Tuesday, August 27, 2019

All In A Day's Work

  Carol is back from her northern vacation, and she didn't waste any time before checking in with her student.  Lou Ann is working her way through Carol's study guide, which gives her a chance to try several different twill treadlings. 

  Liz is using twill to weave her placemats, and found a mistake about two inches back.  She's in the process of unweaving to correct her mistake. 
  This was the perfect time for Lou Ann to see how Liz spotted the mistake, and what she's doing to fix the problem. 
  A learning moment!!!!  Weavers learning from weavers!!!!


  Ray is using a temple to keep his edges from pulling in on his double weave project.  It's slows down the weaving, but the results are worth it!

  Marilyn keeps knocking out those placemats on the black warp. 
  Earlier, Tina and Marilyn had their heads together trying to solve a problem with Marilyn's new Inkle loom.  Sounds like they came up with a solution!

  Laura is back from her vacation, too.  Now, it's back to the loom!  I think she got a lot accomplished today!

  Alyce is working on her fringes....slow and steady is the way to go!

   He's off and running.....er....make that WEAVING!    In fact, he was so intent on weaving that he wove about 2 inches too much for this placemat!!!!  He'll just unweave those 2 inches next Tuesday, and then weave the hem!!!!  Way to go, Carl!

   We are excited:  each of those bags contain 100 key rings for the 2020 Convergence here in East Tennessee!  We are getting so close to reaching our goal of 1,000!

  Patty spent today putting the tags on completed key rings, and counting the next bag of 100.  We're still cutting and sewing at home, and next week we'll back at tagging and bagging again!

 I don't always get to the back corner to get a good picture of Betsy.....she just sits back there with Jocelyn and weaves away.  I missed Jocelyn today, but I think I got a good shot of Betsy!
  I really like those colored bands on the placemats that she is weaving.

  Pearl enlisted Tina's help to add some heddles to the Wolf Pup she'll be weaving on for her newest project.  You know how it is....when you weave Atwater Bronson, you need a lot of heddles on the first harness.  Now it's time to thread!
  Sharon is starting a new scarf--she's using black for the weft this time.  This will really make those colors pop!  (I promise a picture next week!)
  Bonnie is missing Shirley and Ms. Ila.......but, there's always a lot of folks to talk to!

Such a great way to spend your Tuesday!!!!
Happy Weaving!

Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Would You Believe It????

  Some folks thought we would not have this project done in time....after all....weaving enough bands to make over a thousand key rings!!!!

  We started early enough, and would you believe it?  We are almost there already!!!!

Today we bagged up 300 completed, tagged key rings!  And we have two tubs of bands that haven't been cut yet!!!!!

  These are just some of the completed bands for you to see. 

  I love all the different designs and color combinations!

**A big thanks to Julia for her donation to the project!  We'll get those ready to go!

  Although our other students are on vacation, Lou Ann was with us today working on her twill sampler.  She had to unweave some of the first throws, but I think she's got the hang of it now.  She even felt brave enough to take the loom home for the week!

  Carl started weaving on his placemat warp on the Harrisville loom today.  We're still working on getting him a seat that is a tad bit higher so that he is at a better height at the loom.  Right now he's sitting on two folded rugs and a cushion!!!!
  Frieda brought her newest Inkle loom project to work on at the Studio....but, she took a break after lunch to chat with friends. 

  Shirley is really liking her newest scarf on her loom.  She's using a lime green with some silver bling....it's striking.  (I tried getting a picture, but it doesn't do it justice!)  Mary got a chance to take a closer look at the pattern for the scarf.
  Bonnie and Ms. Ila just keep weaving away on their shawl warps.....it's TEN weeks until the Foothills Fall Show!
  Time flies!

  Alyce started working on the fringes for her shawls this morning.  After she gets them twisted, she can wet finish them.
  Anna's blue warp for soup cozys is coming right along.  We should have some ready for the fall show.

  Would you believe the light over Betsy's loom is out AGAIN????  It's a good thing there is a light on that loom!

Happy Weaving!

Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Laid Back Tuesday


  With so many of our fellow weavers on vacation, it was a relatively quiet day in the Studio.  
  Ashley was able to change the bulb over Betsy's loom during the lunch break.  (Is this part of her job description?)  Ray was her helper for the procedure.
   Jocelyn just kept on weaving!!!!

  Patty finished threading, and after checking with folks in the know, she sleyed the reed for Ellen's pattern.  Now that she's tied on, Carl can start weaving placemats next week.

  After weeks of weaving, Alyce declared, "DONE" with her shawlette warp. 

  There are two shawls:  one eggplant and one in wine. (Yum!)   Now comes twisting the fringes before she does the wet finishing.  Guess that will happen next week.

  Pearl enlisted Carl and friends to put the tags on the key rings.  They also did some counting to see how close we were on our project.  Would you believe we're almost to our goal????

So.....could this be considered a "lazy day of summer?"

Happy Weaving!

Tuesday, August 6, 2019

Dear Carol,

Dear Carol, 
  We hope you're having a grand time with your family....sorry the hot temperatures followed you north.  

  We put Carl to work cutting weft for the placemats he'll be weaving.  That's 10 yards of fabric....I'm sure Carl will need more before too long.
  After lunch, Pearl put Carl to work adding tags to the key chains that were finished.  We have a great assortment of finished key rings so far!

   Earlier, Pearl  perused Anne Dixon's book for possible patterns to use.  Andy dropped by for a visit, and she and Frieda had an opportunity to catch up.  Lou Ann finished hemstitching and starting weaving on her sampler.

   In fact, Lou Ann has learned the value of "un-weaving" already!!!  (We've all been there!)


 No surprise....this warp is just perfect for Peggy!!!  And, it seems to be going on the loom so smoothly!

 Ray brought the new treadle for the Harrisville loom and installed it before Patty and Charlotte began winding on the warp.  Patty is going to thread it next week.

  Anna's doing a great job on the cozy warp.  Pat threaded a twill pattern from Davison, and Anna just threadles a straight twill! 
  Linda is counting out bouts as she prepares to change the threading on the towel warp.  
  Betsy was concentrating on threading her new warp. 


  Marilyn finished the runner with the twisted weft, and she's back to just weaving more placemats.   


  Now that he has that temple, Ray is just weaving away!  (Or, at least he is when we don't have him fixing something!!!!)

  Click on this picture to see those sweet, little yellow bands on Jocelyn's towels!  For such a slow start, this warp is going very nicely, now.

  Liz is back from her visit with her sister, who has taken up weaving!  I'm sure they had some wonderful times together!
  By the way, her placemat warp is going great, too!


   Carol....I'm leaving you with this picture of Bonnie.  I'll let you take a guess as to what she is doing........ 
  All is well here.....
Happy Weaving!