Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The Last Tuesday

Has it already been a whole year????
This was our little group last March.

Since then, we added some new weavers and other weavers have moved on.

Looking back at the year's worth of pictures, it is simply amazing!

We've added some new equipment, and moved some pieces that haven't been productive.

Pat spear-headed a reorganization of threads and fabric.  Thanks to her leadership, the shelves at the back of the room are less of a risk to our health (and heads!!!)  Our challenge for the year is to use up some of the finer threads that have been donated to the weavers over the years.  (We'll see those results in January!)

We've had two weekend weaving adventures:  Our June retreat found us weaving with inkle looms, and our Dye Day in October was a BIG success.  (We're having another one on Jan. 15!)

We have been busy spreading the love of weaving at local events, too!  We've already been asked back to Townsend and Maryville for their events in 2011.

We also participated in Knoxville Museum of Arts exhibit of Anne Wilson's work, Wind, Rewind, Weave.

I can't believe all the pictures of food in my picture files, too!  We do seem to enjoy being together!


Here's a toast to all our friends out there:  Happy Weaving in the brand new year!


Life Looms Large said...

Such a great year!!! I totally wish I lived near you....seems like you guys have so much fun together!

Here's to a wonderful 2011!


Carol said...

Great summary of how our year went. Here's to another one!!

Anonymous said...

What a great year it was for me, living in Knoxville and weaving with all of you! Thanks for the Christmas photo card and all the wonderful memories. Have a great 2011, and I look forward to visits here and/or there! ~Marta

Bonnie said...

Sue, if you ever in the area on Tuesday, stop in. We are destined to another happy weaving year at the center.

Tina J said...

And many more!!!!!!!