Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Last Tuesday of September!


These ladies are just getting it done!

  Betsy found two shafts getting caught on their neighbor, which caused a problem.  I think she's going to unweave to save the yardage. 

    Jocelyn is ready to thread now that the warp is safely wound on the loom.

  Don't you just love the way that fabric is dancing through the rug warp?  Pat does such a lovely job weaving rugs.

  No dancing with the black weft...these are just black on black placemats that Patty is weaving.  But, they look so good on a table!

  Liz was busy threading the chenille scarf warp this morning.  (Slip knots don't always "slip" with chenille!)

  Mary finished sleying the reed, and got tied on today...next week she'll be weaving more placemats on the white warp.

  Ashley came down to visit and brought her sweet pup.  As you can see, she fell in love with Bonnie!!!!  We do love those "therapy dogs"!!!!

  Linda found threads that didn't get threaded behind the heddles!  You know what that means.......

  Liz brought her "new" serger in to see if Carol could show her how to use it.  We have one more week with Liz before she has to go back to school.

  Linda B. was busy taking pictures of the items that we are going to sell.  Pat worked on that inventory, and they checked the list together.

  The bar codes have arrived!  That also means that they have to be matched up with each item...and that is what Marie and I did after lunch.  We got about half of the items done (and we found out that we did NOT inventory the greeting cards!!!!)  

  We also pulled some items for the porch sale.  

Next week we'll finish up the task!

Stay safe, my friends!  Wear those masks!

Happy Weaving!


Tuesday, September 22, 2020

That's What Friends Are For

  Friends come up with great ideas, and get others excited about them, too!

  Margi has been taking scraps of handwoven fabric to make stockings for the shop.  She inspired Laura to make some, also!  Too bad we won't be doing a Fall show this year, but these will go upstairs in the shop, and also on the on-line shop.

Go ahead...ask Jocelyn about what color her warp will be!!!  You can't tell (or maybe you can) that she is laughing under that mask!

  Patty is getting ready to load the black thread on the holder...she'll be weaving some black on black placemats.

Linda's back in the BOOT again!  All that walking during COVID has aggravated her foot! Treadling is going to get interesting!

Time out for Bonnie!  Sometimes you just need to stop and look at the pretty patterns!  But, be sure to ask her about her new sewing machine!

Time for Betsy to pay up!  Marie is always glad to take the money!  (Later, Marie and I did inventory in the shop:  we logged over 300 woven items upstairs!  Those items will be getting their own special bar code soon!)

  Remember that towel warp that Betsy has been working on?  She has started the weaving!

We have TWO!  Liz and Liz are winding warps this morning.  A scarf and placemats will soon be on their looms.

  With Marilyn and Lou Ann, you can never be too sure as to what's up with them!

Yes....those are pieces of a squirrel cage swift that was donated to the weavers!


  What would we do without our therapy dog???  Thank goodness Angela came after lunch.  Miska had to make the rounds and get lovin' from all the weavers!

Ah, yes....that's what friends are for!  They help you get your warp on your loom.  Liz is ready to thread her warp!

Love those fiber friends!!!!

Stay safe....wear those masks!!!

Happy Weaving!


Tuesday, September 15, 2020

When You Snooze........


  I wasn't snoozing!  I had to work today, and couldn't be with my fiber friends, and would you believe it turned out to be ONE OF THOSE DAYS!!!!!

  I texted Carol to send me some pictures for the blog, and when I didn't hear from her, I sent another text.  At that point, she informed me that she was BUSY!  W H A T????  

  Then, the pictures started arriving from Pat and Patty.  And, Carol sent me a short text about the activity:

Jocelyn wound a warp of 3/2, and it should have been 8/2.  Uh-oh....that means you have to wind up the 3/2. 

  Marilyn had a brain freeze moment.....it's been a while since she wound on a warp on a floor loom.  We'll let that one slide.

   Do you see what I see????  Raise you hand if you have ever done this.......

It's a good thing the back beam has screws, and we have a screw driver.  Problem fixed!!!!!




 I'm really not surprised to see this picture...Pat is already weaving the first rug on her new warp.  She started winding on last week, and it looks like she got it threaded and tied on the rod.  That looks nice, Pat!



