Friday, December 17, 2010

"Kings Flower" ETA

"Kings Flower"  is the second Overshot Pattern that I am using on my Baby Blankets and Couch Throws.  There are several treadlings so I thought I would try some out, and test the squareness of the pattern on this 12 epi cotton warp.

If you look at the pattern right to left, you can see that I added 1 pattern pick each side of the middle pivot point to square it up.  I figured that if it was square on the loom it will be square after washing.  This is treadling number 1.  I thought I had a picture of treadling number 2 on the loom in pink, but I don't. I have some of it after the finishing.

Here is an experiment using a color as the tabby and natural as the pattern pick.  (Here I was using pattern number two.)  It is interesting, but I am not so sure I like it. 

After finishing here are the results:

Pattern number one, even when squared with the extra pic, just doesn't inspire me at the moment.  Not for an all over design.

Pattern two , (to the left) is much more pleasing. I also squared it up and I am pleased to see that after finishing, it stays square. 
 I do not however like my little experiment!  It looks too much like the store bought afghans that you see in the store!  I think that a natural pattern over a solid colored warp would rock, but you would then be limited to that one color.  Hmm, I suppose if  someone wanted one I could do it, but I would not put on 40 yards of it!  Maybe after I do these longer warps I can do some 5-10yd colored warps, and try it out.

Finally, here is another Couch Throw on the loom in the new "Kings Flower" pattern.  This one is a wedding present, for a wedding tomorrow!

I need to finish this one up today, hem and wash both the kakhi colored throw and this one, and I am going to try to finish the second scarf for the TW scarf challenge.

I better get at it, 
Until next time, Happy Weaving, Tina
Pre - wash  time 1:46pm
I love the variety!


Bonnie said...

Those are all nice. I think that I like pattern 2 also best. It breaks it up a bit. Looks like it would be more fun to weave.

LA said...

Those look amazing! I love that pattern and you have done a great job! Someone is very lucky to be gifted with these throws!

roxie said...

So treadle 2 is the reverse of treadle one. Wayyy cool! They make awesome, awesome throws/ afghans/blankies! Weave faster!!

Maggie said...

That's the pattern I used for my first turned overshot project, the bathroom curtain. I like the way you altered it.

Theresa said...

Just beautiful! I like option 2 also. Would love to see the draft and the cat's tracks draft! :)

Hailey Finnigan said...

Can I ask about your boarder for the King’s Flower pattern you used? I’m curious about the threading. Looks great!

Tina J said...

Kings Flower is an overshot pattern out of "A Handweaver's Pattern Book" by Margarite Davison. I followed her threading and treading to I think, it has been quite some time since I have woven these.