Friday, August 31, 2012

Kabobs for 24!

Just one more Camping post, and that is all, I promise!  The food highlight of the 3 night camp out is Shish-Kabobs.  Everyone was supposed to bring enough meat and veggies for their own kabobs, then we put all the meat together in a marinade early in the day.  At about 6pm we all gathered with knives and cutting boards to cut up the veggies: onions, peppers, tomatoes and mushrooms.

After that the meat was brought out, and we began to load up the skewers, lots and lots of skewers! All the while the coals were being made ready.  The fire pit was way too small to do the job, so the fire wranglers improvised a little bit!

 Some of the skewers were a little shorter than the rest, so it took a little adjusting to get them to stay put!  (That is me in the red shirt, knitting away, and Dear One beside me chatting away!)
Turning the kabobs with the fire glove.

Done!  We took them off of the skewers and put it all in a big bowl.  There was rice and various side dishes to go along with it.  It was fabulous!

To finish it all off was a peach cobbler cooked over the coals in a dutch oven with a special lid that will hold coals on top too!  That also was very good!

I was way too full at the end of the evening, but good food and fellowship are not to be missed!

Next time I will have some weaving to blog about I promise!

Until next time, Happy Weaving, Spinning and Knitting, Tina

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The Last Tuesday of August

A bird's eye view.....little looms are pulled out.....weavers take a moment to look at the new books....lots of weaving going on!  (And, we found out at lunch that Sharen (far right) will be spinning at the TVA&I Fair in September!!!!)

Christy took a look at the new Dixon Inkle Pattern Directory.

Allan and Linda took a few minutes to catch up on news.

Ann was back to work on her rugs.....Maggie is back with her napkins.....Andy is hard at work on her warp!

  You can see more of that beautiful painted warp on Bonnie's loom.  What you can't see is the electric green weft Bonnie is using today!  That will be next week's picture!!!
  Pat was back on the black place mat warp today.  (Be warned:  Pat is looking for a new loom!!!!  She's got her heart set on an eight shaft loom!!!!)

Busy, busy, busy!!!!

Ann and Tina took some time to catch up (daughter talk!)

And, remember Carol told us about all the flour she brought back, well Cindy is splitting a bag with a friend!!!!


  A warm welcome to our newest weaver, Barbara.  It's always a good day to learn to weave! 
  Rumor has it that we have two more folks starting soon!!!!

Happy Weaving!

Monday, August 27, 2012

Back Home!

I got back to Knoxville Wednesday evening, having driven the 2000 miles in 3 days! Not bad, I think. I listened to 2 books on CD this time. One of them was about 13 disks, so it took most of the drive and I was transported to England and France back in the early 1400s.....  Sometimes when I'm driving up there, I think of books I was listening to as I drive past a river in Iowa or cross a bridge in Kentucky....all while I'm listening to yet another book and enjoying the scenery.

I popped the back door of the van when I got home. The bottom black garbage bags each hold a 20 lb bag of generic (not even Robin Hood!) unbleached flour. It's so much lighter than the flour we get down here. I had orders for so many that I brought 10 of them back with me. I had conned one of my nieces to go with me to Superstore to pick them up. I'll deliver most of them to the weavers tomorrow!
 On top of the flour are the bags of selvedges that I got at in-weave in Hawarden, IA. It's hard to stop yourself when you keep seeing bag after bag of cool colors of the selvedges, just waiting to be woven into rugs. I look forward to November when I"ll have time to do that!! Not sure where they'll be stored until then. My van'll hold them for now!!

