Tuesday, April 27, 2021

Making The Best Use of Space


  For those of you who follow this blog, you know that we have a space challenge.  Looms take up space!

  Our Bonnie's family donated her wonderful looms to the Tuesday Weavers, and we are working hard to give them just the right space within our area. 

  We are lucky to have looms that fold for easy storage, and finding just the right arrangement is an opportunity for creativity!

  Later today, there is a meeting concerning the replacement for the Annex.  We added onto the building in 2012, but it is time for a more permanent facility.  Keep your fingers crossed!

   The learning continues for Diane and Victoria.  Even with all the action going on around them, they are concentrating on their looms.

  It looks like Marie and Marilyn are checking the tie-ups on the treadles.....or maybe they are checking the jazzy cords??

  Tina is working with the mystery warp that came on Bonnie's loom.  We're not sure what she was getting ready to thread, but the colors are lovely!  

  Jocelyn is threading her brown warp (why does it seem to take so long to thread the loom that keeps us from the fun part:  weaving!)

  Did Betsy cut off  her warp today?  She was so close last week!!!

  So, when Patty isn't helping to move looms, she's threading a warp!

  Laura is getting the hang of working on the placemat warp.  Floor looms are so much fun!

  Good job, Pat!  I see you got the loom moved to the space beside Laura.  

  Pearl and Peggy have been coming on other days of the week, but it is so good to see them today!

  A big thank you to Linda for taking all these pictures today.  I think she should take over as the official photographer!!!

  How's this for fun....Maggie texted me this photo of her newest warp going on her loom in Virginia.  She dyed this warp at one of our dye days way back when!!!!  She's weaving a shawl using Johann D. #32 from Davison's book.  Can't wait to see the finished project!

 Sadly, we have learned of the passing of one of our former weavers, Bonnie.  This photo is from December 2009.  She will be missed.




 Happy Weaving!


Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Sero Sed Serio


"Late but in earnest."

  I have a love/hate relationship with technology.  But, the pictures finally downloaded, so here's the update on happenings with the Tuesday Weavers!

  Upon arrival yesterday, I found Pat outside with the warping board digging out the remains of a dowel that had broken off the board.  Christine and Charlotte were observing her progress.

  Christine is Marie's daughter, who is visiting from Florida.  She has heard so much about the Tuesday Weavers and wanted to check out the place!

  Patty was working on a mystery warp.  She added some additional threads and made use of the angel wings to hold the extra cross.  Weaving often involves a lot of "problem solving."

  Shirley and Marilyn are winding on a dishtowel warp.  This will be the ever popular "Friendship" towel design.

  Since Betsy was isolated in the back corner, she was weaving without her mask.  That's a single layer of warp left on the beam!

  Liz is threading a scarf warp from our dear friend Bonnie.  This is truly a special project.

  Pat worked her magic on the warping board, and she got back to the loom to weave some more on her rug.  She's using up some heavy chenille with her cloth weft to weave this rug.

  Mary is back to weaving the white placemats.  They are always a hit at the Foothills sale (and we are starting to prepare for that!)

  Victoria has finished threading her loom, and Carol is showing her how we lash on the warp.  She started weaving before we left for the day!




Laura has taken over the black warp on the Norwood loom.  It's always fun to see what colors weavers use to weave the placemats.


      Such a busy place!  Diane is seated at the table planning her next warp.

  Now it's time to wind the warp!  (This will be her second project:  towels!)

  Pat shared her scarf that she wove at home using up some of her stash.  

  Sharon joined us for lunch, and she brought a delightful surprise for Charlotte:  thrums from the stash of Tom Knisely!  Tom gave them to Sharon when she took his class (way back before the pandemic!)  

  Weaving is a wonderful community of folks!

Happy Weaving!


Tuesday, April 6, 2021

Three Hundred Sixty Seven Years!!!!!


Oh, no!  Not the loom!!!!  It's not that old!!!!

This is the combined years of experience used for this loom operation.

  Tina, Marie, Ray, Pat and Linda marked all the pieces with painter's tape, and each peg is labeled and grouped together for the future.

  This loom was donated many years ago, and has always been part of the shop decoration.  Several of us have woven on it during special promotions for the public to watch.



  But now, space in the shop has gotten precious, and it was decided that the loom must be moved.

  Thanks to Linda's knowledge of old looms, she made sure that each piece was marked for future reference.

Tina drove her pickup this morning so that the pieces could be drove around back to the Annex for storage.

  This is a DREAM TEAM!

  Meanwhile downstairs in the Studio, Carol helped Victoria get her warp wound on the loom, then she can start threading.  Cheryl's loom is on the left.  It looks like she's getting the hang of her new hobby.



  Patty is winding more weft for her placemat warp.  Sometimes we use five strands of 8/4 for our placemats.  It's amazing all the combinations you can come up with when you use a black warp!

Betsy is getting near the end of this warp!  More towels for the shop!!!!

Lunch outside in the Spring sunshine! 

  The temps were in the upper 70's, so that shade felt really nice!  Sharon joined us a little later, and Ms. Ila and LaDonna stopped by while we were outside.  

  We are staying safe....but, we love being together!

Happy Weaving!