Thursday, April 30, 2015

Hit The Ground Running!

  Time management has never been my forte, so I have learned to keep a calendar and make lots of lists.  The napkin challenge is looming and I count 10 weeks until I need just ONE handwoven napkin for lunch.  With that in mind, I spent a couple of hours on Monday  reacquainting myself with my serger.  My plan is to do a warp of napkins (I have my pattern in mind already) and hem them with the serger.  Getting the edges just the way I want them is going to take some practice.

  Another deadline looming is the wedding of a precious friend at the end of May.  Since I wanted a neutral handwoven place mat, I pulled out the huck lace pattern from Handwoven.  This was adjusted for use with the thicker cotton from Bernat.
  And, if you're going to do a set of 4 for a gift, why not put on a longer warp for the Fall sales, right???  This warp is 13 yards.  I have 3 more inches to wind, and it will be ready to go to the loom.

   This is the reason all my plans came to a screeching halt! 
  This 35 pound container of kitty litter fell off the grocery cart yesterday.....on my toes!  Nothing broken....just bruised.  Thank heavens I had on my Keens and not my Birks! 
  A really nice young man insisted on carrying the bucket to my car, and kept asking if I was sure I was OK. 
  Yes, I'm OK.....just sore and not moving so fast anymore.

I guess I need to go sit on a porch and just weave on my Inkle loom.......
  Get ready,'re going to have company!

Happy Weaving!

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

What Hat Are You Wearing?

  I didn't get a whole bunch of pictures today....we were really busy.  Also, we didn't do a whole bunch of weaving today.  I think you'll see why.

  Lanny brought his serger in today to see if we could get it to do a better job serging between the towels that he wove.  It just needed to be rethreaded and the tension adjusted.  Then he was off and running.

  You would need a hard hat in this area....the rocker beater loom was disassembled and the pieces were marked.  It is going to be stored for a while.  We needed the space for the 36" Leclerc, which will be more versatile for our use.'s our Drill Sergeant.  Marie kept everything organized and moving forward.

  She also had us cleaning as we went.  As looms were moved, that area got vacuumed.  (You know how much lint is under a loom!)

  After Big Bertha slid into the Rocker Beater loom space, the Leclerc was placed in that spot.  Ray and Linda had on their Mover hats!

  Meanwhile, in the Potter's room we had bunch of weavers with their Thinking Caps on!!!  This is Carol's Weaving 2.0 class.  Basically, once you have started weaving, what's the next step?  They are working on reading drafts and making a draw down. 
  I see intense concentration!!!!

Carl figured out that the best thing to do was to stay out of everyone's way and just weave a rug!  Good plan!!!  (Actually, he was really happy to see all the organizing and cleaning in that corner of the Studio!!!)

Eiko was with us long enough this morning to finish the warp on her Wolf Pup.  It was a 4 scarf warp.

  All the hard work paid off:  reeds have been sorted and stored.  Sticks and lease sticks have been put in containers.  And, all the shuttles have been sorted and stored.  We only have a blue million stick shuttles!!!!!

And, back to the reason we are all here:  the love of weaving!  Frieda just started a few weeks ago, and she brought her finished pieces in to share today.
  She has a Happy hat on today!

Happy Weaving!

Monday, April 27, 2015


A few weeks ago, on a Tuesday at weaving, we were talking about yarns as we went through a donation of a weaver's stash of goodies. It's kind of sad when we get boxes of yarn from someone who passed on. They had so many plans for that yarn. Ideas of things to weave, colors to put together to see how the combination would work as a cohesive unit. 
However, I'm also glad that we were able to get the yarn for our weavers. We have new weavers that are having the same thoughts of what to weave, the colors to use and items planned.
We have been fortunate to be the recipients of a fair number of stashes and thankful that our new weavers are able to use some good yarns fairly early in their projects. The last bunch of yarn included alot of 8/2 cotton which is exactly what we were needing for projects I wanted us to weave this year. We'll start seeing the projects fairly soon as warps are woven off the looms and the new warps will include these yarns.