One of the things I was looking forward to when I headed north was seeing Laura Fry's new book. I'd had it shipped to my sister's place to save a few bucks on shipping.
I really like it. I'm a sucker for real samples anyway and this book has 10 of them. They're all cotton. If anyone ever thinks they don't have to wash their woven fabric after it comes off the loom, this book should cure that!!
I like the down to earth discussion on cotton that begins the book as well. I know there are books out there that cover this but here's a nice, concise description of cotton and what to look for when you're weaving with it. We can all use a fresher course on yarns. I always find something new that I didn't know or had forgotten about when I read the book.
I really like all the samples. There's a small skein of the yarn she used and then 2 samples. One is how it looked as it came off the loom and then after she washed it.  The fabrics change so much when washed and it's nice to have the physical samples right there!!
I'm glad I got it and find that it'll be another good reference book for my library.
Laura's beginning to work on her rayon book next.....I am looking forward to getting that one in spring when she puts it out. I don't know as much about rayon as I do about cotton. Haven't woven with it as much. I'm looking forward to learning alot more about that. There will be more books that she'll be producing. Each one will be full of information on whatever yarn she chooses to work with!

So last week after I got home, it took awhile to just get my bearings. This week I have to get the warps off the looms and think production again. I have placemats on one and handtowels on the other.
Oh yeah, about our washing machine. It washes great, bangs around like crazy when it gets to the rinse cycle and stops. Then we have to play with the cycles to get it to finish.  They've been out 4 times to work on it, extended the warranty 90 days to try to figure it out some more........and we have to call them again to see if they can figure it out!! We have a new inner tub and replaced some other parts, like some stabilizers but it's still being obstinate! The saga continues.

I'm back to weaving!! Loved my trip and the break we all had but it's time to get back to work....
Til next week.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Grilled Sandwich? (Picture Heavy)

Grilled Sandwich you say?  Oh no, this is not just any sandwich, it may well be the perfect sandwich!

That is just about the conversation I heard as I made my way from my campsite to my neighbors campsite.  We were in the Great Smoky Mountains, camping once again.  This time it was a large group of us, I think I counted 28 including the brief visitors that did not stay the whole 3 nights.
The grilled sandwich you see to the left, is not made in the normal everyday way, it is made on the campfire!  It is not made of normal ingredients either!
Okay, it starts out pretty normal, with really white bread, (the healthy stuff just doesn't do right according to the seasoned campers).
Oh, and Parkay, again the good butter I usually use is in disfavor as well!

Then they started adding all sorts of things, like scrambled eggs and precooked sausages,
Pimento cheese!

Tomatoes, peppers and salsa, were also on the table!   I really can't remember all the stuff that was there, they say the sky is the limit!

Here we go, start with 2 slices of white bread, squeeze parkay on one side of one of the pieces, be generous now.   Now, hold the 2 pieces together and transfer a bunch of that parkay to the other piece.  Place the buttered side down on the cast iron "Pie Irons", then you start adding ingredients at will.  I did not see any 2 that were the same!  I am not kidding!

Here they are on the fire, you may notice that there is a square one and a round one.  The Square pie iron lovers fan base was more populated than the round pie iron fan base, but the round lovers were very passionate.  The square pie irons are better for the environment, (the squares stated) because there is no waste and you are not throwing away pieces of crust!  The round pie iron lovers threw out that they liked the way that the round sandwiches were sealed so completely, and they said that it was a lower carb option!

Here is the Gallery of sandwiches.....

I had already eaten my breakfast when I had entered into the discussion, but I just couldn't miss out on this one.  I choose to do a square one using the traditional smore filling of chocolate and marshmallows.

It was gone so fast I didn't even take a picture!

That night there were several families that were going to do pizza's using their pie irons.   Bread and Parkay, sauce, cheese, and pepperoni or sausage.  It is all build your own, so everyone gets just what they want!

You learn something new everyday now, don't you!

Until next time, Happy Weaving, Tina

Friday, August 24, 2012

Pup Redeaux

***Just a note:  Tina is enjoying the great outdoors, and should be able to post tomorrow.

  We were sitting around after lunch on Tuesday talking about Wolf Pups....we have two at the Center. They are great since they fold up and move into the isle, out of the way, when we leave for the day.  We keep adding new weavers, and we try to give them experience weaving on a floor loom after they finish their beginning projects.  It would be helpful to add some new pups to our group in the future as we continue to grow.
  I have two here at the house:  a four treadle one and a six treadle one.  It seems that I am always throwing a new project on one of them all the time.  It's usually a mug rug warp or a scarf, but I have woven place mats, too.  And, while I was planning the scarf warp using my art yarn, I decided to push the project into a wrap done in black chenille.  I'll be using the full 18 inch weaving width on this one.  I started beaming the project last night after I moved 30 more heddles to the first two shafts.  This will be in basket weave with the art yarn added on shafts 3 and 4.

