Tuesday, October 26, 2021



  These ladies crack me up!  I told them to look happy, and they burst out laughing!  Patty is busy threading her warp while Jocelyn is just weaving away on her placemats.

Both Lou Ann and Liz are sleying their reeds.  We're making progress!

  Betsy and Barbara are weaving on their beginning warps as Carol offers encouragement and advice.  Sharen is weaving off the warp on the other table loom just in case we get a new student.  That's a yarn donation left on the table for the weavers.  It looks like a lot of wool for any one that interested!

Marie was playing Santa as she handed out the newly ordered heddles for Betsy's loom.  She also found some "clips" that Patty had been looking for.  It's the little things that keep us happy!

  Pat is deep in thought as she creates her newest rug.  She carefully charted out the pattern for the middle of the rug.  Look for more next week!

  Here's a close up of Shirley's new scarf.  The black weft really sets off the colors and the pattern.

  Shirley got some good weaving time in today.  So did Pearl!  We think we found a mistake.......  Is it the threading or the treadling????

  Shirley is also in charge of the snack supplies.  She keeps us stocked up and the supply goes fast after classes during the week.

  Oh, yes!  We had another donation of fiber magazines.  Those stacks were much smaller by the end of the day.  Old issues of Handwoven do not last very long!

  Enjoy your fall days!!!

Happy Weaving!


p.s.  I finished threading the Hollywood Rug warp and started sleying the reed this afternoon!!!!

Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Welcome Back!



  Welcome back, Ms. Ila!  It was a perfect day for her to join us at weaving.  She had a lot of catching up to do with her weaving friends.

  Everyone was so happy to see her, and we're glad she was able to join us.

  Carol checked in on her students.  Barbara is finding that it is slowly coming back to her, all those little steps!

  Marie was kept hopping as folks needed a little help.  This is Diane's first time on a floor loom, and Marie showed her the foot brake and the warp advance.

  I think she's got the hang of it, don't you?  That's one happy camper!

  Pat has finished her three color clasp weave rug, and now she's planning something new.  We'll have to stay tuned to see her new creation.

These ladies look like they're up to something!  

  Look at what Carol has been working on at home!!!  WOW!  It's all hand stitched.

Since we're getting closer to showtime, Laura decided today would be a good day to cut off the finished placemats.  That is ten more placemats for the show.  (And plenty of time to get them hemmed!)

Guess what we did today????  Our first Potluck in over a year!  Welcome back!!!

Happy Weaving!


Tuesday, October 12, 2021

It's The Little Things


  Carol always checks in with new weavers to see if they have questions and see where they are in the process.   She also keeps us up to date on what's selling upstairs and encourages us to weave at home.

 Sharen is happy with her multi-colored yarn with this yellow warp.

  I had the perfect shot....but, I didn't take it!  Jocelyn was hanging a weight on a loose warp thread and I waited until she STOOD UP to take the shot!  (Aren't we always adjusting something on the loom???)

  Yeah!  New heddles--inserted eye heddles!!!!

Boo!  Putting them on the harness bars!

Ah, Betsy!  You have so much patience!

  Here's another patient lady:  Mary!  She's waiting for me to finish threading the Hollywood rug pattern so she can weave some rugs.  While she waits, she tied the warp back onto the placemat warp loom, and got the hems serged on the placemats.

  Barbara has the loom threaded, and she's in the process of sleying the reed.  Tie on and you're ready to weave.

Although Barbara was a weaver, it has been awhile since she warped a loom.  (Barbara brought a Navajo rug that she wove in a class to show us!!!!  Fantastic!!!)

  Don't they look like they are UP to something???  Shirley and Marilyn always have a smile on their faces!

  Susan is getting the reed sleyed...almost time to weave!

  Threading and Tie-On!

Bonnie is threading her towel warp while Linda gets ready to weave again after she tied on her warp.  (She's hemming the ones she cut off last week at home.)

  Computers and looms!  The new and the old.

  Marie keeps our books and orders for us while Sharon works on the library list.

(Great for drawdowns, too!)

  Thank you, Tina!  

She has been purging her loom room, and brought in several bags of thread that she need to find a home for.  As you can see, a bunch of weavers took advantage of this!!!!

Gotta love it!!!  Fiber friends ready to help you out!!

Happy Weaving!


Tuesday, October 5, 2021

Gearing Up!


  We threw her right into the midst of it:  we're getting ready for the Foothills Fall Festival the first weekend of November!  The perfect day for a new weaver to begin!

  Welcome to Barbara....she's really not a new weaver.  But, she's been away from her loom for a few years and ready for a refresher.

  We have warps going on looms (who do you call when there's a hick-up?  Marie and Pat of course!!!)  Liz was having a little problem with the brake.  

  All is well now...she's threading her warp.

  We have warps coming off the loom:  Linda cut off thirteen towels this afternoon.  This way she won't be rushed to get them hemmed before the show.

  Bonnie didn't like the structure she was weaving, so she cut it off and is re-threading the warp.  This will be a summer-winter pattern.

  Shirley and Marilyn are weaving on their projects while Lou Ann continues threading.  (Don't those colors make you smile!!!!)

  Patty is winding a warp for two huck lace shawls.

  Be sure to click on the picture to get a closer look at Jocelyn's placemat.  These are so perfect for Fall.


  Betsy finished her warp of fabric for bowl cozys.  She has enough fabric for thirteen.

  Here's a close-up of the fabric on the cloth beam.

  Those towels that we have kept our eyes on are off the loom and hemmed.  Great job, Cheryl.

  I promise that we don't put Shari in the corner!!!  She has found a spot that keeps her out of the traffic, and we all can stop by and watch her progress.

  I promised a picture of Pat's three color clasp weft rug.....ta-da!!!!  

  From the old to the new OR from analog to digital.  Either way, Sharon is taking the handwritten list of added books to the data base.  All things in time.....


  And, speaking of time:  the Annex is finished!  I'm not sure when we'll be moving our treasures, but I hope it is AFTER the show!

Another reason to celebrate!!!!

Happy Weaving!