was able to snap a picture of Jocelyn before she had to leave.  (She has a LOT of company coming Thursday!)  She is loving doing the twill on this scarf.  It always gives such a good drape.

  Tina is at the back of her loom threading the placemat warp.  (Bonnie wanted Tina to thread a loom front to back so the other weavers could see.)

I think Ruth is happy with her towel warp.  They are so colorful.

  Bonnie is tying on her warp to the front rod.  Susan helped her wind on the warp this morning.

Susan's placemats are looking great.  Such a good use of color.

  Sharon and Pearl got the chance to chat this afternoon.  So much is going on!!!

  Karen is weaving on her sample warp.  She's working on the twill section.  So many twills to choose from!!!

  Meet Mason!!!!  He's a friend of Patty's and he does the most amazing ice dyed t-shirts!  Shirley found one that matched her jeans that she had on!  Several of our weavers did a little Christmas shopping with Mason!

  Thanks for stopping by.  Enjoy your day!