Tuesday, February 22, 2022

It's Souper 22222day!!!!


It's Souper 2s Day with the Tuesday Weavers!  We love to do this in the winter and try lots of different kinds of soup made by our weaving friends.  Today we had six different soups to try--five of them are lined up here by the stove.

To round out the menu we have several different kinds of sandwiches and spreads, along with some really yummy desserts.

  Carol even surprised us all by making some congo bars.  (She usually brings her special veggie salad!)  It's just a reminder that she does cook occasionally!  

  Patty cut off her shawls, and now it's time to twist the fringes.  You just need some space and some patience.

   Betsy is trying a new treadling for this scarf.  It shows up so nicely on this painted warp.

  Sharen is using up some donated mop cord on the placemat warp.  It will make some sturdy mats for someone's table!

  Mary had a heart stopping moment when one of the ropes popped off its hook on the Studio loom.  No harm--no foul, and quickly fixed!!!

    Lou Ann took some time to check out a couple of books from our collection.  Sharon is always a big help!  (Plus, you can find out how her trip to Iceland went!!!)

  Marie has started winding warps for Dye Day.  Thanks to Bonnie, we now have this lovely winding station.

  Remember all those rugs that Pat wove?  Now it's time to put a new warp on this wonderful old loom.  Here goes another 15 yard warp!!!!

  Congratulations Ruth!!!  This is her very first warp, and it's time to cut off all that hard work!

  Of course that means you have to be thinking about what you want to weave next!!!!

  We were so happy to spend time with Frieda today.  She brought her pin loom and just wove and wove.

  Please come back soon....we miss you!!!!

You know what they say about great minds, right?  It's so nice to have weaving friends to help you figure stuff out!!!!

Wow and congratulations to Linda!
Her new grandson is expected tomorrow, and look at this cozy blanket to welcome the new arrival!  Get lots and lots of cuddles!!!!

I hope your 22222day was wonderful!
Happy Weaving!

Tuesday, February 15, 2022

A View From Her Loom


  Isn't it fun to have another point of view?  Today, Lou Ann M. got to be the photographer for the blog while I worked at home.  This is what she saw from her point of view.

  Looks like Shari is getting ready to weave some mug rugs on the blue warp...you just know they'll be colorful.

Oh my!  So many colors...so little time!  Carol is looking over the 8/4 cotton choices.

  Mary is hard at work on the Hollywood Rug warp.

Sharen and Pearl are deep in conversation.  We always have a lot to share.

Another discussion between Patty and Marie.

 Ruth is deep in thought as she weaves on her sampler.

Barbara has finished her warp!!!

Hi, Jocelyn!  So sorry I missed seeing you today!

Another warp came off the loom!  Great job, Liz!

Hummm!  Maybe I should take more work days! 

Thank you, Lou Ann, for the pictures.

Happy Weaving!


Tuesday, February 8, 2022

Here They Are!!!


  Pat has been weaving on the rug warp for a few months.  This warp gave her lots of opportunity to try some new (to her) techniques.  Today the warp came off the loom.  There were ten rugs.

 Pat will take them home and hem them so they can go upstairs to the shop and find new homes!

  So...what's next, Pat???  

Betsy played the part of spotter while Pat inspected rug warp yarns on the top shelf.  

  She's off on vacation next week, so we'll have to wait to see what she is going to do next.

  The Ladies keep things humming on this side of the studio.

  (Linda is not going to be happy with me!  I should have hit the button again!)  She started a new color on the towel warp.  It's showing up the pattern nicely.

  Bonnie has decided that she hates 10/2.  It's the "thin" thread for this pattern.  

  Sharen has taken over weaving the placemats on the white warp.  She's using natural weft with the white warp.  These make a nice neutral placemat for gifts.

  Susan is playing "warp chicken" with the last few inches of her warp.  She's trying to get enough plain weave for the hem on her rug.  She cut off the rug after I left.

  Ruth and Rachel are hanging in there!  Both of them are coming right along with their first warps.

  And, another one bites the dust!  There was enough left on this scarf warp to weave a mobius.  Now, it's time for this warp to come off the loom.  Great job, Shirley!!!

It's great to spend time with fiber friends.

Stay safe!

Happy Weaving!