Tuesday, April 14, 2020

How Are YOU Doing???

I sure do miss seeing my Fiber Friends! 

  But, they are not just sitting around, mind you!  I sent out an email asking for pictures of what they had been working on at home, and just look at the results!!!!

  Anna is weaving fabric to cover the chair bottoms for her dining room.  (I didn't tell them how long this has been on the loom, Anna.)

  All those t-shirts that Betsy's been collecting???  Here they are!  Look at these great rugs!  Did you know they make thirsty bath mats? 

  Carol finished sewing her strips for rugs together, and decided she needed a break.....a little patchwork!!!!  This is just ONE of the quilt tops that she has been working on.

  Jocelyn found a warp that she had dyed a few years back....but the cross was messed up!!!  That bamboo warp became weft!!!!!  We don't waste good fiber!
  And, a little painting when you aren't weaving (or writing or cooking!!!!)

  Linda used up some stash to make more hand towels.....all this hand washing means we need more towels!!!!!   (Lovely AND thirsty!!!)

  What a guy!!!!  Lou Ann bought a loom from Linda B., and Ray moved it and helped set it up at her house!!!!
  I can't wait to hear the whole story when we get together again!

(Thank you, Ray!)

Patty has been busy making masks for a local health facility.  It amazes me how many different patterns are out there!  She also decided that her 120 year old farm house was ready for a new coat of paint.  (Good use of your time, Patty!)

  But, Patty wasn't through....oh, no! 

She managed to organize her weaving tools and supplies!

  And, like Linda, Tina found that she needed more hand towels, also!  This is her stash busting thirsty towel.  Aren't we glad we're weavers!!!!

  Okay, fiber friends.....take a deep breath.  This, too, shall pass.
  Remember to:
-  keep six feet of distance from others
-  check in with friends and family
-  get outside and enjoy the spring blossoms
-  wash your hands!!!!

Happy Weaving!