Thursday, March 31, 2016


Taxes are DONE!!! 
  Now I get to start on this year's taxes!!!  But, all in all, everything turned out very well.

  If you look closely you'll see the little broccoli bud starting to form.  I'm looking forward to having fresh broccoli in the near future!

  And, I have a little surprise growing in the bales beside the broccoli--interesting fungi!

  I'm not up on my fungi identification, so I'll just let them grow and NOT use them for cooking!!!

  The lettuce is doing very well, also. 

  I'm really looking forward to planting the beans, corn and okra after the 15th.  I need to start looking for some tomato plants....there is a BLT in my future!!!

  And, now that Lent is over, I can enjoy my new tractor seat at the loom.  (I gave up buying weaving stuff for Lent....this got ordered on Monday!!!)  I really meant to get this one instead of the white adjustable stool last year....just had one of those senior moments.  This one fits my derriere much nicer!  I thought racing red might just inspire me......
  I think I'll go weave for a bit...they are calling for storms here tonight.  We'll see if we can get a rhythm going.

Happy Weaving!

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Live From East Tennessee

  Maybe that should have said, "Lively!"  It's always lively around the Studio on Tuesday.

  A conclave is a good way to get started.  Exchange greetings and ideas....catch up on the news.

  Linda and Anna found a few moments to chat while Linda was working on her mug rugs.

  Shirley had to catch up on a phone call, but soon got back to work.  Bonnie's dishtowels are speeding along as she uses different weft colors for each one.
  Ms. Ila finished threading her warp before lunch!!!

  Carl finished sleying the reed and started threading before he left for the day.  Yes....he warps front to back!!!

Jocelyn wound all the threads from her placemat bobbins getting ready for her next project:  waffle weave towels!

Take a look at that neat warp on the mill!!!  Jocelyn will get it finished next week.

Carol checked in with Betsy as she worked on her wool rug, and Sharon got busy with her placemat warp.

  Here is a better angle of Marie and her napkins!  The great thing about an eight shaft pattern is that you just change the tie-up and weave a different set of napkins!!!!

  Karin, Molly and Linda kept that side of the room humming with great weaving!

  Polly and Harriet got more strips cut for another rug.  A bright and bold sheet is great weft for a rug!

 And, you guessed it!  We got another donation!  After lunch, three sisters brought many boxes of their Mother's collection to the Center.  This lady must have had varied interest....but, you gotta love that button collection!

  Last....but, certainly not least....there was the great compost exchange going on in the parking lot!!!  (I'm surprised there were no blue lights!!!)
  Tina's little goats make some great compost for the garden...and that's just what Linda needs!!!  (I'm just glad I'm not riding with her this afternoon!)
  It's OK....just a different kind of FIBER!!!

Happy Weaving!

Monday, March 28, 2016

Getting Them Done

I've got four more rugs done. These are mostly rust colored. The rust with gray turned out to be a good combination. It seems that gray is the color these days, especially in home dec so using the gray that I had, the rug worked out nicely.
I had a fair amount of darker rust colors so this rug used a bunch of it.
Gradually transferring to a lighter shad, this one worked nicely with stripes of the darker shades.
Adding a bit of green changed the look of the rug as well.
So these four are done, inventoried, labeled and stacked ready to go when needed. It's good to get them done. I've got four left from that black warp to hem. The neutral warp has four done that I'll cut off this morning and leaves four left to weave. I really want to finish them today. I'm not sure that'll happen but that's the goal.
I only weave so many hours each day so had time this week to finish a quilting UFO. It's a kit I bought years ago, sewed the top and layered it. I actually did a bunch of stitching in the ditch but wanted to free motion quilt the long sections.
I finally finished that last week, sewed on the binding and now have to add a sleeve on the back incase I want to hang it somewhere all winter. It is Christmasy but can be just up all winter.
Not sure where I'll hang it but I still like it and will figure out where after the sleeve's on. Now on to that next wall hanging that needs to be free motion quilted as well.
That's all that's new here. The weather's turning pretty and it's tempting to be outside more and more. The mornings I'll weave but if it's nice, we'll see about the afternoons....
Until next week, keep weaving.

Friday, March 25, 2016

A Good Friday

I have done a very little weaving this week.  I re-threaded my problem Bread Cloth warp until I was going to have to move heddles,  can't face it, done, move on!   I turned to my Inkle project that has not seen any progress what so ever!  I worked just a few minutes, until I realized I had made a mistake a few rows back, can't face it, done, move on!

This week it has been like that, when the going gets tough,  can't face it, done, move on.  As I was thinking about my post this week, the pattern of my Inkle project kept coming to mind.  It reminded me of someone who did not give up in the face of a hard thing.

I am so grateful  he didn't!

Until next time, have a blessed Good Friday and a Happy Easter Sunday, Tina

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Oh Happy Day!

  I spent today with the one person that has known me the longest--my sister!  Today was a milestone birthday for her, and she wanted to go have lunch with our cousin who lives near Chattanooga. we went after a quick call to see if he was game for a visit.
  I love this picture!  Here we are...dressed in our Easter finery.  I have to wonder if she had already had her birthday OR was getting ready to celebrate her birthday in this picture.  (I can also hazard a guess that those dusters over our dresses were made by our maternal grandmother!)
  You know I love to celebrate birthdays!!!

  And, since we would be coming back by Tina's favorite shop, we had a little visit at the Purple Shop!  She had never taken the time to stop before, and it is full of lots of lovely items!

  It was a special day with special people.  The drive down was full of Spring color, and the rain held off until we were on our way home.
  Take some time this Spring to just enjoy the day!

Happy Weaving!

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Things We Love

Warp on the back beam, nice and neat!

 Thru the heddles what a treat!
White warps are one of our favorite things,
Black warps too, just make us sing!
 Painted shawl warps are a treat,

and when they are threaded we think they are sweet!

Pastels when pups are on the loose,

even rigid heddles are put to use.
 Pat's green warp had me thinking of St. Pat's day,

while this blue warp should be woven by May!

 Placemats are always regular fare,

with  tons of 8/4 cotton we are eager to share!

Warps in colors on great big rug looms,

and wee little Inkles, too!

Last weeks empty  Rug looms warp,

was cut, hand knotted and  looks real sharp!

All the while, Pat wound Carl's new warp
and Sharon and Harriet got a brand new start!

Until next week, Happy Weaving, Tina for all

Monday, March 21, 2016

Think Blue

Where does the week go? Well, I will admit that I did go to Pigeon Forge on Thursday for the quilt show. That's always inspiring and I will admit that I worked on a quilt that's been sitting by my sewing machine, spending a few hours making 9 patch blocks. You need a little break every so often and early spring is my break time.
I did work some. The last 4 rugs on the warp are woven, serged, hemmed and inventoried, ready to go when needed.
Starting with a few more aqua toned selvedges as the core color, I found some balls of selvedges to go together.
Adding a few darker tones to the colors made for an interesting rug.
Then navy was added and a bit more brown.
This was the darkest rug in navy. 
There's another black warp on the loom, threaded and ready to go. My shuttles are full and ready. I just need to get a few things done around the house and then get going on this warp. I'd love to get it done this week. With the weather being colder this week, outside won't be as tempting. 
Maybe it'll happen.
Until next week. 
Keep weaving!