Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Ah-ha! Wishes Do Come True!


  I used to joke that just maybe, one day, our potluck would have ALL desserts!  We came mighty close today!  There were multiple kinds of cookies, brownies, pumpkin cake, coconut pie, apple crisp, sparkling jello and Carl's chocolate cherry cake!  What's wrong with that???

  Okay...we also had bean salad, potato casserole and veggie munchies.  There was more...did I make it that far down the counter?  That fruit salad counts as "real" food, right?

  The next Potluck is our Souper Tuesday the last Tuesday of January.  (Just giving you the heads up!)

  Look who joined us today!  Christy and Pat!  We had so much fun catching up with them.

  Marie got the bar codes on the large stockings, and they were hung with care upstairs in the shop!

  Shirley is all dressed for our Christmas picture.  Marilyn is wearing one her woven bands with trees.   So Merry!!!!

  Jocelyn wins the prize for best headwear!  Doesn't she just scream Merry Christmas!

  These ladies were all busy until Sharon and I interrupted them!  (And we wonder why we don't get a lot of weaving done!!!)

  Christy had fringes to twist this afternoon while Barbara got caught up on messages.

  Shannon and Tina were chatting back and forth as they worked at their looms.

  Lots of red in the studio today!!!




  So sorry Carol and some others couldn't be with us today for our yearly Christmas picture.  But, here is our merry band of weavers!!!!   OH!  I see Carol!  She's wearing one of the new hats!!!!

Happy Weaving!


Tuesday, November 22, 2022

Giving Thanks

    It's that time of year when we pause and think of all the things we are thankful for.  Family and friends top the list, of course.  I'm very thankful for my weaving family...they mean the world to me.  And, to my fiber friends around the world:  thank you for visiting each week.


  Carol and Marie are always busy just doing what needs to be done.  Today Carol was still tagging items to go upstairs when she wasn't looking at the 8/4 with Marie.  It's time to order MORE!

  I was able to snap a picture of Jocelyn before she had to leave.  (She has a LOT of company coming Thursday!)  She is loving doing the twill on this scarf.  It always gives such a good drape.

  Tina is at the back of her loom threading the placemat warp.  (Bonnie wanted Tina to thread a loom front to back so the other weavers could see.)

I think Ruth is happy with her towel warp.  They are so colorful.

  Bonnie is tying on her warp to the front rod.  Susan helped her wind on the warp this morning.

Susan's placemats are looking great.  Such a good use of color.

  Sharon and Pearl got the chance to chat this afternoon.  So much is going on!!!

  Karen is weaving on her sample warp.  She's working on the twill section.  So many twills to choose from!!!

  Meet Mason!!!!  He's a friend of Patty's and he does the most amazing ice dyed t-shirts!  Shirley found one that matched her jeans that she had on!  Several of our weavers did a little Christmas shopping with Mason!

  Thanks for stopping by.  Enjoy your day!


Tuesday, November 15, 2022

Rainy Gray Day


  Leave it to Sharon to brighten up our day with these yummy gingersnaps she baked yesterday!!!  They were just what we needed!

A few other folks brought nibbles for the group, too.  

You just gotta love these weavers!

Judy came by to give the weavers the "once over."  She wasn't sure she wanted to take up a new hobby, but Carol showed how we start new weavers.  Candance is almost ready to bind on her warp.  Judy got to see lots of warps in progress.

  Karen has tied on her warp and is ready to hemstitch.  Since Carol was busy with Judy, Shirley got her started.  Of course, Shirley doesn't hemstitch the same way Carol does!!!!

  Then it was back to her loom for Shirley!  Ruth and Lou Ann were already hard at work!


  Peggy is making great progress on her placemats.  Can't you just see these on the table in a cozy cabin with a fire in the fireplace????  

  Ah, Pearl!  Just a few more threads to go!  (And you see the look she gave me!)


  And this is the look I got from Betsy when I interrupted her!!!!  I think she has named this warp, and I can't print it here.


  Laura and Linda were having a good time, though, in their little corner of the studio.  Laura's table runner is looking great.

  I think Barbara is enjoying weaving these placemats with some fabric for the Annex.  I'm glad we're using it up!!!

  It's a mystery....all the stick shuttles that used to fall out of the cabinet were not to be found.  But, Marie started going through little hidey-holes in the studio.  Guess what she found?????

No rain tomorrow, but still cold temps before we warm up for Thanksgiving.  Stay warm my fiber friends!


Tuesday, November 8, 2022

Ending and Beginning


  Goodness...it was a busy weekend!  I didn't get a chance to post any pictures on the blog, but I did post a couple on Facebook.

  This was the left side of the booth, and you can see Carol's beautiful coats and the shawls.  We had a table with a tree with ornaments and we put Tina's rug there so people would stop and feel the loveliness.


  We tried a new set up with our black panels, and this part really worked for the items.  That's our mug rugs on the top left.  On the right side you'll see the hand dyed weft yarn that could be used for weaving or knitting.  The scarf kits were down below.

  We sold ALL of our "whimsy hats".  This was the last one.  There's still lots of room for placemats, scarves and throws.

  We set a record on take down as we walked out of the building after 41 minutes from closing!!!!

  We had a lot of GREAT help!

And, we begin again!

  Welcome to our new weaver, Candance.  She got lost in her count and ended up winding four extra inches!!!  

  No worries!  That happens!  Carol helped her wind off the extra threads!!!

I hope this never happens to me!!!

  Christy calls this a HOT MESS!  Actually, it is a skein of hand dyed yarn that she took home to rinse.  Her washer decided that it needed another WASH before it ran the spin cycle.  She is patiently untangling it and rolling the end into a ball.


  Shannon is threading her newest project while Susan works on her placemats.

  Well, not everyone was through with the Foothills Sale!  Marie had to check in all the inventory that went back upstairs and write checks for the weavers that sold items.  Carol and Linda were the big sellers!

  Shirley's colorful placemats are going great!  Ruth is working on some towels.

  Patty is offering Laura some tips on adding bands of color that you want to repeat at the end of the mat (or runner.)  Linda is watching the progress.

  Tina is warping front to back for a set of block design placemats.

  Bonnie, who always warps front to back, was busy threading her warp for 2/2 twill towels.  

  We tied the harnesses to the castle so Bonnie would put so much strain on her back.  She said it was working much better.

  Pearl thinks it might be possible that a loom fairy visited her loom!  She's so close to the finish!!!  She will be weaving an eight harness M&W pattern for towels.

So much going on!!!!

Happy Weaving!


Tuesday, November 1, 2022

It's GO Time!!!!


This is the calm before the storm!  Our new weavers are surely wondering what the world is going on!  We sent Shirley and Marilyn upstairs to gather items to take to the show.  Meanwhile, Marie, Tina and I opened up our vans and started to load equipment from the Annex.  This year, all the show equipment is at the front of our storage area, which sure made it a lot easier.  

  After lunch, we started the process of making the show inventory.  Each item is listed in a data base so that we know what we took.  There's a little bit of everything!

  Some of our weavers brought their items that were woven at home to be put in the booth.  All of those tubs will go in Marie's van to be unpacked and displayed on Thursday.

  If you're in the Knoxville area this weekend, we'll be at the Knoxville Expo Center.  Stop by and say "Howdy!"

  I'll try to post some pictures on Friday!  Wish us well!