Saturday, December 4, 2010

Getting In The Spirit

What to my wondering eyes should appear but two little helpers under my loom!!!  Such muttering going on!  "She can't get under the loom!"
"Yes she can, but she can't get up!"
"What did you do with the Texsolve?"
"I thought you brought it!"
"I can't reach the harnesses!"   mutter, mutter, mutter
  Hey guys....that will have to wait a bit.  Let's finish up the project on Julia (the Baby Wolf) so I can get my scarf challenge on, then we'll get Mz. Sally going, OK?
  Mz. Sally has a placemat size, multi-colored warp which is threaded in Italian Diamonds from Davison.  This will be a fun project when it's up & going.

But, for now, we need to finish up this warp so we can dress it for the scarf challenge.  Tina wove off some mug rugs for her family gift exchange, and there's a little bit still left.  I have been wanting a chatelaine for my i-pod, so I'm weaving a double mug rug, which will do the job just fine!  Then all I'll need to do is twist some carpet warp to make the cord.  I think they'll be enough left for one more mug rug when I finish this.  The warp was wound using up lots of little cones of left over thread.  And, it just keeps on going!!!
  I think the weaving has been good therapy....I still can't weave more than 5-10 minutes at a time, though.  The funny part is that it is the "beating" which gets to me.  With overshot, you really need to beat firmly,  and that really jars my arm.  I'm sure the right hand beats are much tighter than the left handed ones!  But, today, this one comes OFF the loom so I can get my scarf on!!!!

Nothing would do but the guys had to have a Christmas picture made with Rudy and Dolph.  This year I'm just using the Alpine trees....there's no way I'm wrestling with the 12 foot tree!!!  The guys didn't seem to mind.
  Not such a bad way to spend a rainy, gray Saturday.
Hey....Bucky!  Tromp!  Where did you go?  
OK....gotta get busy.........


Maggie said...

You sure are busy!

Bonnie said...

Nice mug rugs. Lots going on.

Tina J said...

LOL! There must be something in the air, DH and I are doing decorations today too!

Carol said...

I'm glad you have a tree up. Don't know where we'll put on this year. More chaos than usual at this place!! Do have a sofa now tho!Waiting for the piano to go to Atlanta. If it did we'd have tons of room!!

roxie said...

Oh I was wondering how Bucky was doing! This is his first Christmas as an independent grown-up ram. I hope he doesn't get into the eggnog and go all cowboy on you. It looks like he and Tromp are having a grand time, and enjoying their new pals Rudy and Dolf. Thanks for keeping us up on his antics.