Wednesday, December 29, 2010


What a nice white day we had on Sunday!! It was good to "have" to stay home and relax. Up here on our hill when it snows like that and the roads are icy, we really can't get out. Hopefully we won't have alot more snow anytime soon. By Thursday, the high is in the upper 50s so the last bits of snow will be long gone!

On the weaving front, I am now tackling the guild friendship throw project. I chose a very simple weave structure in an attempt to showcase the colors. I know that some of the weave structures haven't really distinguished the warp from the weft, especially in the paler colors so I thought something that kind of looked like dots would be nice. It's weaving up easily and quickly. Here are LouAnn and Bonnie's colors. I'm almost half done. I will have to wait for Cathy's cone to finish hers but her panels are scheduled for the end of the warp. I'm hoping to have enough warp left, after I've done the panels, to weave a runner with a natural weft that is a slubby thick and thin like the warp here (and weft) is. 
I got several boxes of DVDs for Christmas of TV shows from last year. I'm watching NCIS right now. I probably saw most of the episodes but I do enjoy watching them back to back through the season, at least with one eye and it helps pass the time. 
I am looking forward to cutting off and serging each piece when I'm done! 

The surprise on this blog is something that happened this afternoon. My DH is off the rest of this week so we were home early afternoon and he called me to come to the kitchen window. We live on a high hill with alot of trees. We have about 3 acres up here. There is a very tall, at least 70 ft tall, persimmon tree next to the driveway. He was noticing a raccoon climbing that tree so we had to watch it.

These pictures don't show "him" at the most precarious spots. That silly guy would climb out onto the limbs to spots that didn't look to be more than about an inch thick, looking for persimmons to eat. He did find a few things to nibble on but not much. Remember, this guy is at least 70 feet up the tree and it's on a hill with a pretty steep slope on one side of it. We about had a heart attack watching him for about an hour til he got tired of his mostly fruitless search and climbed back down. His claws have got to be the sharpest ever!! Being able to dig in on thin branches and stay pretty stable is something I hadn't imagined an animal could do that high in the air! DH took some video of it to show his Dad when we go to Atlanta to visit his family. I'm sure the video will be the hit of the visit.
Living up here like we do, in Knox County, you never know what you'll see. We have possums regularly walking through the yard as well. Sometimes we hear coyotes. I think they chased the fox family away. I'm glad that our cat is a completely inside animal.
So not alot of weaving going on this week but I hope to get more done before next Wednesday. I did get the painted warp tied onto the baby wolf but haven't woven on it yet. That's a project for later. Right now I am on a mission to finish the friendship panels for the weaving guild!!
It'll be great when I can cross that off the to do list!
The goal this coming year is to be able to cross more off that list (the imaginary one in my head!)


Maggie said...

Those are great pictures! They show what an incredible blue the sky was yesterday, too. I saw a fox in my neighborhood on Christmas morning. Maybe your fox family relocated to north Knoxville!

Theresa said...

We have a fox that pads lightly through along our old logging road on the property. It's rare that I see it, but often I ( and Dennett) find the tracks in the snow.
Weaving looks great!

roxie said...

Oh, what lovely nature photos! And happy weaaving, too. NCIS is so well written. I want to be Deeva when I grow up

Bonnie said...

Wow! What great pictures of the raccoon. The weaving pattern is great. The under ones look like they are the verigated yarn. I like that pattern. Those to-do lists in our head are the ones that don't ever seem to get done.

Linda said...

What great pictures! Christmas eve we heard a pack of wolves howling in the woods near our house. It was dark so we couldn't see anything.