Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Time and Patience!

It's getting to be crunch time here.  There is alot on my plate right now. I spent the other morning sewing labels into garments and inventorying them. Seems like a little thing but it all takes time. I thought it would be fun to make a stack of some of the pieces I've been working on the last few weeks just before I put them into tubs getting ready for the show. So here's the list:  6 jackets, 11 vests, 6 tops and 2 dresses. I sell alot more vests than dresses so I always make a few more. I also make sure I use different buttons on each piece so that it doesn't all look the same exactly. Part of my finishing includes going back to each seam after it's all assembled, and handtack those seams open so that the inside is nice and smooth. It hangs better and sits well on the body. I also do alot of crocheted edges on the pieces. I crochet my buttonholes so I don't have to sew buttonholes on that fabric. It works pretty well I think.So normally about this time of year I am thick into nametags. I have about 800 to do before Sunday. Well, we went shopping the other day to Office Depot. They didn't have the labels we use for our label machine to print the names. Also, the nametag holders didn't come until yesterday. We had to order the labels (we get 1" black on clear that we use in the label maker to get the name and hometown onto each nametag). If we didn't do that, I'd be writing all the names like I used to do. I will be doing about 800 nametags before Sunday and people register during the convention as well, so I am prepared for 1600. Hopefully I can start tomorrow if those labels get here today like they promised! If you're in Nashville next week from the 7 to 11th, come to the Sheraton Music City for the Chet Atkins Appreciation Society convention. There'll be tons of great musicians from around the world playing their guitar in honor and memory of Chet. Our website is  They're supposed to be posting the schedule now that DH finally finished it (at 4:30am on Monday morning! Had to be at the printers that day!)

So, what to do while I wait. A few years ago I got some fabric for my nephew. He and his wife are big into anime. I think this fabric is perfect for them. I am making a 60 inch square wall piece which I hope to get done before I get up there to see them in a month. If I can get the top sewn I can quilt it at my sister's place. I have no idea how it's going to be other than 5 12" squares across. I had bought co ordinating fabrics that I thought would work and will do some 9 patch blocks, maybe some 16 patch with triangles in them. I don't know. I'm about to head down there to tackle it. If I don't get it done before Sunday it won't happen til I get up to Canada. I think it's going to be quite nice inspite of being kind of planned on the fly!I've still got a basketful of the turquoise pieces to finish handsewing and crocheting. That needs to be done in the next week as well, but that's evenings.
Like I said, I need patience and time to get it all done. Tomorrow I'll be doing nametags, I hope!!!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

It Must Be Tuesday!

We had several visitors at the Center lady wanted to know what we called ourselves.  I told her "The Tuesday Weavers."  She looked surprised, and then said, "It's a good thing I decided to stop here today, then!"

  Yes, if it's Tuesday, then meet the Weavers!!!!  LOL
  Our other visitor was an old friend, Betty, who used to weave with us.  She caught up with the news from old friends, and talked to Bonnie about the caterpillar rug.  She is moving to Ohio to be near her son.  We wish her all the best!!!

Carl, as always, spends his time weaving his placemats...his hem stitching is beautiful.  LaDonna was able to join us today for a little while.  She's already planning another shawl for her triangle loom.

Sharen and Marta are making headway on their placemat warps.


Carol is getting the last of the bedskirt ready for rag strips.  These can be cut for rugs or placemats.  I spent my morning at the warping board.  I'm winding a 22 yard warp for scarves.

I got 5 inches done before I had to leave for the day.

 A big shout out to our missing friends: Pat, Ms. Bonnie, Tina, Linda, Maggie, Joyce, Ann, Lanny and Allan. 

So, Happy Weaving my friends!  

Monday, June 28, 2010

Busy Day

Aaaahhh!  Finished with Cathy's color on the Clinch Valley afghan project!  One more color to go, but since I haven't gotten it yet, I will leave this alone for a while.  I like the side view:
I like seeing everyone's colors wrapped around the beam, like looking at the history of this project.  Like many of us--and some have complained about overuse of this aspect--the rear view is not as pleasant.
Yuck!  Even the left hand floating selvedge gave way at the end!  It didn't break but became mysteriously loose and needed some weight.  Enough!  Almost done!  On to the new warp on Jennifer!
Pretty excited to get this started, and I hope to get it wound on today.  Threading will take quite some time, due to its complexity, but I think it will be fun. 
  I've been thinking today, while I vacuumed and finished up the afghan project, about what's next, after mug rugs and scarves, and I think I'd like to try to make some upholstery fabric.  I have two wing back chairs that I've made slipcovers for a few years ago.  My family hates these chairs.  They think they're horribly uncomfortable, and I have to say, they're not that attractive.  I started to reupholster them a few years ago, but was overcome by the complexity of upholstering.  There are all kinds of things holding fabric on chairs, with very little sewing, which surprised me.  So, knowing sewing better than those things, I sewed slipcovers.  And they were fine, but are starting to look awful, thanks to the cats, humans and time.  I'm ready to learn how to do it right, now, and I'm thinking that it would be fun to make the fabric to reupholster them.  Fun might not be the right word, but think how satisfying it would be to look at chairs that I've made the fabric for!  I'm thinking Shadow Weave, with some deep, rich colors that will complement my living room.  As for my family, I promise to add a lot more padding when everything is torn off the chair!
  If anyone's woven any upholstery fabric and has any advice, please let me know!  Until then, Happy Weaving!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

