Tuesday, July 21, 2020

Safety First!

  I'm so proud of our weavers...we have been so careful to follow the protocols set by the Center.  Even our donations set out for awhile before we go through them.
  This was a donation of double weave fabric that Carol thinks would make some colorful rugs.  
  We also received some cones of yarn from a weaver that will be put to good use.

   Sadly, we lost one of our former weavers, Barbara.  Her family donated her looms and equipment to the Tuesday Weavers.  We will be able to put them to good use.
  Margi needed the little table loom on the stand, so she bought it to use at home.  I'm sure Barbara would be glad to know it will be taken care of.

  Pat was with us today, and went right to work on her rug.  She is building up a nice roll of rugs on the cloth beam!

  You can see that Marilyn has been sampling!  (Isn't it funny that we often don't take the time to do that....yet, it is important!)


  Marie is going to finish the warp on Ms. Ila's loom (when she gets a chance!)  There's always some sort of bookkeeping for her to do!  Our sales at The Cliff Dwellers continue to keep us busy!


   What would we do without Bonnie???  She is so good to vacuum in the studio and get all the lint off the floor.  Weaving can be a wee bit messy!
  Thank you, Bonnie, for all you do!


 Ta-da!  I remembered to take a picture of the Wheel of Fortune mug rug that I'm weaving on the Pup.  The draft is from the Original Miniature Patterns for Hand Weaving, Part 1. Mug rugs are such a great project to weave when you're playing with overshot.
  Stay safe, my friends!
Happy Weaving!

Tuesday, July 14, 2020


  I just LOVE seeing old friends!  Today we were treated to a visit from Lanny and his wife, Ann.  You might remember that famous picture of Lanny in his kilt!!!!  He is a fabulous weaver!!!
  And, Karin had a day off to come be with us:  just look at that band she's weaving on her Inkle loom! 


  Take a look at this:  Pat has finished weaving her ISOLATE project!  What a wonderful table runner to have during this time, and a reminder of our challenging months.
  Pat said that she went through her stash to find the colors she needed for the runner.  She found a threading that had different treadlings to use for the different sections of the runner.
  It works, Pat!!!


  Betsy has finished winding on her towel warp, and she'll start to thread the next time she comes.  ( I think she and her DH are getting ready to take a trip in their new RV....so it might be a week or two!)
Carol checks in on the weavers from time to time - I'm glad Jocelyn's warp is finally behaving!  Those towels are truly lovely!

  Mary is over half way threading the white warp on the Leclerc.  She spent some time today watching me weave overshot mug rugs (no picture, again!) 

  Lou Ann and Bonnie were having a deep conversation when I interrupted them....but, both of them got a lot of weaving done today.    

   Patty is back at work on the black warp.  Placemats or walker bags????  We'll have to ask!  I do know that she's working on her ISOLATE project!

  Margi was going back and forth from the table to the sewing machine as she worked on the wee stockings to sell.  They can be used for gift cards or $$$$. 

  Marie was working upstairs this morning.  She and Ashley had their heads together talking about the new bar code system we'll be using soon.
  The new set-up is designed to keep desk workers safer while they work.

  I hope you're staying safe, too!!!
Happy Weaving!

Tuesday, July 7, 2020


  When do you think we will return to normal?  What IS normal.....

  Today we had a little more normal....Jocelyn came to weave on her towel warp!  It is so good to see her...it's been awhile!  Of course we had a lot of catching up to do!

   And, we were glad Betsy made the drive to the Center today.  She's still winding on the towel warp on the Macomber.    She is very meticulous!

   Mary is almost through threading the placemat warp on the Leclerc.  We have been selling a few items up in the shop, so it will be great to have new placemats on the rack.

  Tina dropped by to take a look at the brackets on the Pup.  They had gotten out of their holder, but they weren't bent!  Yeah!!!  She got them back in the right track very quickly.

  Marilyn did a little house cleaning around her loom and found these bundles of heddles.  Where do they belong?  As it works out, they are for one of the Macomber looms.  Mystery solved!
  She brought this band her grandson wove to show us.  This is his first attempt at pick-up weaving on the Inkle loom!  WOW!
  He has a very good teacher!

  Marie just finished some towels at home.  We all loved the stripe towel from Handwoven, January-February 2020.  I passed right over it in the magazine, but I love Marie's towel.

  It looks like Patty has finished the yardage for the next walker bag.  The last one sold upstairs, so maybe she'll go ahead and weave another one!

   Just like Cinderella, Liz's time at the Center is going quickly.  She'll be turning back into a teacher soon, so weave quickly!!!!
  Carol is amazed how fast Liz caught on to hemstitching....and she's fast, too!

Stay safe out there, fiber friends.
We will return to "normal".........


Thursday, July 2, 2020


  Towards the end of April, during one of the marathon email exchanges between the Tuesday Weavers, Pat suggested that we try to think of an interesting challenge we could do at home.  She was thinking along the lines of a "name draft" that would be a reminder of this time.
  Name drafts can be tricky for our newer weavers since we couldn't get together to do a tutorial.
  But, something along the lines of this runner that Carl wove for me would do the trick......
  The color lines represent my name:  L - pink   o - red   u - green   A - dark blue    n,n - medium blue
  You'll notice, too, that the pink and dark blue bands are wider since they are capital letters.
  Clever, huh!!!

  So, what word would we like to do? 
Safer At Home  has 11 letters - 9 colors
Quarantine has 10 letters - 8 colors
Coronavirus has 11 letters - 9 colors
Persevere has 9 letters - 5 colors
Isolate has 7 letters and 7 colors 

And, there are seven colors in a rainbow:  ROY G BIV   (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet.)
  So.....our challenge is to use the seven colors in order and weave something....your choice.  It could be a mug rug, a place mat, a table runner, or a rug.   The only rule is that the colors should be in order either as the warp or the weft....so when I look at your item, I know it says ISOLATE!
  Now, this doesn't mean you have to use the BRIGHT colors.....you get to choose the shading/hue/value.  (Insert the correct word!!!)

This is my first attempt...I went with bright.
  I have to admit, I've had a lot of fun playing with draw downs for different weave structures.  I finally settled on Caroline Halvorsen # 30 from Davison's green book.  There are eight different treadlings for that pattern!  So, this could get interesting.

  I've been sampling some different colors for weft, and even tried out using a double strand....I think I like that much better.  Next, I'm going to sample using some gray.

It's nice to be excited about a project.

It's hard spending so much time alone when you're used to seeing your fiber friends once a week!!!!

  Our fiber friend, Ann, who lives in North Carolina now posted this picture on Facebook.  She gave me permission to share it here.  In this region of the country, seeing the rainbow with the mountains in the background gives us hope for tomorrow.
  It brings a smile to your face.

I'll weave my rainbow, and remember that I isolate to protect others (and myself.)

  So......here's your challenge:  weave your rainbow and remember to ISOLATE.

Stay Safe!