  I ended up taking out what I had woven on the hot pad when I realized that my strips were too wide.  That's why it wasn't packing in very well!!  I reread Meany and Pfaff, and they call for fabric strips 1/2 inch wide.  These are cut about 3/4 inch wide, but they are packing in very nicely, and you can see the blocks very clearly. 
  This project is on my 6 treadle Pup...I just walk the treadles to get my pattern!!!  What a joy to weave!


  I realized that I hadn't shown the scarf I finished using the art yarn.  This was woven on Parker Pup (4 treadles) in the basket weave threading. 

  I really like adding in the art yarn, and I have a bunch more projects I'd like to try using more of my yarn.

  And, this is the crochet mobius scarf that I made with thrum yarn. 

  I didn't use the Pup....but it is a completed project!  I took this project to "knit night" to work on a few times.

  I'm headed outside to wage war on more weeds....I'll get to weave later today.  I'll be working on the warp on Parker Pup!
Yeah, Pups!!!!

Have a great weekend!
Happy Weaving!

Thursday, August 23, 2012

The Working Woman's Guide to Weaving

 The title is a ruse to get you into the blog.  I haven't thrown a shuttle since the last time I was at the Center, July 24th!  My looms at home are idle and collecting dust, even though they have some lovely projects on them, waiting to be woven.
  I have been knitting every second I can sit down, though, and have been making great progress on a new shawl.  It's square, knitted from the center out on circular needles.  I showed its beginning earlier, the small square on four needles, and here it is, three weeks later on its third motif.  Knitting lace is all about anticipating the pattern's next surprise, and I love it!

 I've had weird days off lately, but have been taking advantage of them.  For example, I rarely have Saturdays off, but had this past one, and went to the Farmers' Market on Market Square.  Take a look at this stool a local woodworker made!  It's perfect for weaving!  I butt-tested it, hung my feet on the bottom rung and pronounced it perfect.  Now, I just need to rustle up the $350!
As previously reported, Joyce has flown the coop and is now safely ensconced in my sister's den in Richmond, VA.  She has her loom, her t.v. and her rocking chair, and is peacefully waiting for her new house's sale to go through.  She says hello to all you Tuesday Weavers!  And before she moved, she gave me her fig tree.  I dug it up and moved it to my back yard.  It has gone through a little shock, but still has figs ripening on it.  I don't particularly like figs, but I do love the tree, with its unusual leaves and interesting shape.  Fingers crossed for it to survive its transplant!

And I leave you with a sweet treat, courtesy of Krissy:  Fresh pop tarts!  She found the recipe on line for the dough, and filled these with fresh blueberry jam.  They were good, and we ate them with many yummy noises, but she topped these the next day by making savory ones, with bacon and sweet onions, sprinkled on the outside with sesame seeds and garlic. Oh, my.  They were famous on Facebook for a day, even!
  I hope to get back to Tuesday weaving next week, and actually throw a shuttle.  I'm really looking forward to finishing that first napkin, and catching up with everyone.  Until then, for those who have time, Happy Weaving!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Time Flies....

  Sometimes it seems like everything is moving in fast forward...............
...........Carol is driving back from Canada.
............Ann is spending some extra Mom-Daughter time before the departure date.
..........Maggie is making yummy things in her kitchen at work.
.......And, then time stands still.....for just that moment.  You look up and you see a new weaver.  You just never know when the bug will bite, and someone will pick up a shuttle and join in the parade.  Bravo, Ms. Pat!!!!

