Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Winter Weaving

  This was posted on the Facebook page of our local TV station.  Whenever a snow is forecast around here, folks clean the stores out of milk, bread and TP. 
  As it happens, after all the local school systems closed for today, the snow missed about half of us! 
  Here in Oak Ridge, we didn't even get a flake....yet, Carol has plenty at her house in Knoxville.  It just depends on where you live. 
  The pictures posted online from around the area are beautiful....a winter wonderland for many!
  But, when Anderson County schools are closed, the Center is closed also.  NO WEAVING!!!!

  I put out the call earlier today for what the weavers are doing at home today.  Marie came in first with this picture of a soup cozy that has been cut out....ready to go to the machine!

  Not long after came the second picture....a finished cozy!
  BTW, Marie....I really like that pattern.  Strickler????


  Linda texted me earlier....she has been threading her towel warp, and was 2/3 finished when her hook went missing.  She was about to blame the kitties when she looked at the back of the loom.    I can relate to that!!!!

  Jocelyn was working in her studio today, but it was her painting studio!  I asked her to snap a picture, but she informed me that it was a "blank canvas"!!!  So, she sent me a picture of her lonely loom.........

  There's a table runner on her loom that is waiting to be finished.

  Polly is trying to use up loopers....this is the newest rug on the loom.  The good thing about looper rugs is that they weave up fast!!!!

   Pearl is rinsing out dyed warps from last week.....and so is Carol.  It takes a few rinses before they're done!!!

Me?  I'm counting heddles....getting ready to start my towel warp.  I found out the hard way a few years ago to ALWAYS make sure you have enough heddles before you start a big project!!!!
  The forecast for tonight is COLD....and that is all over East Tennessee.
Stay warm, my friends!

Friday, January 25, 2019

Two Years Later

Way back in  February of 2017,  LouAnn and I were on a road trip to Asheville NC.  We were to meet a person who I knew from Ravelry, Janice, and deliver a wheel that I had picked up for her, somewhere.  (I am hazy on the details here because I have made several pick ups and deliveries over the last few years.)  Anyway, the thing that does stick in my mind was that while we were on our way there, I was trying to explain to LouAnn about a "new" kind of floor inkle loom that I had just heard about that week.   It was different than any other inkle loom I had ever seen.  There was a spool for the warp  and then there was a spool for the finished band both of those spools were on each side of one post and the warp went from one spool to the next, going around the far post.  I had been doing a bit of searching on the net and I knew that the loom was from Leksand, Sweden, but I was not having any luck at all in finding even a whisper about these looms here in the states.

We were soon in Asheville at Alan and Milissa Dewey's place, I was outside delivering the spinning wheel to Janice, and then chatting to Alan (Bobbin Boy) when LouAnn, who had been chatting to Milissa inside came running out telling me that I had to see what Milissa had in her Studio!  Sure enough it was a Leksand band loom!  I got a chance to sit down and try my hand at weaving from the side.

I soon realized that it was going to take some time to get the hang of this sideways style of weaving.   However I was more determined than ever to find one for my very own.

I continued my search, even looking for plans to build one online, to no avail.  Finally early last Fall, I contacted Milissa about having the loom that they had replicated.  I had a spinning wheel that I knew she was interested in, and I thought we might be able to do some bartering.  She agreed!

The wheel I had to barter with was an antique Irish Castle wheel.  I real unusual style of wheel, and this wheel had been to see Alan for some work when I had first acquired it.

Today, almost 2 years later, LouAnn and I were once again in the car on our way to Asheville to make the swap, my wheel for the Leksand band loom.

The loom fit easily into the back of my van.  You can see the warp spools to the right and the Inkle heddle peg post in the center.  (The weaver sits on the other side of this loom.)

 I got the loom inside and like most things I bring into the house I got a picture of it against the bead board wall of my kitchen.

I will be sanding and finishing the loom in the next week or so, I am going to try to not put a warp on before I do that because I know that if I don't do the finishing first, it won't happen!  The loom is all in American Cherry and it should age beautifully.  I will not be painting it and that is for sure.

If you would like to see this type of loom being used there is a fabulous video on YouTube called "Inkle weaving my way"


This happens to be the video that got me started on my search.  Your welcome!

