Tuesday, June 29, 2021

Old & New



 It's an ongoing project:  sorting through the stash in the annex.  Everything needs to be gone through and put into tubs, donated or trashed.  Pat worked until it got too steamy to stay outside!



  Sharon is preforming the same duty with our weaving books.  Behind her are the duplicate copies of books that we will be selling to our members or to the new weaving group in Knoxville.  Books that are leftover can go to the used book shop in town.  ($$ for MORE books!!!!)




  Pat restored the rug rack to the shop.  If folks can't see the rugs, they don't buy the rugs!!!!

  It was great seeing it back where it does the most good!


   Leftover cones of thread:  do you have any of those????

  Charlotte is helping Linda pick out some colors for a multi-colored warp.  Linda is planning some placemats using fabric for the weft.



  Diane is putting her first warp on a floor loom.  Carol is always ready to help out our new weavers!





  Carol was also helping Sheri get her warp ready for her class at John C. Campbell. 




  Marilyn is just beaming after her "wild west" tour!  She had a blast!!!

  Now, back to weaving dish towels!!!




  Marie is serging the edges of her dishtowels so she can hem them at home.  She's already thinking about how many towels she needs to weave before the Christmas sales!




  Betsy was trying to concentrate as she threaded the heddles....I don't think I was helping!  In fact, I accidentally stepped on her light cord....that didn't help at all!!!





   Alyce is working on the scarf warp....just pick up where you left off!




Bonnie got her towel warp sleyed (she warps front to back) so now she's ready to thread.  

Hummmmm...from the front or from the back???  Either beam will come off this Leclerc loom!

  So...what do you use to weigh down a scarf while you twist the fringes???

  Liz  pulled Helene Bress' The Weaving Book.  It's really heavy!




   It's always good to see Frieda!  It looks like she's got a new warp on her Inkle loom.

    Peggy dropped by for lunch sporting her new purple cast!

  It's always good to see our weaving friends!


Happy Weaving!


Tuesday, June 15, 2021

All In A Day's Work



 The Annex Crew got an early start this morning before it got too hot.  Any fiber that was not in a tub has to go to a new home!!!!

  Gloves and masks are a must!!!! 




It already looks 100% better inside.  








  I'm sure that Sheri is wondering about all the bustle going on in the studio.  Today she will be starting her weaving journey (although I think she might already know a little bit about it!)





  Victoria is getting some tips from Charlotte.  (We all step up to help our newer weavers when they have a question.)  Diane will be starting a warp on one of the floor looms next week.




Then it was time for Victoria to take her first warp off of the loom.  That's always such a joy!!!!





  Here's an up close look at Tina's bumberet warp.  She finally has it just the way she wanted it!




  Marie and I got the rakes turned on the Studio loom before lunch.  That means we'll be winding a long warp for some Hollywood rugs!!!!  Mary and Patty will be weaving those.



 Lunchtime is also meeting time.

A big Thank You to Pearl for representing us on the Board.

Hugs go out to Peggy....she broke her arm!!!!  (That might put a damper on her knitting and weaving.)

Thanks to Marie for all the bookkeeping!

Last (but never the least,) Thank You, Carol, for all you do!


Happy Weaving!


Tuesday, June 8, 2021

Getting It Done!


  Through the years, we have been gifted with the libraries of former weavers.  This has resulted in multiple copies of some books.  As we clean out the Annex, we are also working on our space inside the Studio.  


You know the books I'm talking about:  Key To Weaving, The Art of Weaving, Warping All By Yourself.  

  Those used to be staples of a new weavers' library.  But, we don't need this many copies.

  Sharon and I have started weeding the bookshelves to make room for our expanded library.  These copies will find homes with new weavers.

 Carol and Marie keep track of our progress as we work through our to-do list.

  And, Carol has new items to add to the shop upstairs.


 And weaving continues....Susan started an overshot project this afternoon...her first!

  Patty did this sample project at home using several new to her techniques!  Oh, what fun!!!!


We will just keep on getting it done!


Happy Weaving!


Tuesday, June 1, 2021

First of June!



  It's warming up around here (finally!)  So, today was lunch in the studio.

  We had a lot to discuss while we enjoyed our lunches.  

  Carol went over the Certificate of Excellence from  the Handweavers Guild of America....just in case anyone was interested.

Pat brought us up-to-date on rug stand for the shop.  She's on the Shop committee now, and that issue should get solved.

  There isn't a lot of space around the tables, so Shirley and Lou Ann ate at their looms.

  Patty and Jocelyn ate at their looms, also.  (It's still close enough to hear what is being said.)


  Mary has the best spot in the studio for chatting with the weavers!  Bobbins have to be wound.......right, Shirley???

I am so excited to see the weaving on this warp!  Patty is just doing a straight twill, and it really pops!




I just knew that Betsy's towels were amazing when I saw them on the loom....but, they are even more beautiful finished!!!!  Great job, Betsy!

 Linda has changed colors again!!!!  These towels have so many possibilities!

Now...this is a Kodak moment!!!  Gina has been weaving on her first warp at home, but her work keeps her from coming on Tuesdays.  She stopped by to get Carol's advice.

  Carol sent me a picture of Gina sitting inside the hatchback hemstitching!!!!!  Sadly, I can't download it to my computer to put on the blog!

A weaver just has to weave!!!!

Stay safe & happy!