Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Gather 'Round

 The first tablecloth is off the loom!!!! 
There was a moment before Ray opened up the cloth when you could see he was wondering if all would go well.  It DID!!!!
  Yes....you just wanted to touch it!

  Earlier, he and Marilyn were back at their looms just weaving away.

  Ray has another table cloth on his loom, and Marilyn has started a new batch of placemats.

  Liz cut off her warp of five dish towels, and got the edges serged before she had to leave.  Just look at how close she came up to the heddles!!!!

  Linda is weaving more towels, too.  (She was wondering just how long this warp was!!!!!)

  Bonnie is close to finishing the first shawl on this warp.


  Gather 'round and catch up with your weaving friends.  (We were so happy to see Polly today!)


  Carl finished one rug today, and got around eight inches woven on his next rug.  Just look at that roll of rugs on the cloth beam!

  Anna left her loom back by Linda.....it's nice to chat with friends while you weave.


  Shirley had some needle weaving to do on her dish cloths......just relax and take your time!!!!
  Bonnie's warp is threaded and tied on the front bar!

  Now, let's tie up those treadles!!!!

    Christy is back with us....and back to joining blue jean panels for Carl's rugs.

  Gather 'round!!!!  It's Marie's Birthday!!!!!!

We all get to celebrate with you!!!

Happy Weaving!

Tuesday, May 21, 2019

The Place To Be

L to R:  Pearl, Patty, Marilyn, Ms. Ila, Betsy and Carl.

  This is a pretty typical view as we gather on Tuesday mornings.  Folks start to pull out looms and get a space to weave.  There's always small groups just catching up on the six days that we weren't together or sharing ideas for new projects.

 Carl needed to cut more blue jean strips for weft for his rugs, and Pat jumped in to help.  Christy had joined the panels this winter.
  Mary was back to work on the white placemat warp, and you can see Bonnie and Marilyn at the back wall of the studio.

  Before you know it, the table fills up with weavers, and they get down to business.  As you can see, we have a lot of Inkle loom weaving going on right now.  (We're really serious about getting those bands woven!!!)
  Carol took time to consult with our new weavers and answer questions about their projects.

L to R:  Liz, Helen, Jocelyn and Peggy


 You can see Liz trying to finish her towel warp before she has to rush upstairs for a meeting about Kids Kamp.  That's coming up in June, and Liz has been working very hard on activities for the one day camp.  (Weaving will be on the agenda!)

  Marilyn's cloth beam was filling up!  After she finished her runner, we wove in two sticks, and cut off the warp that was woven.  This means she'll be hemming placemats and runners at home this week!!!!
  Bonnie was hard at work on her shawl warp.

  Keeping up with technology is a challenge, but Marie is a master using her weave design program.  Ray is getting some pointers on a towel design that Marie perfected.

  Marie has branched out to taking photos of her woven pieces.  Today, she did a photo shoot for our upcoming Inkle Loom class.

  This is the finished product!  Great job, Marie!!!!

  The Studio is always a lively place to be!!!! 

Happy Weaving!

Tuesday, May 14, 2019

The Broad View

  Looms are out and weaving commences.  Bonnie was tying on her warp today....but, no weaving just yet.  Ms. Ila is almost through threading.
  Alyce got to weaving a little later, and got to work on her purple throw.

  Here's a close up of Margi's table runner that she's weaving.  Rag weaving is so much fun!  The print just dances around as you weave.

  Inkles were set up on the table as we added to our collection for the key ring project.
 Carl finished up all his cut weft for rugs this afternoon, which means we'll be cutting strips next week!

  Keep those placemats coming, Mary!!!!  That's a nice roll of placemats on the cloth beam.
  Ray wears so many hats here at the Center, but, today he got to just weave for a little bit.  (Ray and Marie taught  a mug-rug class on Saturday!)

  Marie is another person who wears a lot of hats with our little group!  Here she is warping her Inkle loom before she has to go upstairs for shop duty.....never a dull moment!!!
  Bonnie spent the morning weaving on her shawl warp.

  Several folks went back to help Jocelyn get her warp wound on the loom this morning.  That's Tina back there right now.
  Liz and Sharon were able to get some weaving accomplished, too.

  Marilyn has switched her color scheme to a bluish combination on the black placemat warp. 

  Frieda set up by Charlotte to work on her warp.  You can see the tub of bands that have been made into key rings.

   Laura was at the end of the table working on her new warp. 

Frieda's new band.

  Linda's new band.

Last, but not least, is Patty's new band.

  I'm really glad that Betsy needed someone to taste-test her new (from scratch) strawberry cake.  Yes....it was delightful....she used fresh stawberries and butter cream icing.  Now, how could that go wrong???
  This is a dry run for a wedding cake for a friend....thank you for letting us help you, Betsy!!!!

Happy Weaving!

Tuesday, May 7, 2019

May Weaving

  We're back at it on this lovely May morning.  Ms. Ila is almost finished threading her warp....she always saves a few of the dyed threads to use for repair threads....just in case!!!!  Those are usually thrown off the back of the loom.
  Margi is working on her black placemats...each mat will have a different colored weft.  These will pair nicely with Fiesta dishes!

After working a shift upstairs, Ray was back to work on the loom.  He is co-teaching a class on Saturday, so he double checked the supplies for the students.  It's always something!
  Mary finished another placemat and she's weaving the hem area now.  Keep those white placemats coming, Mary!!!!

Time to wind on that warp!  Marie and Pearl jumped in to help Jocelyn get the towel warp on the loom.

  Wouldn't you know it....a thread got crossed!  Note Peggy UNDER the loom rescuing an errant thread!!!!  Shirley has the right touch getting the threads just where they need to be.


  Laura is one happy weaver!  Her warp is on and she finally got to throw the shuttle.  She also found out about UNweaving today!   Oh well....another tool in her tool belt!

  Bonnie and Marilyn held down the back row all morning just weaving away on their warps.

  Tina set up her harp band loom out of the main stream of traffic.  She was able to get a little weaving done this morning.


  But, it wasn't long until she was pressed into teacher mode for Linda.  Not only did Linda learn how to chart her new pattern, but she learned how to warp her Inkle loom. 

  Patty finished her first warp on her Inkle loom, and she cut it off this afternoon.  That's another band for our key chains!
 Pat and I started working on making the key chains this morning since we already have a small tub full of finished bands.  I sewed and Pat fringed the bottom edge and added the Tuesday Weaver card.  We had a system!!!

  Carl emptied one shuttle and started on another.  That's a nice roll of rugs on the cloth beam!

  These are Ms. Ila's "snake skin" shawls that are all finished and ready to go upstairs.  That is such a neat pattern!!!

Some more bands for your approval!

Betsy is weaving the blue, green and yellow band while Frieda is weaving the blue, pink and green band. 

Someone might think we're having too much fun!!!

I'm sure there will be more to show you next week.

Happy Weaving!