Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Last October Tuesday

Oh, my.  It was hard to look at this loom today....

Just last week she got the warp wound on the loom, and she was going to look at patterns to use for the scarf.  I know that Bonnie would have chosen a pattern that would have blown us away.

But, Shirley is going to pick up the gauntlet and weave the warp.  We'll have to wait and see what she chooses.


Meanwhile, Marilyn is tied on and ready to start weaving while Liz is working on her chenille scarf warp.







Patty volunteered to twist the fringes on the scarves that Bonnie had taken home to wet-finish.  Her husband brought them by this morning.

Carol was on duty helping Linda with some color choices for her next project at home.






  Tina brought her handspun yarn to wind off 2 oz. balls.  These will be plyed to make 4 oz. skeins of yarn for sale.






  Mary is all tied on, and she checked for threading errors....she's ready to start a run of white placemats for the shop.






  Gina is back with us today....time to thread and sley her first warp.  I heard Carol mention "hemstitching" this afternoon!





  My overshot mug rugs are coming along.  This red one was finished this afternoon, and I got started on the next one!






  Betsy finished un-weaving to correct her treadling error, and now it's clear sailing for her towels.



 Lunch time.....time to share stories about how Bonnie made us laugh.

  She will be missed.




Stay safe, my fiber friends.

Wear those masks and remember to keep social distance!



Sunday, October 25, 2020

Our Bonnie

   I woke up Saturday morning thinking about this quilt that Bonnie made and brought to show the Weavers.

  You see....Bonnie wasn't just a weaver.  She made amazing quilts.

We got the news late Friday night....our bright light....our Bonnie....had passed earlier in the day.

  On Tuesdays their looms were in a row:



  Oh, my!  I wish you could hear the laughter!


And, I think, that's what we will miss the most:

her laughter!






   Helping others.

  Her kindness.

Always friendly.

Wonderful sense of humor.


She was a talented weaver....








She was an amazing cook!




  Yes.....that thumb is GREEN!  And, she shared her bounty with others.





 She kept us all neat and tidy.


 Most of all, it was her caring, loving spirit.  That sparkle that we all came to know.

  On Tuesday we will form our circle and share our memories of our Bonnie.......

.....and we'll miss her.


Rest in peace, dear friend.


Tuesday, October 20, 2020

BFF--Best Fiber Friends

   Welcome to our newest weaver, Gina!

She has bought two looms, and she's ready to learn to use them!  She is also looking for a spinning wheel....yes....spinning is on her list of things she wants to learn!  This should be fun!


 She got her warp wound this morning, and then it was time to wind it on the loom.

  Marilyn had a "new weaver moment" when she got ready to tie on her warp.  Yes, it passed quickly.

  She's all tied on and ready to weave!

  Shirley and Bonnie make a great team!

  Together they got Bonnie's new scarf warp wound on smoothly, and next week she can start threading.

It's always exciting to see a new project taking shape.

  Pat was super busy today!

Not only did she weave on her rug warp (she finished up one rug and started another one) but she also sorted some items that needed a home.

  Lou Ann is back from her beach vacation and ready to finish her placemat warp.  

  There doesn't seem to be a lot of warp left on the back beam!


Tied on!

Checked for missed threads!

Next week she'll be weaving!!!!  Linda is going to have fun with this dish towel pattern!

Time for lunch in the driveway! 

It did get a little cool when it got cloudy, but that didn't stop the fun.

  You can always bet that Tina and Pearl will bring their knitting!  No idle hands around here!

Earlier, Tina brought tubs of wool from Carl's stash to share with the weavers.  Liz is going to try some tapestry, so this wool will come in handy.

  Patty and Tina have been busy at home, too!  Patty wove a merino and silk striped scarf.  She used black for the weft to tone down the bright colors.

  Tina is working through her Jacob fleeces, and spun this skein of yarn.  You can see the knitted sample from the yarn on the left.

Busy ladies!!!!

Stay safe my fiber friends!  Wear those masks!  Keep your distance!!!!

Happy Weaving!


