Tuesday, December 31, 2019

We Ended The Way We Started


We met at the Center on 1 January 2019, which was a Tuesday.  Today was the last day of 2019, and it is a Tuesday!  What better way to say good-bye to the old year than with our weaving friends!


  Lunch at the
Museum of Appalachia 

    This is another favorite thing we do once a year!

  We gather around and have lunch in front of the fire and enjoy each other's company.

  At the Center, we helped the desk worker practice using the Square by paying memberships and making end of year donations.  

  Lucky us!!!  Karin had the day off, so she was able to join us today!  She brought her two Inkle projects to share.  


  Ms. Ila brought some fabric strips her daughter donated for rag weaving.....Linda worked on winding the strips into bundles.
   It didn't take too long before others joined in the winding project.  

 Carl joined in to untangle the strips and wind them into balls.

  He had used up all the cut weft on his placemat warp!  That will be the first thing on the agenda next week!!!!

    Look who's sitting with the Ladies on the back row!!!  Peggy had a blast sitting with Bonnie and Ms. Ila today!

   Liz enlisted Carol's help with the weft yarn for her project.  She likes to wind a bunch of bobbins at a time, and the yarn was not being cooperative!


     Jocelyn was busy hemming her towels on the machine at the Center.  


  It looks like the Loom Fairy  Elf  put a new warp on the Barn Loom!  I guess we'll be winding it on next week!!!!!

  I think Betsy likes sitting in the back corner!  It is a little quieter back there.....

Happy New Year!!!!!


Tuesday, December 17, 2019

Elf On A....LOOM!!!!

  By the time our wee visitor arrived, Carl and Pat's rugs were already rolled out on the floor.  There were NINE rugs on the cloth beam, and now it's time to tie the fringes!


Thank goodness Liz knew we'd need goodies to get us through all that work!  Thank you, Liz!

  And, what is Christmas without some gingerbread cupcakes!!!!  Thanks, Sharon!  That's exactly what we needed!

  Then it was time for the Elf to check out the looms....what DO we do every Tuesday????

Love this doubleweave!

Can you ride on the tension box?  Sixty yards....really??

 Look at all these lovely white placemats!

Hey!  An Ashford table loom!  Must be weaving basket weave!

Can you play these threads like a harp???

Wow!  Love the colors in this shawl!!!!


Another beautiful scarf!

That's Ellen's pattern!  It's great for placemats!

"Hey!  I'm just admiring your lovely scarf!"

Where's Bonnie?  I like this design!

Is that hemstitching???  Looks hard!

Oh, Ms. Ila!  You're ready to start weaving again!

These placemats are looking good, Carl!

You really shouldn't play on a raddle!!!  It's not safe!

I like the new colors, Mary!

This will make some great soup cozys, Anna!!!!

Is this another placemat warp?  Carol said we needed some!

Oh, Betsy!  This is nice!

Hey, Shirley!  I'm hiding in your loom!  But, I have to report back to the boss, so I won't get to see you!

  I can officially say that the Tuesday Weavers are doing a great job!

Happy Weaving!
Elf on a Loom 


Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Here We Go.....

  .....a Wassailing!
  Yes, Marilyn made us Wassail to help us along our merry way, today.  Liz offered a toast!

  And, munchkins go very nicely with wassail!  Thank you, Bonnie, for the treat!

  Carl didn't waste any time getting the table set up to cut more weft for his placemats.  A close look at his loom this afternoon showed that he may need to cut off the roll of mats already woven....it's getting really close to the shafts!  Never fear, there's more warp yet to weave!

  Betsy kept her eye on the weather while she wove.  The system sweeping across the southeast seemed to be moving faster than expected.  She has an hour drive home, so she left a little early!!!
  Jocelyn cut off the towels on the cloth beam, and got them serged before she, too, left for home.  We'll get to see them next week.

  Pat wove all the way to the end of the warp on the barn loom.  I didn't hear a final count....we'll find out next week when we cut them apart.

  Anna is back to work on the cloth to make bowl cozys.  All of the previous cozys sold at the Foothills show!


  Tina has the spool rack set up to put a new warp on Linda's loom.  That will have to wait until next week. I wonder what Patty is planning to weave next?????

  Our "newbies" are doing a great job!  So much to weave.....never enough time!

Happy Weaving!

Tuesday, December 3, 2019


  Carl is turning 94 on Friday....so we just had to celebrate a little early!  Carl brings so much joy to our group of weavers, and we wanted to celebrate his special day.  Happy Birthday!!!!

   If chocolate cherry cake wasn't enough for you, Sharon brought some "Brookies" for us to sample.  (That's a brownie layer topped by chocolate chip cookie dough!)  You might even say that it was a little bit healthy:  pumpkin was used in the brownie dough!!!!

  Jocelyn's towel warp is having some tension issues again!  Time to go home and we'll deal with it next week!!!

  Susan is really catching on to this weaving thing!  Carol reported that her hemstitching is fantastic, and her selvedges are looking great!!!!

   Liz has started another scarf on her dyed warp.  She was hemstitching when I stopped by.


  There's always time for conversations and catching up with each other!!!!!


 This is Frieda's latest project on her Inkle loom.  She makes coin purses with her Inkle bands.  She matched her colors to the batik fabric she'll be using.

Do your socks match your warp? 

Pearl and Peggy model their matching pairs!

  Sometimes they are just for fun!

   And, sometimes, they are just a statement.
  Hey, Sharon!  I bet you have a pair just like that at home!!!!!

Everyday with the Weavers is a CELEBRATION!!!

Happy Weaving!