So, this time there was a small ball of an accent yarn which is something I like to use in my warps. I don't remember what we did with the ball but in passing Roz mentioned that the knitting shop on Cedar Bluff had some on sale. She even called over there to be sure and they did. They pulled 6 balls out for me and I said I"d be down there after weaving.
That day we were there til at least 3pm. I was heading home when I remembered that I was supposed to go there. It was a kind of rainy afternoon and I didn't really feel like going the extra 20 minutes out to the shop but, since Roz had called for me and they had put a few aside for me, I figured I'd better so. 
So I did.
Yes, they had the yarn. They were closing it out. It was buy one, get two free!!! Yup, I cleaned them out.
I like using an accent yarn as  a starting point in a warp. Often I'll just use a solid color warp and weft and just add the accent yarn every half inch or less. So, the yarn on the front right, I might use a dark gray warp/weft and have that yarn as accent. However, if you look above them at the bright dazzle ball, I may have a main color warp/weft, but also add a bunch of color to the warp in an organized manner to make an interesting fabric for jackets, vests, etc.
So the possibilities are endless. I've already pulled a few out and sent in my yarn order to supplement the yarns I already have to make the projects I've planned.
In the next couple of months, I"ll be posting pictures of the projects I came up with.
That's how weaving goes. You have a plan for what you're going to be weaving next. Then someone makes a spur of the moment comment that changes the whole thing and you're glad they did! Right now I"m weaving a fairly boring warp of solid red but in the back of my mind, I"m already thinking and planning for the next few warps and how I can add a bit of interest to the mix for my next show.

It's spring here in Knoxville. I think we're having dogwood winter because it's chilly again but the leaves are all out, birds are singing and we did go to Stanley's to buy a few plants for the deck yesterday. Today I hope to plant them and get the deck looking nice, maybe pull out the plants from the greenhouse soon as well and maybe even go back for a few more ferns to hang since mine didn't winter through very well...
But, the crunch is on and I have to spend most of my day weaving. I'm sure I'll need a break this afternoon.....
Until next week, keep weaving!

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Sheep Shearing Day at the Museum of Appalachia

Yes folks, friday was sheep shearing day at the Museum of Appalachia, in Norris TN.  It is a day everyone around here looks forward to all year long.  I think I can include the sheep in that statement.  Can you imagine wearing your heavy winter coat in some of this very warm East Tn weather we have been having!  I sure can't!

Lou Ann and I headed out early yesterday morning so that we could be in place by 8:30 am.  Karin met us there, and together we schlept all our gear from our cars to the appointed place.  Lou Ann had a handy little wagon she had purchased to help us out with all the bits and pieces we need to make a good display and working demonstration.
The museum had tables and chairs ready for us to arrange and bedeck with our tools.   On this table I had some clean wool from the shearing last year, and I used my wool combs to show the kids and adults what I had to do to get that jumbled mass ready to spin.  I also had some hand cards handy, though this particular fleece does not do well on the hand cards.

On the far end of the table I decided to bring some store bought beautifully colored fiber, ready to spin.  I did this so that those who were interested would realize that they didn't have to start with a fleece if they wanted to learn how to spin.

As the sheep were shorn, I would go pick up the fleece and bring it to the sheets I had set out to display the whole fleeces.  Then I would go about the process of evalutating the fleece.  All the time talking to the crowds that gathered.  I would tell them what I liked or didn't like about a particular fleece.
 There were one or two that were totally felted  into one piece.  I have learned that it is not worth my time to try to do anything with those.    Once the fleece is evaluated and I have skirted off the felted bits and poopy bits, I roll it up and set it on a sheet off to the side.

At the end of the day Karin took a couple of fleeces and I took some as well, they are airing on the front porch as I type this.  I will sort through the fleeces again before I wash them, making sure I am not bothering to wash something that I cannot use.

Finally when all the shearing was done, I think I counted 15, I was able to sit down and spin for awhile.

Lou Ann who kindly snapped these pictures was busy all day showing kids how to weave on her new box loom.  This was the table also held all the things that you can do with that handspun wool.  Lou Ann and Karin had brought their Inkle looms, another portable weaving tool.  You can weave many things with these smaller looms, straps, belts, ribbons and even mug rugs!  So versatile!  I wish I had a picture to show you of Lou Ann in her element!

Then it was time to pack up and go home!  I don't know about Karin or Lou Ann, but I was in bed going to sleep at 8:30pm!

That is it until next time,  until then, Happy Spinning, Knitting and Weaving, (or whatever craft your into!)  Tina

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Who Said The *F* Word????


  Were you thinking something else????

  My little beans are just getting their second set of leaves, and now the weather forecast for in the morning is chance of FROST!  
  And....the poinsettias have been outside for a week with their new haircut....guess they will need to slide back inside for tonight.  I already pulled in the prayer plant off the really does not like cool weather!
  Just so you'll know, I decided to grow my beans in the large pots this year because the rabbits always nibble them.  I did have trouble with the squirrels digging in the pots after I planted the seeds, but they seem to be doing fine now.....or until tonight, that is.

