Tuesday, August 30, 2022

Fifth Tuesday

  Can you believe it?  Today is the last Tuesday of August!!!  Where did the days go???  Marilyn is back from her trip to Scotland, and Carol should be back from Canada in the next few weeks.  We've got to gear up for the Fall sales!

Laura has been working hard on getting more placemats ready.  There's a nice size roll on the cloth beam.  Sharen is weaving dishtowels on this beautiful warp!  Nice and thirsty!!!!

Barbara has taken over the white placemat warp.  She's using green threads for the weft.

Liz is hem stitching a shawl hem while Susan weaves on her towel warp.

Betsy is threading the last bout of her baby blanket warp.  She'll be weaving soon.

Dye Day will be here soon!  Tina gives some tips to Lou Ann while she winds a double warp.

Marilyn is helping Shirley chain off her placemat warp.  They wound it on the loom this afternoon!!!

It looks like Mary is getting ready to wind off some bamboo.  Patty always has great tips!

Getting all the books entered into the data base is a big job for our librarian, Sharon.

It was so good seeing Pat Thomas today.  She and Marie were kept busy checking our inventory at Cliff Dwellers up in Gatlinburg.  

  One of our favorite things:  Potluck!!!  We had a lot of fresh from the garden veggies from our talented weavers/gardeners.  The BBQ (plugged in to stay warp) was to the left along with buns!!!  No one left hungry!  It was a wonderful summer picnic!

Labor Day is on the way!  Stay safe, my friends!

Happy Weaving!


Tuesday, August 23, 2022

Sorting & Planning


  The crew was busy early this morning sorting rug yarn from scarf/shawl yarn and getting them in tubs.  The rug yarn is done!!!  Color sorting for the other yarn will be next week.

  Pearl celebrated the last empty tub!!!

  Marie and I did a little show planning this morning.  We've chosen some pieces to add to our grid panels.  Marie did some sampling at home with table squares in mind.

Ruth is ready to move from a table loom to one of the Pups.  Now she just has to decide what she would like to weave, and what pattern she would like to use.

Our lunchtime meeting included an update on the Annex progress, and a reminder of the Foothills show in November.  (Time is flying!!!)

  Lou Ann and Patty are cheering on Shirley as she prepares to wind her warp for some placemats.

Shirley got started winding the first color!

  Bonnie, Linda and Laura just keep on weaving!!!

Now, as a Public Service Announcement, this is a plea for children's books for the flooded counties of Kentucky.  

  As a retired teacher, I have some books that need a new home and children to love them.

Stay well, Fiber Friends!


Tuesday, August 16, 2022

Would You Believe It? Another Workday!!!


More equipment and supplies were moved to the new Annex this morning.  Pat, Tina, Pearl, Betsy and Marie ferried the tubs and equipment right up to the door.  They have decided to add more shelves to the set at the back.

Show equipment is slowly coming over.  It is being placed near the front by the door, which will make it much easier when we get ready in November.  Our goal is to keep all the "stuff" we need together.

  Inside the old annex, the shelves are slowly but surely getting emptied.  We still have yarn tubs to go through and combine them with "like" yarns.

In the studio, Patty and Marie continue winding warps and wefts for Dye Day in September.

Barbara took over winding this afternoon.

Pat got back to work on her colorful rug while Tina worked on her throw.

  Liz was busy hemstitching her shawl.

Although Jocelyn has been very busy getting ready for the Louie Bluey festival, she joined us this morning to weave.  Betsy is threading her new warp.

Patty's scarf had an errant thread that had to be dealt with!  Look at that concentration!!!!

Shirley needs to choose a new project.  She and Sharen went upstairs to check the placemat inventory, and now she needs to decide what she will weave.

  Truthfully, I don't know what Marie, Linda and Betsy were discussing.  Looks interesting, though.

  Happy Weaving, Fiber Friends!!!!!


p.s.  Hi Carol!  See......we are being so good!!!

Tuesday, August 9, 2022

Another Work Day


  As promised, the lower shelves down the middle are ready to go.  Tina worked on that while Pat, Marie and Marilyn worked in the old Annex.  It's so nice when a plan comes together!

  Now, back to work in the studio!  Marilyn is going to use the brand new raddle for her loom....just need the directions to see how it goes on the loom!!!

Pat has started a new rug with this really LOUD print.  But it does work with this rug warp.

  Patty wound more bamboo warps earlier, and now it's time to work on her towels.

Tina wove on her baby blanket warp, and stopped to show me her blended wool from her nygora goats.  It is SO soft, and she is enjoying spinning it.  

  Shannon tried some overshot weaving.  Isn't it fun to play with the treadlings and weft!!!!

  Betsy is back with us, and she brought her samples she wove at convergence.  We all loved the deflected double weave, and I think Betsy wants to try it again.

  Of course, Pat has been busy at home!  They are woven with linen, and Pat hasn't wet finished them yet.  Our newer weavers will be so surprised when she brings them back!

  We have twelve weeks until the Foothills Fine Arts Festival, and the looms don't weave by their selves!  Time to get busy!!!

Happy Weaving, fiber friends!


Tuesday, August 2, 2022

Work Day


 Before it got too hot, or rained, several of the TW got busy moving items from the old annex to the new one.  Marie, Tina, Pat, Marilyn and Pearl got a lot done!!!

There are still some things to move over, such as our show equipment.  They are also planning on putting some low shelves down the middle of the space.

Patty worked inside winding warps for Dye Day.  After lunch, Marie and Marilyn wound weft warps.

During lunch, Pearl finished her warp of nine placemats--it does make a nice toga!

Pat presided over the noon meeting.  Marie was able to report that we had a great month upstairs in the shop!!!  (I'm thinking that we need to send out a big thank you to the folks from the tour....did you do a little shopping???)

  We've been reminded we have a lot to do this month!  (And a potluck on the 5th Tuesday!)  Plus, November will be here before we know it!!!

Yes....we did get a little weaving done, Carol.  I know you are wondering.................

  I wanted to give a shout out to Susan from FL.  Thank you for the kind words--please visit us when you are in this neck of the woods again!

  And, to Judi--thank you for your kind comment.

Happy Weaving, fiber friends!