Tuesday, March 29, 2022

Fifth Tuesday


Gather round!  All are welcome!  It's time for a potluck lunch!

There's a little bit of everything, and my favorite, desserts!!!!

  Betsy even made soup to share!

It was a big hit!

  We had some familiar faces join us!

Isn't it great to see Ms. Ila!!!

  Welcome back to Alyce!  We have missed you!

  Gina's work schedule doesn't always allow her to come on Tuesdays, but we were happy to see her today.

Linda was able to stop by, too.  Sharen took some time to catch up on all her news.

I'm not sure...is Marie keeping the Ladies from their weaving????  

  Bonnie, Linda and Laura were hard at work until I disturbed them!

Linda has been busy at home, too.  She wove this stole for her friend who pastors a church in Greenville.

  You can see what Shari has been busy doing!  This is a king size quilt that she just finished for a young friend.

Patty is getting the dyed warps ready for her fiber festival.  Each warp is matched with a wound cake for weft.

  Mary chose these colors for the kit sale.  I know some folks that would grab this up very quickly!!!

  Wonder which kit goes with this weft??  That's a lovely color.  Marie is winding the cakes of weft to go with the warps in the kits.

It was truly a busy day!

Happy Weaving!


Tuesday, March 22, 2022

It Takes A Village


  I seem to use that title a lot!  Today it kept singing in my head!  It does take a village of folks working together to get things done.

  Remember all those drying skeins from last week?  This is the beautiful result of more than a half dozen weavers playing with color and just getting it done.  They have been rinsed, and most of them have dried.  The ones at the front of this picture were still damp, and they are now drying in the new Annex.

  Carol is always available to help weavers as they begin new projects.


   And we always have folks step up to lighten the load when a new warp goes on a loom.

  We help each other with new technology!  Next week is the 5th Tuesday:  potluck!!!

  Now, if Marie will show us how to put it in our calendar!  

  Lou Ann happily cut off her towel warp!!!  This was a nine towel warp!!!

  Now it's time to serge the edges before she hems the towels.  

  Carol serged the hems on Susan's rugs while she had the serger going.

  Pearl's huck towels are really nice.

  I think Frieda enjoys all the chatter and laughter in the studio!

  Liz is learning a lot as she weaves her sampler.

  Betsy and Jocelyn just weave away while all the hub-bub happens around the studio.  Betsy has started a new treadling for this scarf--it's very striking, especially the back side.

  Yes, Liz!  That will be a 6 thread herringbone when you finish threading that shawl!  Nice!!!

  That's it for today from our little village.  Laura and Bonnie were able to get a lot done.

I hope you have your own "village" of folks that support your endeavors.  It sure does make a difference.

Happy Weaving!


Tuesday, March 15, 2022

Final Push


  This is what I saw when I got to the Center today!

The weavers among us recognize skeins of yarn dripping in the sunlight.  Today we were washing the skeins in preparation for Dye Day on Thursday.

   Inside you can see Marie and Patty winding more skeins.  

Marie is winding "popcorn" yarn to be dyed for weft.  Patty is winding two warps for scarves.

  Meanwhile, Carol is going from one area to another just keeping up with all that is going on in the studio.

(Bonnie is still saying she's not a fan of summer-winter weave!)

  Our Ladies decided to eat lunch at their looms today....table space is hard to come by!  What a happy bunch!


  Lou Ann is really happy with Linda's scarf that she wove!  She bought it for her daughter's birthday!  That worked out very nicely for both of them.

  Jocelyn always has several "irons in the fire."  Today she is off to meet with a workman.  Don't they know we are busy on Tuesdays????

  Sharon found a notebook of weaving notes back on the shelf.  We soon realized that it was one of Carl's notes on the name placemats that he wove several years ago.  What a treasure!

  Betsy was busy changing out the floating selvedge for the next part of her warp.

Liz and Ruth are smack dab in the middle of all this action.  Yet, they just keep weaving!

  Barbara provides moral support!

  Shari is weaving a lovely blue-green pattern on the mug rug warp (or as Patty calls it the cocktail carpet!)  We found out today that we need to have some of our items ready by the end of April!