"Uses Time Wisely"

Back in the "old days," there was a place on your report card for the teacher to check or X if you used your time other words, did you look like you were busy?  Did you get your morning work done?  Were you spending your time staring into space or yakking with the kid next to you???  As you can probably guess, I had a few X's on my report card in my early years.  I thought I had finally learned how to use my time wisely, but I guess I need to work harder these days.  I SWEAR I've been busy this week, but I have so little to show for it, at least, weaving wise. 

I did finish my belt on the inkle loom.  LOVE IT!!  I can't wait to start a new warp on that little beauty!  That's the best $10 I ever spent!!!  (Thank you, Tina!)  Did you know you can weave in bed with that darling???  I'm even going to try to follow Tina's directions this time.  Somehow, I didn't hear what Tina was saying when she was giving instructions.....imagine that!  But, I love the design anyway. 

I've almost got the warp for the afghan project wound on the loom.  I swear those chains magically grew in the just keeps on coming on!!!!  I'm hoping that the threading goes much faster!!!  I'd really like to have that ALL done soon.

Oh yes....I need to start cutting up blue jeans for the hall rug.  Can I do that in bed???

But, I did get the 3rd loom warped for Kids Camp at the Center!  (It's really cool....the Center has a Kids Camp every summer, and one of the projects for them to do is weaving on a table loom.  We put a 4 yard warp about 6 inches wide on the looms in lots of bright colors.  From what we're told, it's one of the favorite activities.)

On several of the blogs I read last week, they were talking about what was in your "to be read" stack.  It made me stop and think.......I've read lots of weaving books, magazines and articles.  But, I haven't read for just pleasure in a while.  I have a stack of books I've bought, and haven't started.  I think that this week I will take some time to read for the pure pleasure of a good read.  That would be a good use of my time, don't you think????
I'll weave some too............
Happy Weaving,

Friday, June 25, 2010

Summer fun!

Greetings from the great state of Texas!  I am here at my mothers family reunion.  We are expecting around 100 people.  It should be fun.

Before I left I was able to complete the looper rugs I started last week, I really like the plum one pictured here.

A month or so ago I posted about these breadcloths, and about how I was fooling the loom into doing an unbalanced weave.
I worked the first half of one cloth, and I just wasn't enjoying it.
I had about 5 inches of the textured weave, and there it sat.  I decided that I was going to finish it on Monday.  Well, I found every excuse in the book to not sit down and do it.  So I decided to cut and run.

    I then freed the warp from the weft.

Here I have half of the warp freed up.

After I finished, I was able to get thru 1 1/2 in no time.

Well that's it for now, I better get back to the reunion.  I am making Banana Pudding, and a big dish of pasta.

I will be back in town next week, until then, 

Happy Weaving, Tina

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Going Spinney

I have not done much different this week. A bit of weaving on the place mats that you have seen before. My mind is on spinning. WHY?? I have don't even have enough time to get my weaving done. I am going to learn how to spin. I have ordered some magazines and books to help. All right!?  Who did this to me?

I do have a picture to show. I got a nice lovely hanging basket of flowers for  mothers day. I go out and water in the mornings and evenings(with this hot weather). The birds really like to try building a nest in any basket that I hang out on the front porch. I kept pulling out little sticks and stuff they were putting in each basket. So what do they do but build on in the night, because one morning it was there.  Then in the evening it had 3 eggs in it. Next day it had 5 eggs. I couldn't remove it while the eggs were in it. I still watered the flowers  on the side not getting the nest wet. Now, all have hatched but one. They are so small.

I will have more on the weaving home front next week. I hope.
Have a great week. Till next week.


Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Last warp for awhile!

