Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Get Threading!

 Welcome to our newest weaver!  Karen has her warp wound and she's ready to move to the loom.  She'll start threading soon.

Nearby we have three ladies threading.  Shirley finished threading this afternoon!

  Betsy found a threading error, so she's doing some damage control.  

Pearl is counting heddles before she starts threading.

Here's a close-up of the cocoon she's wearing.  Of course, she knit it herself!!!! 

Since Bonnie finished her towels last week, she volunteered to wind more warps for the next Dye Day.

Shannon is threading her scarf warp while Tina was trying to get to the end of her warp.

And she did cut off her warp right after lunch!  (I think she was playing loom chicken!)

Susan cut off her warp of five towels!

Patty also cut off her towel warp this afternoon!

Laura is back from her trip, and she and Linda were weaving away on their warps.

And, Sharon and Marie????  They just keep doing what they do best!

  All in all, it was a lovely Fall day at weaving!  Warps coming off and going on!

Happy Weaving!


Tuesday, September 20, 2022

On Your Mark!


  Here we go again!

In a little over 5 weeks, we'll be setting up for the Foothills Fall Festival.

  Dye Day last week produced these lovely painted warps.  Some will be for sale, and some will be used in the studio.

  Some of the warps were dyed by our members for their own use.


  Lou Ann is finishing up the threading on her shawl warp.  Those colors are so rich.

Patty is on her last (of 9) towel on this warp.  These will be ready for the show!


Ruth is winding a few more threads for her towel warp.

  Barbara is using five strands of 8/4 in shades of green on the white placemat warp.  (We need some more placemats for the Foothills show!)

  It was so good seeing Christy today!  We're always glad to see her.

  Sharon is still working on the book list!  (A never-ending job!)

  Patty has us all excited about the SAORI style hat!  Linda went home and wove this one....and Pat offered to model it for the picture.

  Several others have one on their looms now, too!  Just in time for the Fall Sale!!!

Happy Weaving, Fiber Friends!!!


Tuesday, September 13, 2022

Just About There


I met Tina, Marie, Pat and Patty at the Annex early this morning.  The goal was to see if we could finish up moving out of the old Annex.  We got all the show grid panels moved over and stored near the door.  That will make it easier to load up in November.  That also meant that some of the tubs had to be moved to make room for the tubs of show supply and hardware.  We only have a small amount to move....next week??

   While I was busy in the Annex, Bonnie was busy weaving her dishtowels!  She cut off the warp this afternoon!

  That's NINE towels!!!!

Thank you to Linda L. for the pictures!!!!

  Carol checked up on Jayne's progress...this is her first warp!  After our lunch meeting, Jayne remarked that she would be glad when what we were talking about would make sense!  I remember those days!!!

We had a lot of show & tell items today.  I wanted to show you Sharon's V-shawl that she wove at one of Tom Knisley's workshops.  After finishing the shawl, she was concerned that it was too big.  Her solution?  Felt it!!!  It will be great for walking her dog this winter!

It was such a busy day....and I didn't get a lot of pictures to share with you.  I'll try harder next week....unless we are out in the Annex!!!!

Happy Weaving!


Tuesday, September 6, 2022

Congratulations Carol!!!!


Do you know how hard it is to surprise Carol????   We found out that she would be back at weaving today, and we planned a celebration in honor of her twenty years of being the head of the weaving department here at the AACC.

Marie presented her with gift cards from the weavers so she can buy all the quilting fabric and weaving yarns that she's been admiring.  Tina presented her with a plaque from the Center in appreciation of the last 20 years.

Shirley presented the collage of group pictures made over the last few years.

Betsy baked this lemon pound cake for the weavers to enjoy....and we did!!!!

We were so happy to see Karin this morning.  Her work schedule doesn't often let her join us.  Carol got right to work with our newer weavers.

No...this isn't the same picture as last week!  It just seems that Marilyn and Lou Ann had a lot of catching up to do this morning.

Marie is helping Shannon get her warp on the back bar.  Next will be the lease sticks.

Bonnie and Linda were having a good time weaving on their looms.

You need full bobbins when you're ready to throw that shuttle.  Sharen and Tina just finished winding their bobbins!  Barbara is working on more placemats.

Sharon is trying to tell me something........but I caught Pat and Peggy having a lively conversation!

Courtney has volunteered to sew together blue jean strips for a rug.  Thank you!

Patty doesn't let the grass grow under her feet--no sir!  We were talking about woven hats a few weeks ago, and Patty went home and wove one.  This will be for her granddaughter!

What fun to celebrate Carol and her years of service!  It was a great day!

 Happy Weaving!