  That also means that Karin, Tina and I might be a little chilly in the morning at the Museum!!!
  Yes, it's Sheep Shearing Day at the Museum of Appalachia.  They are expecting around 1,000 people!  Along with the great demonstrators (that's us!) there is also sheep herding with a talented border collie, Kelso.  The sawmill will be running, and the blacksmith will be on duty, too.
  I need to find my fingerless mitts......

Oh well, that's Spring for you!  

Think warm thoughts for us tomorrow.


Tuesday, April 21, 2015

A Day To Remember

  It's always nice to remember birthdays:  Happy Day to Shirley and Linda!!!!
  Linda brought a cake to share with the Weavers, and Roz made her famous "Joe Froggie" cookies--just in time for Shirley's birthday this week.

(I bet you think that all we do around here is eat!!!!)

  It was also a day to remember two weavers who were members of the Appalachian Arts Craft Center.  And, I found out that Ralph donated the barn loom that is upstairs in the shop to the Center many years ago.  (That's the one I wove on during the open studio days for the Dogwood Arts Festival!)

   The Weavers joined in to help unload the truck with the items from their estate.  The plaque above was mounted on the 48" Leclerc that we are keeping for the studio.  The other items were part of the silent auction for the weavers.  I know that this equipment will be put to good use!!!

  Carl and Becky got a chance to share some memories of Dorothy and Ralph. 

  Earlier in the day, Marie and Tina pulled out the tool bag, and installed a shed regulator on the little counter-balance Leclerc.  They wanted to get that done before we loaded the new warp on it.  That means a new warp next week!!!

   Meanwhile, out in the Annex, the yarn is getting sorted and put into see-through tubs.  It might have been blowing rain OR it could be we have a leak, but we had some water damage in our little storage area.  I'm sure Allan will take charge of this for us!

  There are always warps to be wound!  Betsy told me she had to get her stoles wound so they could get woven in time for a special occasion.  Harriet is just getting busy on her next project!

  There's always time to just share a good laugh!!!!


And, some folks just use their time wisely!

  I guess that's why Lanny came to the end of this warp today!

I don't know how many towels.....but, he did two of each color!!!!  We'll find out next week just how many were on the cloth beam!

  Marie got a chance to thread a little on her napkin warp this afternoon.  I can't wait to see them when she starts weaving!
  Until next week, remember all the good times!!!!
Happy Weaving!

Monday, April 20, 2015

Weekend at Arrowmont

I spent the weekend at Arrowmont attending the Southeastern Fiber Forum Conference. What a blast!! 2 and a half days of a workshop on something new to me. The class I took was from Kay Faulkner on East meets West. Kay is from Australia and has done a lot of traveling, especially north of where she lives. What a wealth of information! 

We were to wind a warp that was warp faced. Right. Wrap around the ruler and see what you got. I did. I even added some to be sure it would be warp faced. However, I don't think any of us had it. You have to wrap, push the threads, keep wrapping and then add some to get the warp faced fabric we needed! People using back strap looms don't use reeds, they just push the yarns together as the weave. Interesting!
So I wove, learning the right way to wrap around the warp threads to add an accent and even wove some interesting patterns on the middle section. I'd put on a 2 1/2 yard warp and I did weave it all. It takes forever when you're in a class and figuring out stuff, especially when your handout, how to information, is on one sheet of paper! But it stretches your mind, makes you think and is inspiring.
We were to practice making columns and wrap horizontally so I made a critter. Some people thought it was an alien and I guess it is, but it didn't start out that way. I should have graphed it out but in class you can just do things on the fly! After all, it just goes in my notebook.
There's always someone in class who thinks beyond our practice pieces (and had an 8shaft baby wolf) as opposed to my table loom. She wove an incredible piece on the left using the techniques that we learnt! Something to aspire to!
So that's it for the next 2 years. We'll do it again April 23 - 25, 2017! Seeing what the others were doing in their classes was also inspiring. Christy and Molly took John Mullarkey's class in tablet weaving and learnt a lot! Conferences like this give us inspiration for weaving new and different things plus we meet the most interesting people, some of whom are also conference junkies!! Good thing, too! I guess I'm one but I have to try to stay ahead of the game!!
Until next week, keep weaving!

