Monday, December 20, 2010

Mind the Gap

This weekend, I hosted the Clinch Valley Handweavers' Guild Christmas party, and I apologize profusely for not taking pictures.  Between making chili and cleaning my house, then baking all day Sunday, I didn't get around to fixing the warp on the turned overshot.  It's smile looks like some of the folks who live up the Cove from work!
  I wish I could say trying to teach turned overshot to the group at the party was successful, but I'm afraid I just confused people.  And it's a difficult concept to grasp!  It took me months to finish the first project in it!  Kudos and thanks to Pat who tried it!   I hope I at least inspired one person to try one project in it.  I'm fascinated by it, and hope to make more things with it.
  The next time I write, Christmas will be a memory.  I've  had a lovely holiday season, and hope you are having the same!  If you have time this week, happy weaving!


LA said...

I thought you did a great job explaining turned certainly answered a lot of questions that I had. I can't attempt a turned overshot project until the Baby Wolf is empty (I need the extra shafts!) Besides, I need to work on my draft...correct????

Maggie said...

Yes! The draft is actually the hardest part. By the way, it helps a lot if you can chart it in color!

Carol said...

You did do a good job explaining it. I think everyone needs to think about what they want to do and then figure it out. I am sure you'll be available to help anyone that becomes lost in the process. The finished product will be awesome!!