Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Just Busy

  I have a confession to make:  I didn't get a lot of pictures until after lunch.  I was just too busy!!!

  Why?  Well....I had this idea over the weekend that we needed a different tag for the key chains we wove for the goody bags for Convergence.  I knew we needed to get a final count of the the key chains that were already finished, and I wanted to make sure we had at least 1,000.  Now was the time to make the switch!!!!
  So, we pulled out the bags and Pat set to work pulling the old tags.  Marie, Patty and I started attaching the new ones.   We worked until lunchtime, and we were up to 600.  After lunch, we started again.....we are well over 1,000!!!!  
  Yeah!!!!  Now, back to work on other weaving projects!  Thank you, Tuesday Weavers!  Job well done!

   Bonnie had been busy this last week twisting the fringes on the shawls she wove. ( I really hate that you can't see the shimmer on this shawl.)

Meanwhile, work continues in the Studio.  Sharon is working on her warp, and Marilyn has just begun her new warp.  Shirley has been called in for a consult.

  Pat went back to work on her rug warp, and found a threading error.  Now's the time to correct it!!!!

  Mary is weaving off the last of the white warp....not too much left!  Ms. Ila always has good advice about weaving.

  Frieda brought her Inkle loom with her newest warp.  It makes me think of SPRING! 

  Lou Ann and Alyce were busy on their looms while Marilyn and Shirley were deep in conversation.  (Could have been about Marilyn's warp?)


  Liz had fringes to twist....those lovely men's scarves that she finished last week.  Heavy books come in very handy....and you can look for your next project when you finish!!!!

  Susan cut off her sampler warp!!!!  What will she weave next????? 

  Jocelyn is determined to finish the towel warp!  Some of those towels are already upstairs, and I bet that Jocelyn is already thinking about her next project!!!
  Betsy is running low on her blue weft--will she have enough to finish????  We'll have to wait and see.

Thank you, Pearl, for this picture!

  Wow!  You did it Bonnie!  All packed in for another week.  The Studio sure looks different at the end of the day!

Happy Weaving!

Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Setting Goals

  This year the weavers thought about one weaving goal they want to work towards in 2020.  We wrote our goal on a piece of paper and sealed them in this Mason jar.  The last Tuesday of the year, we will open the jar and see if we have accomplished our goals!  We even have goals for the group.....something to work towards!

One of our goals is to keep our equipment in good shape.  Ray is always ready to help out with repairs and replacement parts.  He's doing a huge overhaul on the Studio Loom, and he's waiting for some supplies that have been ordered.

Peggy is getting a start on one of the group goals:   more placemats for the shop.  She wound her warp at home, and she'll be using this fabric for the weft.  I'm looking forward to seeing these mats!

Jocelyn is working on more towels, which we always need upstairs!


 Liz cut off her warp of three scarves.  We seem to always have someone wanting a "man's scarf" and these should be perfect.

 Mary finished the 62" piece for a "walker bag" and there's just enough warp left for a table runner.

   Peggy went back to help Linda wind on her warp.  When this warp is ready, that's more towels for the shop.

  Carl finished one placemat and started weaving another today.  Chalk up another set to go upstairs!

Pat finished threading the new rug warp, and she cut weft this afternoon.  She'll be weaving next week!

  Bowl cozys are always needed, and Anna is weaving more fabric for the project.

 Want to try to weave some Bronson lace?  Pearl could give you some pointers.

  Susan found a great little loom!  It's a 4 now, 4 later Macomber!  Tina gave it the once over so she would know what she needs to finish setting it up.  Yes, that's a pearl cotton warp wound on the loom.  She'll be able to work on her weaving goals!!!!


 Patty's loom still has plenty of black warp for more placemats.  We are going to have a great variety for the shop.

 Betsy is inching towards the end of this warp.  The last bit will be fabric that can be used for other projects.

  Sometimes our goal for the day is just being with each other!

  We'll let Marie and Carol keep us in line!

Happy Weaving!

Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Finishing and Starting

  Ray has finished his second table cloth, and here it is opened out on the counter.  Carol did a little quality check on the cloth.

  What's next for Ray????  He's de-constructing the loom to  tighten it up before the next warp!  We'll have to wait and see what he has planned!

  Peggy had a little repair job to do on her scarf now that it's off the loom.

  Patty is busy weaving more placemats on the black warp while Bonnie quietly cut off her shawl warp.  She took  a few minutes to straighten out the thrums to give to Charlotte.  (This was a bamboo warp.)

  Bonnie used three different wefts for the three shawls, and they are beautiful!  This picture does NOT do them justice!  The colors shimmer and change as the light hits them.

  Jocelyn had a few repairs to do on her towels, which Carol used as a teachable moment.

  Speaking of new warps:   Linda is learning how to wind on a sectional warp!  Tina was there for moral support and guidance!  (This will be more towels!)

  Thanks to Alyce, we have the reminder to tighten up the screws on our looms!  Oh, yes!  When she looked down there was a bolt lying on the floor!  We found where it went, and next week we'll do a quick check on the other looms.
  Anna is working on more cloth for another run of bowl cozys.

  We were so glad to have Shirley back today!  Time to catch up with everyone!!!!

  Marilyn is threading while Jocelyn goes back to work to finish the towel warp.  Betsy is nearing the end of her planned placemats, and she'll weave some cloth for some bowl cozys to finish the warp.

  Ms. Ila found some threads that did not come through the reed, so after fixing that, it's time to tie on again!  It's the warp that just keeps on giving!

  More towels, Liz?????

  Look who came to visit today:  Eiko!  We miss seeing her these days!!!

   Thank you, Mary!  She baked a cinnamon-apple strudel cake, which is just the ticket for this rainy day!!!

  She finished her FIRST warp....now what will Sandi want to weave????  Stay tuned......

Happy Weaving!

Tuesday, January 7, 2020

Can You Hear The Hummmmmmmm

  When you step into the Studio from the outside, you're greeted with this lovely hummmmmm of folks working together.  Just look around!  Some folks are weaving, some are warping their looms, and some have other projects to work on while they're in Studio on Tuesdays.  This is the time to learn from others.

  We're not back to 100% yet, but most of our looms were busy today.  And, it's time to start thinking about our long range goals for production.

 Come to find out, Pat is her own "loom elf".  She got her warp on the loom before our Christmas break, and today she was busy winding it onto the warp beam.

  Peggy came to the end of her warp today.  That's three scarves and some leftover fabric!!!

  Patty and Bonnie had the back row humming with the sound of weaving.  (Sometimes the Gilmore releases too much weft when you tap the brake!  That just means you have to get up and go around to the back, which can be a challenge!)

  Tina discovered some 8/2 natural that had gotten under Mary's loom.  She rescued the tubes, and they're up for grabs for a towel warp.

  Hey, Sharon!  Did you hear that????  Are you going to do a run of Friendship Towels?????  I know where there is some 8/2!
  Sharon is nearing the end of her scarf warp, so that may just be what is next for her!

  Our "students" are doing so well, I doubt we can call them students any longer!
  Charlotte keeps on weaving at home and bringing lots of lovely items!  She is really enjoying using up leftover yarn!

   Carol, Lou Ann and Marilyn had a discussion going on......I didn't find out what the subject was!!!!  Do you think it was weaving related????


  Ah, yes!  It was our first potluck of the year!  And, one of the stars was Ms. Ila's 7Up Cake!  I didn't get a picture of Tina's apple pie, but, it, too, was a people pleaser!!!!

  And, if you were lucky, you fixed a take home bowl!!!

We have so much to look forward to in this new year, and I'm sure you'll hear a lot about it!

Happy Weaving!