Better get busy!!!

I'll post some pictures of Dye Day if I have them.  Stay tuned!

Happy Weaving!


Tuesday, March 8, 2022

Getting Ready



 It seems we are always getting ready for something!!!

  Patty will be teaching at the Smoky Mt. Fiber Arts Festival in April, and she will also have a booth.  We are trying our hand at selling pre-wound scarf warps that will be dyed next week.  She is winding two warps at once...neat, huh?

  Mary is using the skein winder to wind weft for the kits.  They will get their turn during Dye Day!

  Several weavers have stepped up to help on this newest project!

  Pearl has finished her scarf for the "Blue-Green" challenge.  She is also weaving a huck lace runner for the challenge.


  Barbara got her blue warp tied on the loom for her Challenge project.  We'll have to wait and see what she's going to weave!!!

  Betsy has been going through her stash for her blue-green challenge.  She and Linda discussed the best way to decide on the epi for her collection.

  Although Liz's warp is blue, this isn't part of the challenge.  This is her first warp, and Carol has designed it to weave samples plain weave and twills.  It's a great way to get started.

  Liz also shared her weaving knowledge with some visitors to the studio this afternoon! 

  Tina is taking care of the last of the twisted threads on her loom.  She's getting near the end!

  Susan is threading her towel warp.

  You gotta love those big smiles!  I know I look forward to seeing them each week!

  Rachel is going to weave some placemats for her second warp.  (I think she's caught the weaving bug!)

  Peggy came by last week and got her warp wound on her loom.  Now it's time to get it threaded!!!

I missed getting photos of some of our weavers today:  Laura and Lou Ann!  So sorry!

  Although our February sales were down, it seems that Linda's towels are still selling like hot cakes!!!!  Keep up the good work, Linda!

Just get ready!!!

Happy Weaving!


p.s.  Hugs going out to Pat!  We're thinking of you!!!

Tuesday, March 1, 2022

In Like A Lamb


What a beautiful day to be in East Tennessee....and spend a little time with weaving friends!

  We are so pleased to welcome our newest weaver, Liz.  (She's our third Liz...but that's okay!)  She got her warp wound, and on her loom already.  Now to do the threading!

  Barbara enjoyed weaving her last warp, so she decided to tie her new warp to the old one.  This is going to be her "blue-green" project.  We'll have to wait and see what her weft will be....she may have to sample!!!

  We were so happy to see Laura today.  She's ready to get back to her black placemat warp.

  Linda had new pictures of her sweet little grandson to show off!  He and his big brother are the apples of her eyes!!!!!
  Be sure to click on this picture to see the design of this towel!!!

  Rachel is back with us, and she's already winding her second warp.

  Mary is getting really good at fixing the quirks of this old Studio loom.  It does have its moments!!!!

  Yes, that is a mallet in Pat's hand!  The top of the beater bar did NOT want to sit on the reed, so Pat gave it a little encouragement.  
  She was ready to go, and nothing was going to stand in her way!  A few little taps did the trick.

  The Ladies are always on point!!!!
Marilyn is threading another warp for Friendship Towels, while Shirley and Lou Ann work on their projects.  
  Way back in the corner, Sharon is adding more books to the shelves.  What a great library!!!!

  Sharen is winding bamboo warps for Dye Day this month.  (Patty set up the board to wind two warps at once!!!)
  It was great seeing Peggy today.  She will be coming later this week to dress one of the Pups with her warp.

  Frieda dropped by again today to spend time with her fiber friends.  Her Zoom loom was busy!  She also shared the new book that she found on Etsy.
  Marie wore her Fearless shirt for her dentist appointment.  That sounds about right!

  I caught Betsy and Bonnie at just the right moment!
I love to hear all the laughter and chatter in the studio.

Here is the first Liz!  (She joined us in 2016.) 
  This is one of the dyed bamboo warps from the last Dye Day.  There's enough on this warp for two shawls.  I don't think she has decided on a pattern just yet.

I hope you're seeing signs of Spring where you are.  I think we're all ready for it.

Happy Weaving!