Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy All Hallows Eve

From ghoulies and ghosties,
And long leggedy beasties,
And things that go bump in the night,
Good Lord, deliver us!
.....Scottish Prayer

***Just for the record, cats are NOT like dogs.  They do NOT stay on command.  Therefore, my elaborate set up for her photo shoot did not happen.  And, you can tell from Sweetie's face that she was not amused.

 Despite the wet weather this morning, it is looking more like Halloween with the fall colors finally making an appearance.  
  I had some visitors from Scotland at the Loom House yesterday, and we had a lively conversation.  They agree that East Tennessee has a lot in common with the Highlands of Scotland.

That includes the Highland bull that is out in the front field!

  Since the weather is changing, that means there will be a wee chill in the air by son's wedding day.  
  I did what any good weaver would do....I threw a warp on my loom for a shawl to match my dress.  This yarn is self striped, and I was looking forward to seeing how it wove up on the loom.

I really like how the colors slowly change and play with the stripes.  And, it's been quick to weave so far.
  That will be my project for the rest of the day....after I get home from running errands, that is.  It's going to be a busy next few days!

Happy Weaving!

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Need Room?

  This is how the left side of the Studio looks when we come in on Tuesday morning.

  You can see Carl's loom in the background, and Ann's Rocker loom is partially actually hidden behind the warping mill. 

  See the Pups all lined up down the aisle?  And, there's Bertha on the right...she's six feet wide, you know.

  Now, we've panned to the right of the Studio.  There are more little looms stored in the aisle between the back of Bertha and the front of the looms that Tina and I are working on.  Then, you can see the backs of two more looms.  In that little walkway, there are tubs of partial cones to be used in projects.

  Do you think we could use a larger studio space???????
  There's a building committee looking into expanding the whole Center...maybe we just need to plead our case!!!

  So, we just keep doing what we do best....weaving.
  Carl and Carol spent some time conferring on a project that Carl is weaving on at home.  It's an 8 shaft lace weave, and it's not working the way it should.
   Great minds.................

  Ann got to the Center early to serge the rugs that came off of the Rocker Loom.

The rugs on the right are from the burlap that was hand dyed from natural materials.  Liz stopped by later to choose the one she wanted to keep.

   Pat got right to work on Maggie's coverlet warp. For just a minute, she thought she was doing it wrong, then realized that she was seeing the reversed side.

  We also welcomed a new weaving student, Bonnie.

Table space is limited right now, which means that Teresa has been setting her loom on the counter.  She can see the whole room from there!!!!

And, Karin cut off her latest project from her table loom.

  You might think that today was "Support Your Favorite Project" Day. 
  Cathy is a Tennessee fan.  Marie's shirt says "Keep Calm and Weave On" while Karin's shirt is from SAFF.

  Lanny's shirt proclaims ALABAMA.  Enough said.....

Betsy was hard at work on the back was rather quiet back there today.

And, Shirley and Allan conferred on the slight color difference for the weft on the scarf she's weaving.  Someone is always willing to help out!!!

  Pat's been playing on her loom at home.  (She's also using up her stash of thread!)

  And, Ann shared the throw that she finished weaving for her nephew.  There are a few more of these on the loom.  It is soooooo soft!!!

Yes.....Ann's hair really does swing nicely!!!  Truthfully though, she's just making a quick move to start the new chart for the Foothills Fall Show in November.  She's very good at keeping us organized and on track.  It looks like the mock up for the booth will be next Tuesday.  (Can it already be time to do that????)
  There's nothing like throwing the new weavers right into the middle of it all! you think the Tuesday Weavers need a larger studio???
Happy Weaving!

Monday, October 28, 2013

Fun Project

After a show there's always a down time, at least mentally. For me, the first few days after a long show like the Guild Fair are days to kind of lay low, get my energy back.
So, once I did, I worked on a project that's been on the back burner for a couple of months. This summer a couple of babies were born to grandchildren of a very special person to us. The great grandparents of these babies aren't with us any longer but in their memory and to honor their daughter (grandmother of the babies), I like to make blankets for the babies. There were 2 already that I'd done blankets for. You can't have some with blankets and some not, so when I found that there were 2 more coming, I pulled out my fabrics.
This quilt is very similar to one I made for another baby a year or so ago.
 Who wouldn't like a cute farm scene on a quilt!
 Tractors and fields, barns and cows....
 You can't see the binding well, but it's black with white polka dots. I didn't have any fabric specifically saved for that so in looking what I had left over from other projects, like that lady bug quilt, there was enough of the polka dot to find the quilt. It fits nicely.
That quilt's done and ready to ship.
The other quilt is in the process of being quilted. I'll have a picture of it next week. I hope to finish it today or tomorrow!! I love the theme of this one too.....can you figure it out yet?
This week I have to finish an order for a dress, ship a couple of things like baby blankets! and even weave a new warp that's in the planning stages.
Just a regular week here. Projects begun, worked on and finished. Life as usual!
Until next week, keep weaving!!