This is my last warp for awhile! Actually, the end of August is the first time I"ll be able to put one on again! Our summers are crazy busy and weaving takes a bit of a back seat! So, this is it. I'm making handbags from this yardage. Last year our Tuesday Weavers challenge was to use 4 colors, fairly warm earth tones, to make something. My choice was to weave a hangbag. In the back of my mind was the idea to make more that I would maybe sell. This is the first warp that I"ve had time to work on to see how other colors would work on that idea. I hope to sew a couple of them in the next week. It's pretty cheerful, red, purple, yellow and blue. I'll post a picture of the finished bag when I get it done.
Last weekend was our Tuesday Weavers retreat. I wasn't able to be there the whole time but came parts of all 3 days. Friday evening's pot luck was just fun! It's good to kick back and enjoy good conversation with friends. That's what that was. Then on Saturday I had to get some production done so instead of bringing my inkle loom, I brought work that I had to get done for my show next week. Watching the others wind their warps onto their inkle loom was fun but I really had to get some work done. So, Sunday. I have an inkle loom. I bought it in 1982 from Knox DeLong. It was one of the last ones that he made in Oak Ridge. He was a weaver if I recall correctly, or at least his wife must have been, because he would make small tools and these inkle looms for us. So I knew I had one. Just didn't know where it was. I hunted through my studio, even going in the back of closets but couldn't find it. I didn't recall seeing it in a very long time either. As a last desperate move, I went up to my husband's studio. It used to be mine until we remodeled and added on in 1994. I had taken out most of my things when I moved down to the studio but had left some things on the top of the closet. Sure enough, there was my inkle loom. I hadn't touched it in 16 years, at least. It's probably closer to 20 years. 
I'm really excited about the Tuesday Weavers. They're not intimidated by any of the weaves and are going gangbusters at figuring out stuff. I"m very proud of them!! So, I have to keep up myself. I had to relearn how to warp that inkle loom. Tina's a good teacher and she told us what to do. I guess I'm one of those that didn't follow her directions. Or, I got ahead of myself maybe. Anyway, I didn't put that black stripe in the middle. I like it the way it is. The pale color is a nice peach that doesn't show up in the picture well. Of course, my selveges are awful. I sat Sunday evening and wove on the belt while watching tv. I think I will try to do several belts this summer and see if I can't get better at it.
Tonight our summer really begins. Pierre is flying in from France. He's a friend of ours that has been coming to our place every summer for at least 10 years. He will stay with us for a week and a half before we all head over to Nashville for the Chet Atkins Appreciation Society convention that DH and I host.  This will be our 26th annual convention.  After the convention I have a craft fair to do and then I drive up to Canada to see my family in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan. That's why I won't be able to weave again until the middle of August! Summers are always crazy here but it keeps us on our toes! I've got plenty to keep me busy when I travel as well. More on that as the weeks go by.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Tuesday crazy!

Here is Pat's belt that she started this last weekend, doesn't it look great!  This is the pattern that I had in mind when I planned what I was going to teach.  There were several weavers, who shall remain nameless, who did their own version of the pattern.  Some of them did it on purpose, others were hearing challenged.  Anyway I learned a lot as a teacher, and they learned a lot as students.

Bonnie brought in the finished towels from her last warp.  We all thought that they were beautiful!

Ann brought in some yarn she had, so that we could use the balance and scale to see if she had enough weft to finish her project at home.

The weaving weekend is feeding us one last meal.
Here is the goulash layered with mozzarella in the dutch oven with some fresh basil from Sharon's garden, all ready to put in the oven.

Joyce is cutting off the placemats in pink.

Another shot of the two deep in conversation.

Sophia was busy on Sheron's loom.

Just look at that shuttle in the air!

Both of the girls were really quick learners, and we hope that they can find a bunch of weavers in their town.  Our center has a kids camp every summer, maybe there will be something like that for them in their town.

Sheron and Bonnie are looking at the yarn for this years challenge scarfs.  They are trying to figure out what they want to use.  I think that Carl has already chosen his and is giving his advice.

Maggie has started weaving on her linen towels.

Well there you have it!  Pretty much blow by blow of the high points of the day.  Ila, Carl, Ann and Pat are doing placemats on their looms, but you have seen those in previous posts.

Carol was sick today, and Linda is still recovering from her knee surgery.  Lanny and Alan are off on summer trips, we will be glad to see them all when they get back.

Lou Ann is planning a run of 8 shaft scarves, and will begin to wind that warp next week.  I am in a cleaning frenzy, I am basically just going around the room and putting things away!  ( and finding a lot of stuff!)  I am not sure how long this frenzy will last, but between that and winding rug warps and helping out, it will be a busy summer.

Happy weaving, Tina

P.S.  After everyone left, Bonnie got some of her crazy shag rug going:

Monday, June 21, 2010

Sleepy Monday

It's been a sleepy Monday at Chez Davidson today.  Miss Etta is also sleeping, in the hall closet, among the quilts and sheets, but I couldn't get a photo in there.
  The pets haven't accomplished much, and I confess to one long mid-morning nap myself, but I have gotten some things done.
Here's my new blouse, one I cut out a few days ago.  I had to wait to finish it until I could buy a new iron today.  My 6-year-old Rowenta started leaking last week, and yesterday, it fried its heater.  I replaced it with a cheap one this time.  We'll see if it lasts any longer!
  Yesterday, LouAnn sent me a photo of me spinning at the retreat, and I just have to share it.  I said in my blog how much I loved spinning, but here, you can see that it wasn't love at first turn!
Yep, the look on my face says it all!  And my first bobbins came out a little, um, artisanal, shall we say?

I need more roving to finish up the second bobbin to have enough to ply the two together.
  Well, it's almost afternoon nap time!  Happy Monday, and happy weaving!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

I have been weaving, too!!

Several days ago my husband brought my inkle loom to the "country club". Until recently I didn't feel much like weaving  but yesterday I decided it was time to learn to use this loom. Here is what I have done so far, It isn't anything fancy but here it is.