Tuesday, September 25, 2018


  We all have the choice each morning:  are you happy today?  As I downloaded the pictures from today at the Center, I noticed that there sure are a bunch of smiles on these faces.
  Marie and Christy sorted out the tee shirts and jeans from a recent donation:  notice the smiles?  And Bonnie is back on her loom grinning from ear to ear!

  Although I'm sure Christy is getting "over" this job, just look at that smile!!!  She keeps Carl in blue jean panels for his rugs. 

  And, Carl is always smiling back at his loom!  We have folks from near and far asking about his rugs.

  It's such a little thing, but this clock makes us all happy!  Thank you, Sharon!!!

(We didn't realize for the longest time that the old clock had died......)

  We were all excited to see Marie's samples from her linen class at John C. Campbell.  I love how she wet finished some of the pieces so we could compare.
  We're looking forward to seeing the linen projects she'll be weaving!

  We kept Marie very busy today!  She got right to work helping Sharon dress her loom with the ten yard scarf warp.  We'll have to wait to see what pattern Sharon threads for the scarves.

  Anna spent last week at John C. Campbell, also.  She took a paper making class using natural materials.  Today she brought her pin loom....it's time to make more Christmas tree ornaments for the Foothills sale!

  Shirley eeeked out several more inches on her towel warp....look how close the bar is to the heddles!  That's a total of FIVE towels!

  Bonnie is having a ton of fun with this placemat warp!  The painted warp threads just dance in and out of the design! 
  Those are happy tootsies on those treadles!!!!

  Every Tuesday, Frieda tries to talk me out of taking her picture.....but, we love seeing her progress on this scarf warp.

  Now, look at these happy campers!!!!  These are the drawdowns they did as a homework assignment for their Weaving 201 class.  HAPPY!!!

Just in case you need an earworm, here's a song for you:
 Pharrell Williams - Happy (Official Music Video) - YouTube

(Thank you, Theresa, for giving me the idea!)

I choose HAPPY


Tuesday, September 18, 2018

We Miss You!

  Hey!!!  Anna, Linda, Jocelyn, Marie, Peggy, Polly and Tina......we miss YOU!!!!  The Tuesday Weavers wanted to send out a big ole "Howdy" to let you know you were thought of today.

  It was quiet in the Studio while this group was hard at work in the Potter's studio.  No....they aren't taking up clay....they are taking Weaving 201.  They were learning more about reading drafts, making drawdowns and choosing yarns for different projects.


Me?  I threaded a Summer-Winter sample warp for next week!  After lunch we will be talking about the Summer-Winter chapter in Mary Black's The Key to Weaving.  We can try our hand weaving the first example in the chapter!

Have a great week!

Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Another Tuesday

  What a group!!!!  There's always a million things going on:  move some yarn, weave a little, ask a question.  Oh, and a little conversation!  That's just in the first 15 minutes!  The area where Helen and Anna are weaving is where we store the Pups, Baby Wolves, the Mighty Wolves and the table looms on stands when we are not in the Studio.  Having that open space on Tuesdays means that we have access to the back of the looms if needed.  It's a system that works!

  Betsy's warp is tied on, and it's time to tie up the treadles.  I have to admit, the Macomber can be a challenge!  This means we'll get to see her new placemats begin next week!

  Threading began on Bonnie and Ms. Ila's warps today.  They are both using the "snakeskin" threading that was in Handwoven awhile back.  This will be one that we will be watching!!!!

  Ray is weaving.....he's not totally happy with the way the loom is acting, though.  But, you can see he is getting two layers, just like he wanted!!!!

  I guess our discussion on Overshot worked for Charlotte!  Just look at her mug rugs that she wove at home!!!!

  Sharon finished hemstitching the mobius scarf, and off the warp came!  There also were three scarves on the cloth beam.

  There were lots of laughter from this part of the Studio!  You just have to wonder what Frieda and Alyce were talking about.

  Jaid has here red warp wound on, and she was busy threading today.  That lovely yellow warp that Pearl was working on is a delight to the eyes!
  You can see where Christy has been working on joining more blue jean panels for Carl....it's hard to stay ahead of him!

  And, just for fun, Alyce and Pearl serenaded us at lunch.  Linda posted it on her Facebook page, and I shared it on my page if you'd like to hear some of this special moment.

Never a dull moment!

Happy Weaving!

Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Thank You, Ms. Ila!

  Can you think of a better way to start September than one of Ms. Ila's cakes????  And, this one is an all time favorite:  old fashion stack cake!  She even used dried apples to make the filling!!!!  
  I knew I had better take this picture early, because it would disappear quickly....and I was right!  There was one wee sliver left at lunchtime....it went home with Ms. Ila!
  We are some lucky weavers!!!!

  Liz was back from her trip, and she had to spend a little time figuring out just where she was in the pattern. 
  (That happens to me when I get up and walk away for a bit....much less a few weeks!!!!)

  Carl told me that he would be cutting weft today, and he was right.  This also gave him some time with Pat before she leaves on her trip.  He was back to his loom later, just weaving away!
  You can see Betsy over Carl's shoulder.  She has been hard at work threading her placemat warp.

You can just catch Ray in the picture above.  He walked in this morning with his tool box, ready to do some repair work on the loom.  He does get serious about power tools!!!!!  The end result is that his double weave project is now a GO!

  Sharon will be cutting off her warp next week!  The last few inches of this scarf warp will become a cowl....we never waste warp!!!
  Frieda is still hard at work on her lovely blue scarf.

  Bonnie had that minute or two of deciding where she was in her pattern, also.  That's what happens when you miss some Tuesdays!!!

  Our other Bonnie was doing some UNweaving.  Yes, we all should develop that skill, too.  (And, it never fails....you don't see your mistake until a couple of rows down!)

   As promised, Linda started the yellow towels today.  It's a little difficult to see the pattern with the lighter weft.  Once they are wet finished, though, it should be easier to see.

    Alyce's towels are coming right along!  She'll have a bunch ready for the Foothills sale!

  Don't let that smile fool you!  Marie HATES to twist fringes!!!!  But, it has to be done......

  We all learn from each other.  Our newer weavers, Pearl, Jaid and Marion, have the opportunity to learn from our mistakes....and our accomplishments!  And, Carol is always there to guide us along the way.   We are so lucky!

Happy Weaving!