 It looks like Betsy is ready to start weaving her towels.  I'll get a picture next week of her pattern.  I'm so glad she's feeling better!  Poison sumac is mean!!!

Now....it's OK for Miska to snooze.....

Stay safe!  Wear those masks!!!!

Happy Weaving!


Tuesday, September 8, 2020

A Lot More!


  WOW!  The grass doesn't get a chance to grow under Pat's feet!  Last week she cut off her rug warp, and she already has a new warp ready to put on the loom, and she has cut strips for the first rug she's going to weave.  (You can catch a glimpse of the new warp behind her on the back beam.)

  Not really a surprise, but, all except one of her rugs from that last batch have already been sold!!!!


  This is the LAST one....and we thought we'd offer it for sale here on the blog.  It measures 27 inches wide by 38 inches long.  The price is $76, which includes shipping within the United States.  If you'd like to own one of Pat's rugs, email us at:  tuesdayweavers@gmail.com      Marie can handle your order.

  Marie, as you might remember, is our "numbers" lady.  She does all of our bookkeeping, as well as keeping us honest.  Today she was busy checking in our thread order from Great Northern.  Not only do we order thread for the studio, we order any 8/4 or 8/2 that we need for our projects at home.  All of this needs to be checked in, and sorted before we can put it away.






  Our weaving friend, Linda, stopped by today to give us some great news:  she was able to find a new home for our antique rocker loom!!!  (She even checked out the home to make sure they would take good care of it!)  We sure do appreciate her help.










    Angela and Miska were with us today.  The table was full of thread and harness frames early on, but that didn't keep her from threading where the loom was sitting.  (She moved to the table after lunch!)


I know two ladies that are glad they are through counting and moving heddles!

Liz finished up before lunch, and Marilyn finished, also.  Now we can look forward to seeing what amazing things they are going to weave!

Marilyn started to wind her warp after lunch...stay tuned!










  Lou Ann is much happier using the ski shuttle on her placemat warp!  (Sometimes we forget to show new weavers all the cool tools we can use when we weave!)  Laura is almost through sleying the reed on her warp.  Just take your time and enjoy the journey!

 Mary is ready to begin sleying the reed for Ellen's pattern.  It's a"crammed and spaced" sley pattern that gives a special look for our placemats.

  Bonnie is just enjoying being with the weavers....it feels good to be out once in awhile (in our safe little bubble.)

  Linda is through threading, and she's ready to sley the reed.  But, she took time to show us her overshot project that she wove at home....her FIRST!  She is planning on weaving some more for gifts.  

  Jocelyn has the hem turned up on her towels, and she's ready to sew them in place.  There's always something left to do!

  Another great Tuesday with fiber friends!

Stay safe.....wear those masks.......practice social distancing!!!!

Happy Weaving!


Tuesday, September 1, 2020

Some Things Never Change!



  If you follow this blog, then you have heard about coming into the Studio on Tuesdays and finding donations to the Weavers on the table.  But, today was special!!!  We had a donation from our friend, Sallie.  She isn't weaving rugs any longer, so she brought us a wonderful assortment of fabrics that will get used for many rugs and placemats!  Thank you, Sallie!

   Liz is back from her vacation, and it's time to be thinking about her next warp.  Right now she's replacing heddles on her loom.


  And, speaking of heddles, Tina had a heddle rodeo with two sets of Texsolv heddles.  She did get them corralled and stored with their correct loom!  

(Earlier in the day, Tina, Marie and Pat did an inventory of equipment stored in the Annex.)



Yes...that's SIX rugs rolled out on the Studio floor!

Pat came to the end of the warp on the old barn loom, and off it came!

These rugs will have hems, so Pat's taking them home this week.











 Looks like Marie is taking a break.....but, she was admiring Marilyn's hard work getting the Baby ready to weave!  On the left is the shawl Marie has been weaving.....this is the one Ms. Ila started awhile back.


Betsy was on the floor tying up the treadles...there has to be a better way!  (We're working on that!)

  Not long after this picture, Patty finished winding on the placemat warp!  Next week:  threading!

Angela has been working away...she'll be weaving next week, I bet!

We are really enjoying having her little friend with us, too!

 I think he enjoys being here, too!

Stay safe, my friends!

Remember to wear your mask and keep social distance!!!!

Happy Weaving!