Tuesday, October 13, 2020

Go Ahead.....Make a Plan


  We came to weave....but, the powers that be had other ideas!  It seems that the Fire Marshal thought we needed wider pathways at the back of the room, so with masks in place, we rolled up our sleeves and set to moving looms and assigning new places for some of the other looms.  (Would you argue with this group????)


  Thirty-six inches from the wall/bookshelves was the order.  And, just to be on the safe side, Pat and Betsy got out the yard stick!!!

  As we moved looms, Bonnie came behind us and vacuumed the rug.  (We killed two birds with one stone on that one!)

Since we aren't all in the studio on Tuesdays right now, we tried to keep looms that are used on other days in reach of the weavers that use them.

Linda B., Betsy and Pearl

  We set today aside to have lunch together and Remember Carl.  

   It was a perfect Fall day to be outside, and we shared stories about Carl.

Alyce, Sharon, Linda L., and Pat


Carol, Peggy, Bonnie, Mary, Alyce, Marilyn, Sharon

We are so lucky to have known him.

(****Just a note:  I hate the new Blogger....it won't let me move pictures!!!!!!)

We had a great sharing time...weavers have been busy at home!

Sharon finished her ISOLATE project and tried out two different wefts with her warp.  

Pearl is making slippers for Peggy's grandchildren....aren't they just the sweetest little things!!!!

Pat finished the embroidery on a project for a friend's family.  All of the wool used for this was handspun and dyed.

Marie was upstairs in the shop today.  Doesn't she look official behind the desk!!!!  (That's one of her scarves that she's wearing!)

  So.....not a lot of weaving.  But, we had a lot of Togetherness.


Stay safe!  Wear your mask!

Keep social distance!!!!


Happy Weaving!


Tuesday, October 6, 2020

Beautiful October Tuesday



  As I came around the big curve in the highway, the river was on my right.  I reflected on how many times Carl and I would comment on the beauty of the river as it flowed past us.  This morning, it looked like glass..not a ripple to be seen.  He would have been smiling.

  Then, I arrived at the Center, and I was met by this lovely site of our fiber friends.  Always ready with a warm greeting, and news to share.

We are so lucky to have each other.



  Outside in the bright morning sunshine, Pat and Linda B. were taking pictures of some of the looms that we are selling.  It is amazing how much we have collected over the years...and we have such a space crunch in the Studio.  I'm so glad we have the Annex to store items that aren't used very often.

  Miska greeted everyone as they entered the Studio.  She provided just the right amount of comfort.  I'm so glad that Angela shares her with us.

  Today was Liz's last day until the next school break.  She's planning some projects at home on her Baby Wolf--Christmas presents!




  Lou Ann is still working on her placemats (with Miska's supervision!)  I bet she's ready to get on a floor loom....

    Jocelyn had a wee bit of trouble with her truck battery this morning, but she made it to the Studio in plenty of time.  Now, it's back to the loom!

  Patty is blowing through the set of black on black placemats, and she's already dreaming of COLOR, lots of COLOR!!!

  Just when she thought it would never happen, Bonnie is at the end of the warp!  She has been looking forward to this day for awhile!  

  Now.....what will be next, Bonnie????

  Liz is finding out just how slippery chenille can be!  She's tied on now, and ready to weave...and this will be a beautiful scarf when she's done!

  I'm not going to show the picture of Marilyn's bruise.  Bless her heart....she slipped on the steps at home, and I'm surprised she can even sit down!  Maybe that's why she's standing at her loom????

  It looks like she's sleying the reed, which means she'll be weaving next week.  I'm looking forward to seeing her pattern.

  This is a picture I don't get very often:  Carol weaving on a loom.  Yes, she weaves a lot at home, but she's usually busy trouble-shooting around the Studio.  She's busy finishing up Anna's warp (she's in California with her family right now.)

  Marie and I got the rugs, scarves and shawls bar coded after lunch (and found some we missed in the inventory.)  We'll finish that project up next week!  We sure have a lot for sale in the Shop!!!!

Take care, my friends!

Wear those masks!

Happy Weaving!