Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Happy Thanksgiving!

  With so many of our Weavers taking off for far off places, the Studio was rather empty today.  It's such a rare sight to see empty looms on a Tuesday!


  But, this gave Mary a place to plug in her serger and finish the edges of her placemats that just came off the loom.  And our newest weavers got more uninterrupted time with Carol. 

  Our yarn order came in, and Marie got it all put away on the shelves.  What an invitation to all kinds of new projects!

  I'm so thankful for our group of weavers who encourage and nurture our love of fiber.

  And, I'm thankful for this safe place to gather.

We're sending out healing hugs to Ms. Ila.....we're thinking of you!!!!

Enjoy your holiday time with family & friends!


Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Always Planning

  What better way to start the day than to celebrate a BIRTHDAY!!!
  Happy Birthday, Charlotte!!!!  Thank you for sharing your special day!

  I hope our new student, Susan, enjoyed her first day with the Tuesday Weavers!  After Carol went over a few things, she chose her colors and got busy winding her warp.

With Carol's help after lunch, Susan was able to get the warp wound on the loom.  Next week she can start threading that warp.

  Lou Ann cut off her first warp this afternoon.  I guess we'll find out next week what she's going to weave next!

  Betsy is still weaving away on her placemat warp.  
  This is the fifth towel woven on Jocelyn's warp.  There should be a couple more after this one.

  Chalk up another placemat on Carl's tally board!  He just gets the job done!

  Alyce is working so hard at keeping track of her pattern on this scarf!!!!  She's determined that there will be NO mistakes!!!!
  Margi took advantage of the empty warping board to get a new warp wound. 


  Pat likes using a temple when she's weaving rugs on the old barn loom.  It won't be much longer before she'll need to wind another warp for it, too.

  Mary volunteered to wash the bamboo skeins for Dye Day.  There were about ten wound skeins that needed a little dunk in the sink.

  You should know that Bonnie's goal is to stay out of trouble...she just sits on the back row and weaves and weaves! 

  Sharon and Marie set up the drying rack for the washed skeins.  Those skeins will become weft for the warps that are already dyed. 

  Carol is always planning ahead for the projects woven in the Studio!

Happy Weaving!

Tuesday, November 5, 2019

Back At It!

  We had a good show, and now it's time to check in the items that came back with us.  Thank goodness that Marie is so organized!!!  Just call out the inventory number, and she checks it off!
  Items belonging to the Weavers were sorted at the show, and returned to them today.  Checks were given out, and our big winner was Ray!  His Cross of Tennessee rug was a showstopper, and sold on Sunday morning!

  Carol had a lot of admin work to do, also.  And, we're already thinking about next year!  We will be combining our booth with Carol's booth!  (We always run back & forth anyway, so why not make it official!)

    I'm so glad our Birthday girl, Marilyn, brought us treats for her special day!  These gluten free snacks were almost gone by lunch!!!!  Thank you, Marilyn....and Happy Birthday!!!!

  Patty has a good start on more product for the shop!  She cut off ten placemats and a runner from the black warp this afternoon.  She got them cut apart and serged the hems.  She's taking them home to finish the hems and wet finish.

  Jocelyn's towels are lovely!!!  I just love the stripes.

   Carl finished another placemat today, and got the hem woven for the next one.  That roll on the cloth beam just gets bigger and bigger!

  Bonnie just weaves and weaves!  It's fun to watch the play of color on those painted warps.

l to r:  Laura, Sandi, Pearl and Lou Ann

  Our "students" continue working on their warps.  Lou Ann is planning a placemat warp next.
  Pearl is always ready to give advice to our new weavers.

  It's back to business as usual around the studio!  Lots of weaving and lots of camaraderie.

A shout out to our friend, Betsy....we're thinking of you and your family at this time!

Happy Weaving!