Tuesday, June 25, 2019



  Welcome to our NEW weaver, Lou Ann.  Now that she has retired from teaching third grade, she'll have time to learn to weave.  She has a wonderful adventure ahead of her!!!!

  Pat is making NEW blue jean panels for Christy to sew together.  Carl informed me that he has to cut weft next week!!!!  It's a good thing Pat and Christy have been so hard at work.

  Marie is checking in the NEW items to go to the shop in the Glades.  This is their busy season, and we can help them stock their shelves.

   A line up of great weavers! 

   Yes....sometimes there is a tangle!  But, Sharon can handle it!!!!!

  Pat loaded her Inkle with a new warp, while Frieda worked on her warp.

  Bonnie and Marilyn hold down the back row!  They get a lot of weaving done.....except when they are interrupted!

   I just had to see Marilyn's NEW Inkle loom!  What a cutie!  And, so versatile.  (It has shorter arms that you can use for narrow bands.)

  Liz is ready to start threading her placemat warp.  A straight draw is an easy ticket!!!!   Jocelyn found a missed thread.......need I say more??????

  Remember that beautiful yardage that Carol wove a few weeks back????? 
  At Mid-West she made it into a beautiful coat!!!! 

What a fun class!

  I've been waiting for Ms. Ila to start weaving her new shawl pattern, and here it is on the left!

  And, on the right, is Bonnie's scarf in plaited twill. 

We have very talented weavers!!!!

  Ms. Ila knows we need to keep our strength up while we weave.....thanks for the doughnuts!!!!

We are lucky weavers, for sure!!!!!

What's new on your loom????


Tuesday, June 18, 2019

I'm Late!!!!!

  You might think that it is all about the Inkles.....and you might be right....at least today!
  We are making a dent in the bands for the key rings for  Convergence.  Several came in today, and new warps went on some Inkle looms, too.
  The floor looms were busy today....Carl worked on his rug warp, Liz wound on her placemat warp, Bonnie (who is safely back from Italy) started weaving on her new scarf warp, and Ray was back working on his next double weave table cloth.

  Betsy is back from New Mexico with stories of weaving her first Navajo rug, while Christy had an update on her house construction.  (Christy was busy most of the day joining those blue jean panels for Carl's rugs!)
  We had several visitors from upstairs that came down to see the weavers at work.  You know that we love to talk to folks about our weaving!!!

    Tonight we had our first Inkle weaving class for six folks. 
  Yes, that is Ray.  I still can't believe that he had never ventured into Inkle weaving...but, he decided he needed to learn.  Of course he caught on very quickly!
  We were so glad to see Julia....she has woven with us before!  And, that's Amy, a knitting friend on her left.
  These are our wee Inkle looms that we ordered last month.....aren't they cute????

  Ashley, Sandy and Judy were part of our little group, too.  Just look at that concentration!!!


  Ashley (Executive Director at AACC) finished her warp first, and got her key rings sewn.  It wasn't much longer before the rest of the gang finished, too.

  All finished!!!!!
They wanted to know what project we're going to do next!!!!!

We'll have to think about that.......................

Happy Weaving!

p.s.  Diane from NY:  who knows what we'll be doing when you visit this summer!!!!

Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Makin' It

  We have several projects going on in the Studio these days.  Tina gave you an update last week about our key chains for Convergence, and we are still plugging away on that.
  Marie and Linda brought in their bands they wove at home, and we're starting to see a patriotic theme evolve. 
  Patty had finished her last warp, and today she started warping for her new project.

  Pat also finished several bands at home, and she brought her Inkle loom to work on in the Studio.

   Then, there's our newest project!

Yes, Marie was busy taking pictures again today (and she's getting really good at styling!)  Sharon assisted her in setting up this shot.

We'll reveal more about this at a later time!!!!!

Linda's friend, Helen, was visiting with us today.....who knows, she may decide she'd like to learn to weave!!!!


  Anna and Bonnie stayed on task at their looms....Bonnie is starting her next shawl.  That means she had to choose a new weft....we'll check on that next week.

  Ms. Ila is ready to start weaving on her new shawl warp...or at least she'll be ready when Shirley gets all of her treadles tied.
  Shirley shared a picture that Bonnie texted from Italy....I sure hope she's having a good time!!!!

  When Sharon isn't helping Marie, she's weaving on her loom.   Frieda is working on a new Inkle pattern, and she's found the warp generator a handy tool to use.  Fiber folks do like to play with color....right???



Peggy is picking up a few pointers as Laura gets ready to wind on her new warp.  Carol is always there to help.
  Carol will be at Mid-West Weavers conference next week, so she wanted to make sure Laura was up and weaving before she left.

  Charlotte cut fabric strips for her newest batch of placemats.  This lady can sure get a lot done!!!

  Carl is going to need that cutter next week!  He's almost out of blue jean strips for his rugs.  Time to cut some more!

   Remember that cake that Marie was shooting????  Well...this is all that's left.  Thank you, Ms. Ila, for making your orange chiffon cake for us, again!!!!

There's always something going on around here!!!!

Happy Weaving!

Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Quiet Day at the Center

It was a quiet day at the Center today.  Several weavers were playing hooky, but that doesn't mean that we were not busy!

When I first walked in I found Marie using her new photo skills, staging some mock ups for an upcoming project that I am not sure we have announced yet, so I will say no more!

Then I found that Laura, one of our new weavers had finished her warp and was grabbing the scissors to cut it off.  I got there just in time!

I was looking at her project and all of the other projects in the room, when I was struck once again on how the choice of weft influences the final fabric.

 I don't know what weft Liz will use on this warp but the possibilities are numerous!

The white warp is brought wonderfully to life by Alice's choice of  a purple weft.

The soft blue and white fabric used in this project soften the often harsh black warp.

 I love the white mixed in with the orange on this loom, you never know when it is going to show up.

The brighter blues on a black warp in this placemat project, that Marilyn is working on is one of my favorite combinations!

Anna is weaving with a soft white weft on a brown and white warp in a simple twill pattern.  I think she used red the first time around, but I don't have a picture of that handy.  Maybe once this warp comes off of the loom we can compare.

While all of this was going on Charlotte began to strip some fabric that she had found in the annex I think.  She wanted to weave placemats and asked what color warp she should use, we told her that there would be many colors that would work well with that fabric.

Carol had a beautiful show and tell to bring in today.  This is the fabric that she is going to use when she takes a class this summer at the Midwest weavers conference.

The fabric just keeps going!  We all thought it was beautiful, and this photo does not do it justice.

At lunch time I was asked how many key chains we already have ready for next summers conference.  After lunch was over, I pulled out the bins and I found that we have 100 keychains that are sewn and ready and enough bands woven to make another 240.  We are a long way from the minimum of 1800, but there are a lot of us working at it now and bit by bit we will get it done.

That is it for now,  I hope you enjoyed a little glimpse of our day, so until next Tuesday, just keep on Weaving.  Tina