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Time to Take a Little Time

 Lee's Surrender has given itself up to me, and I have made three lovely coverlets.  I'm so happy to have had the opportunity to try this wonderful pattern, and that's what weaving at the Appalachian Art-Craft Center does for us.  We're given space and looms and yarn and fellowship to push ourselves into adventures in fiber we wouldn't have weaving on our own.  It took me a long time to get to this pattern, a long journey to achieve something so daunting.  I remember the first time I saw Lee's Surrender in Marguerite Porter Davison's book, and thought, never in a million years!  But here it is.
  Now, look closely at the second to top row.  Yes, my next challenge is figuring out what caused that error and how to fix it.  The red and blue versions of these coverlets seem to be fine, but the eggplant one has a screaming, big fat error.
  I will get to that, fix it and have it ready in time for the Foothills Craft Show, but first I must go to Richmond.  The 2nd is the 80th birthday of dear Mom, and I mustn't miss that!  I will report back next Sunday on the festivities.
biscotti in a bag
Meanwhile, and up to this point, it's been work, work, work for this woman.  So much work that I must take a break from Tuesday Weavers.  Pat will take over on Bertha, weaving some more coverlets.  I'll be making gift bags and baskets for Tomato Head restaurants to sell, teaching new bakers as our volume increases, making sweet treats for visitors at the Museum of Appalachia, and having one day off a week to feed my inner artist.  I hope to get through some of the projects I have in my loominaria, knit some quick gifts and tend to that dried-up weedy old garden of mine.
Nicole learning to pipe frosting.
  I've also taken over the presidency of our neighborhood association--as if I didn't have enough to do!--and have lined up some fun and exciting speakers.  I have Master Gardeners coming, historical home preservers, local historians and folks interested in cleaning up the creek that runs through our neighborhood.  All that took less time than one Lee's Surrender Coverlet!  And was a lot easier on the hands.
  So, while I'll continue to blog when I can, I will be taking time out from Bertha and my weaving buddies.  I hope to be back after the first of the year, ready for new chaotic weaving adventures.  I wish all my TW buddies, and you, Happy Weaving!

Thursday, October 24, 2013


  NO....this isn't a video, but the picture was captured from the video.  You can watch the whole piece here:

  I have been hooked on the First Ladies series since it started last February.  It comes on Mondays at 9 p.m. (EST)  You can imagine my delight when they were showing this clip from Eleanor Roosevelt's room at Val-Kill.'s a snail trail/cat track coverlet folded on the foot of her bed!!!  Mrs. Roosevelt had many interests, and she was a great supporter of regional arts and crafts.  If you haven't taken a look at the series, the website is also a delight.
  When I was telling Carl about this Tuesday on our ride back from Norris, he told me that he got to see her at an event.  He didn't remember what the subject of her speech was, but he remembers that it was an impressive day.  I think she was a truly remarkable woman.....and I LOVE her coverlet!

  I am finishing up my warp of Dogwood mug rugs.  We've got the Foothills Fall Sale coming up in November.  I wound a new warp for a run of snail trail/cat tracks mug rugs, but I haven't started warping the loom just yet.  Maggie reminded me that she likes my ipod holder, which uses two mug rugs that are joined together.  I might have to reserve two in pink for her.

  I love playing with never gets boring!

  But, I have to admit, with the sudden change in weather, I have been working outside the last few days.  Remember these poinsettias that I put outside last spring?  I pruned them way back and told them to "grow or die."  Well....they grew like crazy!  And, they look so much better.  They are in for the cold weather now, and I'm looking forward to the top leaves changing color for Christmas.

  I don't think the cacti will wait for the holidays to bloom.  They were already setting buds when I brought them in off of the porch yesterday.  (That pretty much was the whole day....bringing all the plants in before the first frost!!!)

  Maybe I'll get that mug rug warp on the loom today.  I'll see what I can get done.
  I do so love overshot........

Happy Weaving!

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Just Another Tuesday

WOW!  Another new weaver!
A big TW welcome to Jocelyn....she even brought her own table loom!

  Marie said today that there have been 10 new weavers in the last year (since she and Linda started weaving with us.)

  Karin and Julia seem to be getting along just fine!!!!  And, you can see that Carol quickly got Jocelyn back to the warping board to wind her very first warp!

  At one time or another, we were all new weavers....right?  Cathy and Margi joined us this year, too!  (We would have to call Linda an experienced weaver, though.)  Roz has branched out to weaving with school children.  Just sharing the love..........

And, speaking of sharing, Pat helped Ann cut the drapery into strips for a new rug.  (Maggie blogged about Ann sewing the panels together last Wednesday.)

Then, it's to the loom to weave another rug.
  Carl finished another rug today...and took home more jeans to sew together for next week.

  Marie, Betsy and Linda got in some weaving time today.  We've got another show in a few weeks, so those place mats and table runners will come in handy.

   Marie got to the end of her runner, and cut that warp off the loom.  I wonder what will go on that loom next?

  And, LaDonna cut off the shawl warp on her rigid heddle.

 Guess what else came off the loom............

  Maggie cut off three coverlets today!!!!    ***Applause, please!*****
Pat is going to take over weaving the rest of the there three or four still left?  Hummmmm......
They are beautiful!!!!

Bragging rights belong to Pat....she wove six yards of fabric, and brought it to share today.  The camera did not pick up the golden threads that dance on surface.  Now, Pat has to decide what this fabric will be......

I missed getting Christy, Judy and Linda in pictures today, but I didn't miss this opportunity to capture Cindy threading her warp.  She LOVES it when I catch her at weird angles!!!!  (Not!)

Just another Tuesday at the Appalachian Arts Craft Center!

Happy Weaving!

Monday, October 21, 2013

Guild Fair

It's that time again, fall shows. This weekend was the Southern Highland Craft Guild Fall Fair in Asheville NC. We set up on Wednesday and the show ran from Thursday through Sunday. I'm tired! It's a long show but you do get used to it.
I took some pictures at the beginning of the show to let you see what I saw during the 4 days. We're kind of stuck by our booth the whole time so we get to know our neighbors!
 A couple of years ago I sewed a wall piece called Hope. Using pieces of handwoven fabric, the piece came together nicely. This was the first time I took it to a show. It didn't sell so I'll bring it to Foothills Craft Guild show in a few weeks.

That's how my week went!
I hope to get some weaving done this week. I've got an order for a dress plus some projects I want to get done before the next show.
Until next week, keep weaving!!