Until next time, Happy Weaving, Tina

Thursday, January 24, 2019

Learning Experience

  I love to get packages in the mail....especially when it's a new weaving book!  And, I was really excited when the new Laura Fry book arrived!  I have been keeping up with its progress on her blog, and ordered my copy when she said it was ready.
  I have watched many of her videos online, and I feel like I have learned so much from reading her blog.  I'm really looking forward to curling up with this book!

  Before Christmas, I ordered Weaving Patterned Bands.  I wanted some patterns to use with my double slotted heddle, and this book will keep me busy for a long time!


  I got to help Ray and Marie with their Throw A Shuttle class last weekend.  There were five students who wanted to dip their fingers in the world of weaving. 

  The looms were set up with "Ellen's Pattern" like we use for placemats here at the Center.  We had a collection of selvedges for them to use for weft.   After weaving their hem in black, they started weaving with their chosen piece. 
  Besides the learning curve of weaving on the table looms, they also quickly caught on to using the levers:  1,3 and 2,4. 

  Oh, the joy of your first woven project!!! 

  It was a learning experience for all of us, and Marie and Ray did a fantastic job.

Happy Weaving!

Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Rounding them up

Each and every week, the herd of little looms that have been bedded down in the circle of big looms, get to come out to play for the day.

As I arrived this morning many discussions were already underway.....

and warps were being wound for the next dye day.

You can see more weavers coming in through the open door, and you can see Bonnie starting to move the folding looms out for the day.

Pretty much it takes an army to get this done in a short time.  Shirley, Sharen, and Betsy were lending a hand.

(A quick break in the thread to show Michelle from Boulderneigh that her hat is keeping my head warm in these freezing temps!)

Again Bonnie, Shirley and this time Ms Ila is getting into the act too.  (Warps are still being wound)

Sharen, Betsy and now Pat is going to pull out her loom.

Once they are all out, it is time to start opening the looms up so that we can get to work.

Hey, here comes Mary with a table loom that she has been working on at home and I see Marie at the door.

The two Linda's are deep in conversation back at Linda's loom.

Bonnie is trying to weave herself through the remaining little looms to get to her loom on the perimeter.   (pun alert!)

Looks like these two looms won't be coming out today.

Sharen's loom is the last one out.

All in place and ready to go.

Warps still being wound.  (oops!)

Anna got to join us today, and she is weaving on the smallest loom in the room, that is sitting on the biggest loom in the room!

Lunch break and meeting, we had a pretty full house even though many of us could not make it today.

I got Marilyn going on her Inkle loom today,,,,

I am plugging away on my 5 yard band, we are making key chains for Convergence 2020.  I calculated that we need to weave 400 yards of Inkle band to make enough keychains for the goody bags.

Jade finished her project today, and this is why we are all here, to make as many weavers as we can!

Before we know it time is up and it is time to put everything away again, so just look at the pictures in reverse and you get the idea.

Lou Ann was out today, so this picture book was brought to you by Tina and the Tuesday Weavers.

Happy Weaving, Tina

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Three Ring Circus!

  I often wonder if Carol feels like she's in charge of a three ring circus....there is so much going on in the Studio every Tuesday.  For example:  Marie and Ray are teaching a class this weekend, and the students will be weaving mug rugs on the table looms.  They have five folks signed up for the class, which means that five looms need to be warped and ready to weave.  (This is just a "throw the shuttle" class!)
  I finished one loom that Ray had started, and Marie is working on another loom.

  Ray is a front to back warper, and here he is threading the reed on another loom.  (He informed me that I needed to learn another way to warp....I informed Carol that I was glad she taught me back to front warping!)
  Now, you might have noticed that yummy looking rum cake on the counter in front of Ray.  Ms. Ila baked it for our lunch today.  We invited the Board to join the Tuesday Weavers for pizza and dessert.
  Pat acted as moderator for our meeting with the Board.  Thank you, Pat!  I think we covered a lot of issues.

  Carol is still watching over our newest weavers.  As most of us know, weaving is a life long learning adventure!!!!
  That's Jaid's second warp, by the way!  She's doing a great job.  And, Mary is coming right along on her first warp.

  Now, that brings us to another project going on in our Studio:  weaving bands to make key rings for Convergence 2020.  Tina has finished one warp on the big Inkle loom, and she's warped it for the next round.  Shirley brought her Inkle loom to wind a warp that she can work on at home.

