Tuesday, August 24, 2021



  Look at all those lovely colors!  

No...she's not planning a project.  Marie is doing inventory on the 8/4 that we have in stock.  She and Shirley are going north to see friends and make a stop at Great Northern while they are in that neck of the woods!

 Meanwhile, Shirley and Linda are taking inventory on the snacks!  Linda will be taking care of the bins while Shirley is on her trip.

  The snacks are sold to folks using the Center for classes (or us when we don't pack a lunch!)

  Jocelyn was not a happy camper when I stopped by her loom.  If I got this right, she picked up the pattern shuttle for tabby and the tabby shuttle for pattern.  Uh-oh!  Time to unweave!!!

   Lou Ann is adding more color to her towel warp...lookin' good!  Shirley and Marilyn just keep on weaving on their warps.

  Shari is still working on weaving off the warp on her rigid heddle.  

  Patty has been busy at home doing the Weave Along with Tien and Janet on Facebook.  Her napkins were amazing!  (Sorry...I didn't get a picture.)

  Linda and Laura keep that back row humming!    That's more towels and placemats for the fall sale!

  Those colors just sneak up on the warp!  

  No...she isn't frowning...just thinking!  Pat pulled files that Carl had kept about the Center.  Her kiosk project is gaining steam, and those files hold lots of information and pictures!

  Earlier this morning, Margi and Pat were cutting more blue jean strips for rugs.  

  Margi always comes up with great ideas for us.

  Welcome back to Sharen!  She needed to use the serger, and is planning on rejoining us on Tuesdays.  We're so happy to see her.

  Liz finished twisting the fringes on her scarves, and now she'll start a new project.  What are you going to weave, Liz???

  Pearl is our liaison with the Board.  The Center continues to add classes that use the space we weave in on Tuesdays.  

  Thank you, Sharon!  She continues to add books to our library that were donated by Carl and Bonnie.  What a treasure we have!

Just a note:  I ran into Anna at the Post Office...she's in town packing up her house for the move to California.  It was great getting to talk to her.

Happy Weaving!


Tuesday, August 17, 2021

Hey There, Fred!


  While Fred's outer bands brought us a rainy, gray day, we were in a studio that was humming with light and energy.

  What a great day for Carol to get Rusty started on her weaving journey!  It looks like she loves yellow...so we'll see how her sampler looks when she adds her second color.

  Jocelyn is weaving her table runner using fall colors.  This started as a request from a friend that wanted a special runner.

  Pearl is getting a head start on her Blue/Green project.  The warp is on the loom and now it's time for threading.

  One thread at a time!!!  That's just what Bonnie is doing.  

  I just love those dyed warps!  Shirley is weaving another scarf on this warp.

  Tina is using a medium green for the weft on this throw.  You can see the previous one headed for the cloth beam.  What a difference!

Sharon is joining blue jean legs before she cuts them into strips for weaving.  She is planning on weaving some rugs.

  Margi and Pat are cutting blue jean strips for rugs.  Pat has already put a new warp on the barn loom, and she's getting ready for more rugs.

  Lou Ann is winding a warp for towels.  This is a cotton boucle...that should add some interesting texture!

  Ah-ha!  You can see Cheryl's lovely color combo on her loom.  That is really a striking warp!  

  This is Betsy's first warp...I'm so glad she could be back with us.

  Laura is happy to be back to her loom, and she's picked out some interesting colors for this batch of placemats.  It's fun to play with color combinations!

   Marie wove off the shawl from Ms. Ila's warp.  You know what that means:  twist those fringes!!!

   Linda just added a navy stripe on the red towel....looking good!!!

   Marilyn wasn't with us today, but I wanted to show off her Friendship towel.

  Sheri brought her rigid heddle loom that has her tapestry project.  She's wanted to get the loom cleared so she can start something new.  (Hummm...that sounds familiar!)

The Studio was a welcoming place for all our fiber friends!

Happy Weaving!


Tuesday, August 10, 2021

The Tale of Ten Rugs


    Pat has been weaving on the old barn loom since Carl stepped down from that bench.  

  Today was the day to cut off this warp of rugs from the loom.



  As you roll off the rugs from the cloth beam, you often wonder if it's a never ending river!



  Ten rugs rolled off the beam and onto the floor!

  It is always a delight to the eye...each one is unique.

  So, Pat will spend this week hemming the rugs getting them ready for the shop.  Some lucky customer will have a beautiful rug for their home!



  Why yes!  We have power tools and we know how to use them!


Marilyn and Shirley are attaching the treadle tracker to the Baby Wolf.



  Patty and Jocelyn take a few minutes to chat.  It looks like their warps are coming along very nicely.





  Cheryl finished winding her warp, and she's ready to chain it off the board.



Now...let's get that warp on the loom!  Carol is always ready to lend a hand.

  Betsy is working on her lovely lime green warp.



  Pearl also finished winding her warp and now it's time to get it on the loom.  The lease sticks are in, and we're ready to go!



Linda has a nice roll of towels on her cloth beam, and those yellow towels look great!



  Mary continues weaving on the placemat warp.  With our fall sale getting closer, those placemats will come in handy!


Thanks to Tina for providing today's pictures while I took care of business.  I miss being with my fiber friends!

Happy Weaving!


Tuesday, August 3, 2021

Color Coded


  It's that time of year:  let's order more yarn!  The color charts are front and center as folks think about future projects and match the colors they are thinking about.

  Linda has several projects in mind, and she was busy matching colors.  It always helps to have a friend help!




  In the back corner, pink seemed to be the color of the day!  Jocelyn and Betsy look "pretty in pink" as they work on their looms.





   Summer sunshine!  

Pearl is winding her blue warp on the other board while Cheryl winds this four color warp.  Shirley provides motivation!!!!




 Pat and Charlotte have been weaving at home.  Pat used up some 8/4 to weave fabric for bowl cozies.  

  Charlotte had fun with a multicolored warp weaving three different types of placemats.


   Mary has a lot of placemats on the cloth beam!  She's wanting to weave some rugs once we get the warp on the Studio loom.





  Susan cut off her project...her first using two shuttles!  You might remember that this loom came with a warp already on it.  From the part that was already woven, we identified it as Weaver's Fancy from Davison.   



  You can just see a wee bit of Marilyn's friendship towels that she is weaving.  Those are always so much fun!

  Lou Ann cut off her placemat warp this afternoon.  She got the ends serged, an then she'll be ready to hem the six placemats. 




Frieda stopped by after lunch.  She's working on some quilt blocks.


 And, here is what Carol has been working on the last few years!  WOW!


Such talented folks here at the Center!

So much lovely color.....


Happy Weaving!