Friday, December 28, 2018

Just a Bit

I got a chance this week to weave a little bit on the Shag rug for my Granddaughter.  I had used spare minutes over the last couple of weeks to check heddles thread and tie on the warp.  The loom I am using is a 60 inch Leclerc Nilart, fondly called Big Bertha by the Tuesday Weavers.

Bertha had spent a couple of years at the Center and we had done a couple of projects on her, but found her uncomfortable to use, she is wide and heavy to treadle.  Most of us that did a project on her are of the shorter variety of persons.  Then I had a 6x9 rug come up on the "schedule", and at about the same time I heard about a loom that you could treadle standing up.  I had an idea that this might be possible on Bertha, and it is!

The pattern I am using is from "Weavers Craft".  I must admit that I when I had seen that pattern when I first got it, I had no intention of doing it.  But when a granddaughter wants a big bright shag rug, what do you do?

It is a slow process, from cutting the poly fleece to weaving the strips.  I am using one of my warping sticks to wrap the strips around to get a more consistent pile, it is slow but not hard. What you see in the picture is 1 1/2 repeats of the pattern. and there are 25 total repeats on this double sized rug.  Let me refresh your memory on the colors I have prepared.

Yes, it is going to be big and bright, woven on Big Bertha.  Maybe this week I will get through a few of the colors so that we can get a better representation of the finished piece.

Happy New Year,  Tina

Tuesday, December 18, 2018

'Tis The Season

 We were busy in the studio today working on the projects that are still on the looms.  We've had a pretty successful 2018, and we're planning for the New Year!

  Liz is getting a jump start on her "challenge" towel warp.  We have challenged the weavers to weave five towels next year:  one to keep, one to exchange, and three to put upstairs in the shop.  Our exchange lunch will be at the end of May.

  We've invited the Board to have lunch with us in January to talk about our mission as the Tuesday Weavers.  Alyce, Linda, Peggy and Pearl missed the morning meeting, and Carol took time to fill them in on our plans.

  Marie placed our order for 8/4 and 8/2 to start the new year.  Some of our weavers took advantage of the order and stocked up, too.
  On the right you can see Tina's Inkle warp nearing the end.  She cut off this warp this afternoon, and it produced a five yard tape.  We have a good start on our key chains for Convergence.
  Pat loaded up her Inkle loom before she left today to start another warp.

  Carol got all the yarn put away before we headed home today.

  Linda has another green towel to add to our inventory in the shop.  Keep 'em coming!!!!

The tension problem on Carl's loom was solved by chaining off the warp, and re-winding it back on the beam with an even tension.  Tina worked the front of the loom while Charlotte and Bonnie worked on the back beam.  (Carl is the supervisor!!!)

  All is right!
  Carl got the warp tied back onto the loom, and he'll be ready to weave more rugs in 2019.

  We'll be taking next week off for Christmas, but a few of us will be back on New Year's day.

Have a very
  Merry Christmas!!!!


Tuesday, December 11, 2018


   Back in the late '50's, Mary Atwater published the Recipe Book, Patterns for Handweavers.  I've always loved that title!  (And, I'll admit that I love the book, too!)  Today seemed like the perfect day to borrow that title to describe our day.
  Weaving and eating....two things that go well together, I think!  And, since today was our potluck lunch, I have a few wonderful woven items to share, along with some yummy dishes (and one recipe that I think you'll enjoy.)

Huck Placemats

Banana Bread
Zucchini Bread


  4 Harness Doubleweave


Hot Spiced Cider


4 Harness plain weave
(crammed & spaced in reed)


 Inkle --3/4 inch tape

Cookies and Brownies


 8 Harness Turned Twill

Pumpkin Spice Cake


 4 Harness Twill

Meatballs (we had 2 different kinds!)
Carol's Salad

8 Harness Twill

same pattern!

Taco Dip

Sweet Potato Casserole

8 Harness Color Effect Twill


Chocolate Ice Cream Cake with Chocolate Sauce.

Betsy shared her recipe for this sauce (which is truly wonderful!)

1 small can evaporated milk (5 oz.)
1/2 cup light Karo syrup
1 cup semi-sweet chocolate morsels
  Microwave milk and syrup to boiling (about 1 1/2 to 2 minutes.)  Add chocolate chips and stir until melted.  Keep refrigerated.  May be reheated as needed. 

  Believe me!   There are more projects going on in the studio....and there were many more dishes that I did not get pictures of....but, I think you get the idea!  
  Oh, those weavers!  They do have some great recipes!!!!

Happy Weaving!

Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Busy Little Elves


  Someone is turning 93 on Thursday!!!!
Happy Birthday, Carl!!!!


