Tuesday, September 28, 2021

What's New???


  What a great surprise to see the new Annex coming up this morning!  It looks so much bigger than the pad that was poured...in fact, Pat walked up there to double check!  Yep!  It all fits on the concrete pad!  Of course that isn't all for us, but we do have a nice size piece of it. 

  The new shelves for the 8/4 thread is installed and already filled to the brim!  It has moveable plexiglass dividers that can be moved if needed.  We have needed this for a LONG time!


  Pat and Marie outlined the plan for getting ready for the move to the new Annex.  This will give us a chance to see what we have available in storage tubs.

  Tina and I needed to check the number of heddles needed on each shaft for the Hollywood rug.  It's time to thread that warp!

  Patty (sporting her "Disney" hair) is cleaning her loom.  Her towels are all ready to go!  Charlotte is always ready to lend a hand!

  Jocelyn and Betsy are working on their projects.


  Mary will be weaving Hollywood Rugs, so she cut off the placemats that she has finished on the white warp.

  (That's Shirley in the background logging our time at the Center.)

  Sharen is trying out the multi-colored weft for this yellow warp.  After playing with some twill runs, she found just the one she wanted to show off the colors.

  Cheryl's towels are coming along nicely.

  Sheri found a quieter spot to set up her rigid heddle loom.  It's so cool watching her reach in her basket of yarn balls for just the color she wants to use next.

  Always changing....but, still the same!  What a fun place to be!

Happy Weaving!


Tuesday, September 21, 2021

Go Ahead....Make A Plan!!!


   My plan was to help Marie wind on that warp today.  But, a deck screw in the road that found my rear tire had other ideas!  So, while I got it fixed, Tina stepped in to help wind on 30 yards on the Studio loom.

  Big thanks to Pearl, Betsy and Tina for sending pictures for the blog....and sending along information.

  Since the Studio loom has a round warp beam, the box had to go on the castle of the loom.  This warp is for Hollywood rugs from the Rag Rug book.

  It looks like Lou Ann has stuck to her plan:  get that towel warp threaded!

  Laura has a trip planned for later this month, so she has been weaving like crazy to get more placemats done before she leaves.

  Don't you just hate it when you have a thread that doesn't play nice!!!  I'm sure Shirley has a plan to get it back in place!

  Another rug warp getting threaded!  Susan has been planning her blue jean rugs for awhile.

  Last week, Pat and I talked about doing a three color clasp weft....and it looks like she has it figured out!!!!!   You can just glimpse the tan on the far right.

  Carol REALLY had a plan!  She has finished another quilt for some lucky person!!!

I missed my fiber friends today....but, I'm planning on next week!

Happy Weaving


Tuesday, September 14, 2021

Busy, Busy!


  I love seeing a yarn order sorted on the table!  What a colorful sight.  It's also a great lesson in dye lots!  The color sample on the charts don't always line up exactly with the cone of yarn!!!

  Marie, Tina and I got it sorted (both 8/4 and 8/2) and labeled.  This group was boxed until we get our new shelves that are due soon.

  Jocelyn's placemats are rolling onto the cloth beam.  These will be ready for the fall sale at the beginning of November.

  Pat's clasp weft rugs are lookin' good!  For her next rug, Pat is going to use three colors.  She did some research in the Collingwood rug book, and I'm sure there will be a little sampling going on!  Stay tuned next week!!!

Susan is getting ready to wind on a rug warp.  She's already cut her blue jean strips for the weft.

Oh, thank you, Mary!

  It's been a long time since we had homemade goodies, and your brownies were fantastic!

Lou Ann is ready to put her colorful towel warp on her loom.

Carol jumped in to help her get started.

   Shirley and Marilyn hold down their side of the studio.  (Shirley's scarves have really been selling upstairs!)

  These ladies hold down their side of the studio!  Bonnie, Linda and Laura are working on towels and placemats.

  Betsy has the corner spot:  she's using a different color for weft for the last few yards of her warp.

  Tina found a broken warp thread at the back of the loom....time to fix it!

  Charlotte's been busy at home, again.  She brought in her newest scarf and placemats to sell in the shop.

Sharen is working with her adopted placemat warp....use that t-shirt knit or 8/4 bundles????  Some sampling might be helpful.

  What a wonderful gift for our library!  Sharon is getting Bonnie's books ready to go on the shelf.  There are some great books on Rep Weave.....ready to try some???

Have a good week, fiber friends!


Tuesday, September 7, 2021

Sunny September


  What a lovely pre-Fall day to drive to the Center!  And, when you walk in, you discover another donation waiting for the weavers on the table!  This time it was t-shirt knit strips that had become tangled into a big blob!  

  Carol, Pat and Margi got busy!

Now....who wants to weave placemats?

Sharen  brought her wrap that she wove at home to twist the fringes.  She has volunteered to weave placemats with the t-shirt strips!  They are going to be so colorful!

  Marilyn is making headway on the friendship towels.  This red one will be great for the fall sale.

  Cheryl's towels are so attractive.  This color combo really catches the eye!

  Liz is ready to wind on her warp for an 8 harness placemat pattern.  She chose a pattern in Strickler, so we'll have to wait to see it develop.

  I wasn't going to interrupt Jocelyn again!  The last I did, she forgot where she was in the pattern!!!

  This looks nice!!!

  Bonnie's warp is sleyed and threaded.  Now...let's wind it on!!!

This will be more friendship towels.

  Susan is winding a multi-colored warp.  There are a bunch of color changes...those cones are on the floor in front of her.

  I caught Betsy mid-catch!  She's nearing the end of this warp, which will be bowl cozys.

  Talk about mid-catch!!!

  Patty cut off her towel warp, and doesn't she look excited!!!!

              That's TEN towels!!!!!!

   Linda had a library meeting, but joined us at lunch.  Those towels are looking great!

  Catch that shuttle!!!  Laura is weaving the hem on her placemat before she starts the five color weft.

  All fiber all the time.

I'm not sure here who is the teacher and who is the pupil.  Linda told me she took a class 40 years ago....maybe this is a refresher course.

The ladies finished untangling the strips, and now they are ready for a weaver to take over!  Stay tuned...

Happy Weaving Fiber Friends!!!