Friday, April 17, 2015

Studio Happenings

I left off last week with a sample warp on the loom ready to go.  This week I got some weft cut and some samples woven, but I was a little stumped by what I was seeing in the picture in the book.  The book I am working from is in Swedish, I always thought that this wouldn't be a problem, because after all the weaving drafts are in chart form, and I can usually work out what the sett is in the text.

 It was a simple rosepath threading, and I could to a plain weave and a twill with no trouble at all, but there was something else they were doing that I just couldn't wrap my brain around.
I took the book with me on Tuesday,  to have Carol look at it.  She 
took one look at it and said something to the effect of, "Oh that's simple they are using overshot, see here you can see the tabby!"  Well duh, thought I, why couldn't I see it!  I hadn't thought about using overshot within a fabric rug.  That is why I am a weaving enthusiast, there will always be something new to explore!  Luckily I have enough sample warp left to try it out!
Next up this week was some blue jean strips for my challenge placemats.  I had a bunch cut ready to sew together, but I just hadn't gotten around to it.
I pulled out the Featherweight and got to work.  After a very short time, I had enough strips joined to make  5 more placemats!  Many times, all I have to do is make myself get started, and before you know it the task is done!
I loaded the shuttles as I went, but when I went to put them on the loom bench I remembered that I had ironed the weft on the placemats I had already done!  That will be a task for the next Studio day!

Until next time, Happy Spinning, Knitting and Weaving, Tina

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Throw-Back Thursday

We go on many journeys in life, and they often lead us down some strange pathways. But, this pathway has been a real ray of sunshine in my life.
In the quest to learn the art of weaving, I have met some wonderful, gifted, caring people who share this love of fiber. But, we don't just WEAVE, we share our lives. Through this blog, you'll meet this crazy creative crew we call THE TUESDAY WEAVERS.
Come along on our journey as we discuss different patterns, threads, techniques and the use and care of our looms (or sometimes the rescue of old looms.) You'll get a peek into our studios, and maybe a house tour of rooms where looms are tucked. There's no such thing as too many looms!
Welcome to "Loomy Tunes"!!!!! 

  This is how we started this blog back on Wednesday, 18 November 2009.

And, look how much we have changed:


  I could go on and on....I found lots of pictures when I took my walk down Memory Lane this morning.  But, this all started because of the discussion we had at lunch on Tuesday.    I started thinking about my time at the weaving department at the Appalachian Arts Craft Center.  I came to learn to weave in September 2005, and I didn't leave.  I still show up most every Tuesday.
  I took pictures with my 35mm camera so I could have a visual memory of the warping process, and now I use my digital camera so I can share our day with others in this blog.

  As things have changed, they have also remained the same.  
  We still share our love of weaving with each other.

  We still share our knowledge of weaving with each other.

  And, I'm still thrilled to be part of this group.

Happy Weaving!

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Don't LOOK!!!!

Oh, NOooooooo.......MORE YARN!  Quick, Bonnie, don't look!!!!!

YES....pretty yarn from Dorothy's estate!   There was a lot of 8/2, also, which we will use here in the Studio.

  It's so much fun going through the stash to find just the right yarn for a future project. 

  Darlene finished the warp on the Norwood, so it was time to wind on another one.  What a great learning opportunity for some of our newer weavers.  Tina got the tension box threaded and they wound on an 80 yard warp.
  We can look forward to lots of great place mats in the future!

   Sharon finished the warp on the little Leclerc this afternoon, so that means it will be getting another LONG warp, too.  Guess that's what we'll be doing next week.
  There were 10 green place mats and a set of 4 neutral mats.

  Marie finally got the chance to sit down and start threading the napkin warp on the Macomber.  Notice the bobbins in the back?  They work just like 2 inch sections on a sectional beam.

   There was also time for some weaving!  Andy got a chance to work on the towel warp, and Bonnie and Ms. Ila worked on their looms, too.

  Ms. Ila has ordered new tie ups for the Mighty Wolf.....for some reason, there were some short ones in the bunch, which were causing problems with her pattern!!!

  Our newer weavers are working away on their warps.  Sharon reported that the Harrisville loom she is borrowing is almost ready to go. 

As always, there's time to just catch up with your weaving friends!

  We also take the time to help a weaving friend work out a pattern for new projects.  You gotta love MATH!

   Or.....helping out Carl by cutting blue jean strips.  Thank you, Jocelyn and Carol.

COOKIES.....thank you, Sharon!  As Roz can testify, they were yummy!  (Ginger!)

OK....maybe you should look.  Another great day with the Tuesday Weavers!

Happy Weaving!