  Elsewhere in the studio, Marie was busy checking the threading on a draft while Sharon rethreaded her warp AGAIN!  (She is one determined weaver!)  Carol is always there for support.
  That's Alyce on the right at the table....she needed to add some heddles for her new warp.


  Ray did some adjusting on the treadles, then he was ready to weave.  I think this is looking very nice!!!!

    Convergence will be in Knoxville in 2020, and the Tuesday Weavers are making key rings for the goodie bags.  Tina decided to go ahead and get started since we'll need a whole bunch!!!  Her first warp salutes the Lady Vols!
  Marilyn wanted to learn about weaving on the Inkle Loom, so she was Tina's helper!  (I bet she goes home and tries a warp on her own Inkle loom!!!)

  The Ladies were missing Ms. Ila today....but they carried on like the troopers they are!!!!


  Mary is tied on and ready to start weaving.  And, Jaid is weaving away on her red warp.

  Remember Bonnie's huck placemat warp?  It's history!!!  There are eight placemats and a matching table runner on that cloth beam!


  Pat is finishing up a scarf warp before she starts on the next bowl cozy warp.  That will free up another floor loom for another weaver.


  This is Betsy's new and improved placemat warp.  That threading error is GONE!


  Jocelyn is finishing the third shawl on this warp, but there is still more warp left on the warp beam!  Will there be enough for a mobius????  Wait and see! 


  On Monday, some of the Tuesday Weavers took a road trip to  Two Roots Fiber Mill.  Ruth Anne wove with us for a short time.  She has a lovely herd of alpacas, along with this precious  "hembra" cria, Jojo.  This baby also gets a bottle, which Betsy was happy to help with.  (Look at all those phones getting pictures!!!)

  We got the grand tour of the fiber mill to see all the steps in the fiber production.  She also has a lovely little gift shop, which became a very popular place to pick up a few gifts.  Tina and I left two alpaca fleeces to be processed....I can hardly wait!!!!

  How exciting to be greeted by a friendly group of alpacas!  

  We are already talking about taking another trip to the farm!

  Stay warped warm my friends!!!

Happy Weaving!



Tuesday, November 27, 2018


  For those folks who are new to our blog, I should explain that the Tuesday Weavers are all volunteers here at the Appalachian Arts Craft Center.  You can learn to weave here, but, you can also just come and weave with us.  The items that we weave here at the Center go upstairs to the shop.  A portion of the sales price goes to the Center, and the rest comes back to us.  With our money, we buy more thread and weaving supplies, along with an occasional loom.  (I should also tell you that we can keep one item out of four that we weave.)
    Christy isn't weaving right now, but she makes sure that Carl has plenty of blue jean strips for his rugs!  And, Marilyn has finished her beginner's project and she's weaving on a project for her home with thread that she bought.

    Mary is one of our newest weavers, and she's threading a new warp on her loom.

  We missed Bonnie while she was living in Kentucky, but now that she's back with us, it's business as usual!!!  She's still working on the painted huck placemat warp.

  These Ladies are always giving us their time and their talents.  Ms. Ila, Bonnie and Shirley produce some beautiful items (and provide us with lots of laughter!)
  That's Helen in the background....she's winding a new warp.

  Betsy drives for over an hour to get here every Tuesday!  Now, that's dedication!!!!  She cut off the placemats that she had started, and found the threading error.  It's been corrected, and she's back to weaving her pattern.

  Charlotte weaves at home and brings her lovely, finished projects to the Center.  Today she was learning how to twist the fringes on her shawl with the twister.  Heavy books (or a well trained cat) work best to weigh down the piece!

  Carol gives generously of her time and talents to the Tuesday Weavers.  As our fearless leader, she teaches the beginning weaver course as well as keeping up with the inventory that goes upstairs to the shop.  Each piece has to be tagged and priced.  She's our "go-to" person when we have weaving questions.

  Jocelyn has a rich art background, which she brings to her weaving projects in the studio.

  Yes...another warp going on Alyce's loom.  This will be two wraps when she is finished!!!!

  Ray is on his stool....that means he's back to work on the double weave project.  Keep your fingers crossed that all goes well!  (This has been a troublesome warp!!!) 
  You can see Linda B. back there on the black placemat warp.  She's using a combination of blues, gray and black to weave new placemats.

   Hey, Carl!  We missed you today!  Your loom is waiting for you!

  I missed getting pictures of Linda, Sharon and Frieda today.....they'll be first on my list next week.  And, Marie and Tina breezed in after lunch....missed getting a shot of them, too.  These folks give so much of their time to our little group!

Have a good week!