  Liz is winding a warp for towels....we need more towels for the shop!!!

  You might think that Alyce and Pearl are avoiding the camera again, but you would be wrong.  They are singing harmony!!!!
  Alyce is threading her newest warp, and Pearl is winding a warp for Dye Day, which is coming up next week.  It's a given that if they are in close proximity, they will be singing a duet!  Lovely!!!!

  And, that's our new weaver, Patty, winding another warp for Dye Day.

  These will be warps for more towels!!!!

  Despite all the hoopla going on, Carl just started weaving on the newest blue jean rug.  These are going to be sooooooo nice!

  We really need to have a talk with Carol and get some tips on how she keeps in all under control.   This circus might have more than three rings......

Happy Weaving!

Friday, January 11, 2019

Small Setback

I haven't had much time at the loom this week and it has turned out to be a good thing.  I had finished the first time thru the color progression, and I was getting ready to start the second progression, but  I thought that something was missing, so I went back to the computer to play with the colors a little bit more.

What I realized was that I wanted to add another color to the rainbow.

I had gotten this eggplant color  when I had purchased  the rest of the fleece, and then I realized that the pattern I was following only had six colors instead of seven, and I thought it best to follow suit.

What I found however was that as I looked at the rug as a whole, there was an empty place in my minds eye. and there are a couple of places that the color combinations between the accent color and the background color are not what I had imagined.

By adding this  7th color,  between the red and the navy, I am going to shift the accent colors over one and I think I am really going to like it better.  Of course, what that means is that I will have to undo almost all that I had woven.

The good news is that, because I made this decision a couple of days ago, I already undid it, and I am back at it.  Next week, I hope to be back where I started and moving right along thru the 4 repeats of this pattern.

 By the way the rug is really really squishy!

Until next time, Happy Weaving, Tina

Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Give It A Thumbs Up!

  Once a year we head over to the Museum of Appalachia to have lunch together.  A real sit down meal (that we don't have to bring!)

  Yes, I know that we eat lunch together every Tuesday, but this is different.....and special.  As you can see, the Museum lets us eat in the Great Hall and they had a fire going in that lovely fireplace to take the chill off the room. 

  We had our "business" meeting before we went to the Museum, so this time was just to relax.

  And, what a great day for our new weaver to join us.  Welcome to the Tuesday Weavers, Patty!!!  (Actually, she's returning to us!!!)

  There was a lot of conversation about our towel challenge...some folks have already started....and some of us are still plotting and planning.

  Back in the studio, we wanted to send THUMBS UP to our missing friends:  Carl, Marie, Pearl, Frieda and Bonnie.  We hope to see you next week.
  (Be thinking about those towels!!!!)
  Weave on, my friends!!!



Thursday, January 3, 2019

Colorful Fleece

I have made some progress from last week, you can see just a bit of pink and yellow at the far left of this photo.  Big Bertha, the 60 inch Leclerc Nilart, is behaving beautifully!  I am using almost the full width of the reed and by standing to weave, my 5ft 1inch frame is not overly taxed.  There are so many treadles on this 12 harness loom that I was able to put 2 separate direct tie-ups, one at each end of the rack of treadles.  My hips are very happy to weave like this and I am now looking at the other looms I have and making plans to pare down a bit during this brand new year.

I realized sometime last week that I was going to have to buy more colorful fleece to complete the rug.  To get to the target length of 100 inches or so, I will have to repeat the color sequence a total of 4 times and not twice like I had originally thought.  (Math is certainly not one of my strengths!)  I was able to take advantage of a good sale going on at the fabric store closest to me, which is always a good thing. I was also able to match the colors that I had bought the first time, which I was a little concerned about.

I have everything ready for the next stripe, red with first a green accent and then a yellow accent.  After that it will be pink with yellow accent and then a solid pink stripe.  From this photo you can see that I am cutting the strips of fleece into 4 inch lengths, it speeds the whole process considerable.

Next week I hope to get to the half way mark with the prepared strips that I already have on hand ready to go.  It will then take a day or so to strip the second batch of fleece.  Maybe, just maybe I will be able to get this off the loom by the end of January.  I sure hope so, I have a list a mile long of projects for Big Bertha, I just have to decide which one to do first!!!!

Until next time, Happy Weaving, Tina