Allan took time out to work with those errant threads at the back of his loom today.  He'll get this all worked out, I'm sure!!!

Eiko has been weaving away on her place mat warp.  LOVE those colors!!!!

Andy swears that I only get pictures of her frowning.....not today!!!!  The ladies on the back row were hard at work. Bonnie even took home orange thread to wind on the swift to get ready for next week!

Shirley wound her threads on the shuttle only to find that she had added a light brown to the mix.  Uh-oh......that was not in the other bout of threads!!!!  That's OK.....we'll wind it off and take the brown right out!!!!

It's important to take a little time to chat with your friends.  So...what's new????

And, always take some time to share your newest accomplishment!  Tina finished her shawl....what a beauty!  (And, that reminds me....Maggie should almost be finished with her shawl!!!!  Maybe she can bring it next week?)

Lanny got his stripe fixed, and was back to weaving on his scarf warp.  He sold two of his scarves last week!

  And, this is all I had of the Chocolate Cherry Cake to bring home today.  Thank you Tuesday Weavers for stepping up to the plate!  This was the recipe that Karen posted on her blog yesterday (Karen In The Woods) and I did not want the whole thing at my house.  It is a great take a look!   Thank you, Karen, for posting it!!!!

Linda got to the Center in time to have some, too!

Can you believe that August is starting to wind down????  Lots to get done in the next few weeks!

Happy Weaving!

Monday, August 20, 2012

Goodbye Canada

It's been another busy week in Moose Jaw. I should write tomorrow morning but I have to get up about 6am Monday morning to get down the road, so I'm writing this evening. It's midnight in Knoxville now, so maybe it'll say Monday on the blog!

We had a fun few days with relatives coming to my sister's home. The front row is my Mom, her sister and her sister in law. On the top on my left is my sister [who doesn't like to be in pictures] and on my right is my cousin who I hadn't seen since before 1970!!! What a visit we had!!! Talk about reminiscing and just having a good time!!!
 The reason for the get together was my aunt, front center of the picture above, had a quilt project she had been stumped by. You take a ton of 2 inch squares of fabric in dark, medium and light tones and arrange them to make a picture. So Aunt Helen came with her project and we spent about 10 hours getting it arranged for her. We had bought a fabric with a grid on it that you could fuse stuff to and we (well, really my sister) got the colors together. I helped mostly cutting squares for her to choose from because the colors that came with the kit didn't have much in dark browns or greens.
Our aunt fused it all after this picture was taken. The long strips of fabric represent tree trunks that we laid there. Eventually she'll add those as well. I'm glad that I"m not the one that will be sewing it all together!! but, it was fun to get it together for her.

 The other project my sister had for us was finishing her rose project. She'd bought a fabric that had a bunch of roses [that she talked me in to] on it that she fussy cut and then surrounded with strips of colors. Problem was that no 2 squares were the same size so I brought my design wall along and we arranged them in a nice arrangement.[as best we could] We spent a couple of days adding the dark dark brown to join them into a quilt. Here we had the first row done.
 We got all of them done except the last row. [Ok let's be honest, I made you do all the sewing and then you not...]  We kind of gave out!! We bundled it up [threw it on the table] and we'll finish it when I come up in February. [because I...her sister... will not touch it until then].It's going to be a job to get the bottom right and straight.
 This afternoon we went on another adventure. About half an hour from here is Buffalo Pound Provincial Park. I'd never been there before and Mom really wanted to go have a picnic there so we went. They have a bunch of buffalo in a very large enclosed area. There is an observation area nearby and we were fortunate enough to see a bunch of them. Far away there were many more. Can you imagine when the prairies were covered with buffalo? What a sight that would have been!!

Then as we were leaving we saw some deer. A mom and 2 young ones, still spotted. They stayed nearby so we could take pictures of them!
So tomorrow I head south. It's been fun but it's time to head home so that I can get the warps off my looms!!

Til next week
with bracketed comments by her baby sister, who still doesn't like to have her picture taken.....