Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Off the loom! and on!!

Woke this morning to be a bit of snow on the deck and windshields of our cars. Maybe we'll get more snow this winter? It's gone now..
What a week of family and friends on Thursday and then a bit of shopping on the weekend. Yes, I was one of those at Joann's at 6am on Friday and 7am on Saturday! Got to be early to get the good deals. Plus, I was getting mostly things for my sister who lives in Canada. They could sure use a good Joann's up there!! I'll take her things up with me when I drive up in summer but boy, got some great things that she needed. Half price and then 20% off on top of that! Not too shabby! Also, I've got her Christmas and birthday presents for next year already. She got an Ott light from me for this Christmas that I took up in summer and she sure enjoys the better light when she sews!

So on the bit of time that I had for weaving......I got into that handtowel warp on the baby wolf. Waffle weave is addicting especially if you have the treadles lined up so you just walk up and down them. The rest of that warp just almost wove itself! There are 3 towels that have the weft changing throughout for a plaid look and then 2 that I wove with that colonial blue and one with the tan color.  They are washed and ready to hem when I have a bit more time!

I got an order for a dress during the last show. It needed to be a fair bit wider plus she didn't want as much color in the middle, more black on the sides so I altered the dimensions a bit and put just 3 1/2 yards on the loom.  I decided to just weave the one dress on the warp. That's about the shortest warp I've put on in years! This morning I wove a few inches so I could take a picture of it. I'll try to finish weaving it this afternoon and then it will be ready to finish!

Next on that loom will be our weaving guild project that is due Christmas but there are still a couple of weavers who haven't gotten the yarn so maybe it'll be done by next Christmas. We never set a deadline so we're fine! Also I'll be starting the 2 challenge warps that our Tuesday weavers decided to do that are also due, Dec 14!!! at our Christmas party. I think I know what I"m doing. Those warps have to go on this week as well.
What with interruptions of all kinds, we'll see how it goes!! At least with the mug and mug rug challenge, I just have to weave the one little mug rug and can cut it off and re tie the warp. The scarf challenge will have to be completely woven since it calls for 2 scarves.
This afternoon I'm dropping by the antique and craft mall in Farragut to see how Tina and Lanny are doing setting it up and am quite excited about that. We've got over 60 pieces that we've gathered to make that tiny booth look great! Hopefully the shoppers will agree with us!!


Bonnie said...

The towels are beautiful. Lots to do. With little time to get it done.

LA said...

And the sprint begins...but I have no doubt that you'll get it done in time!!!

Maggie said...

I really like those towels! Waffle weave is really fun.

Carol said...

Yeah, I think that waffle weave is one of my favorites. It's therapeutic once the treadles are set.

Tina J said...

I am thinking about some waffle weave in one of my next warps.