Tuesday, November 27, 2018


  For those folks who are new to our blog, I should explain that the Tuesday Weavers are all volunteers here at the Appalachian Arts Craft Center.  You can learn to weave here, but, you can also just come and weave with us.  The items that we weave here at the Center go upstairs to the shop.  A portion of the sales price goes to the Center, and the rest comes back to us.  With our money, we buy more thread and weaving supplies, along with an occasional loom.  (I should also tell you that we can keep one item out of four that we weave.)
    Christy isn't weaving right now, but she makes sure that Carl has plenty of blue jean strips for his rugs!  And, Marilyn has finished her beginner's project and she's weaving on a project for her home with thread that she bought.

    Mary is one of our newest weavers, and she's threading a new warp on her loom.

  We missed Bonnie while she was living in Kentucky, but now that she's back with us, it's business as usual!!!  She's still working on the painted huck placemat warp.

  These Ladies are always giving us their time and their talents.  Ms. Ila, Bonnie and Shirley produce some beautiful items (and provide us with lots of laughter!)
  That's Helen in the background....she's winding a new warp.

  Betsy drives for over an hour to get here every Tuesday!  Now, that's dedication!!!!  She cut off the placemats that she had started, and found the threading error.  It's been corrected, and she's back to weaving her pattern.

  Charlotte weaves at home and brings her lovely, finished projects to the Center.  Today she was learning how to twist the fringes on her shawl with the twister.  Heavy books (or a well trained cat) work best to weigh down the piece!

  Carol gives generously of her time and talents to the Tuesday Weavers.  As our fearless leader, she teaches the beginning weaver course as well as keeping up with the inventory that goes upstairs to the shop.  Each piece has to be tagged and priced.  She's our "go-to" person when we have weaving questions.

  Jocelyn has a rich art background, which she brings to her weaving projects in the studio.

  Yes...another warp going on Alyce's loom.  This will be two wraps when she is finished!!!!

  Ray is on his stool....that means he's back to work on the double weave project.  Keep your fingers crossed that all goes well!  (This has been a troublesome warp!!!) 
  You can see Linda B. back there on the black placemat warp.  She's using a combination of blues, gray and black to weave new placemats.

   Hey, Carl!  We missed you today!  Your loom is waiting for you!

  I missed getting pictures of Linda, Sharon and Frieda today.....they'll be first on my list next week.  And, Marie and Tina breezed in after lunch....missed getting a shot of them, too.  These folks give so much of their time to our little group!

Have a good week!

Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Back To Work!

  Our show is in the books!  We did okay....Marie was our top seller with Tina and Linda coming in behind her.  Our Tuesday Weaver items did a respectful amount, also.
 The tubs containing items not sold had to be checked off the show inventory list....Tina called out the numbers while Marie worked her computer magic.  Then, everything went back upstairs to the shop. 

Carol made a list of items we want to weave before next year (and to have upstairs in the shop.)  Towels are at the top of the list!!!  We're always adjusting our goals!

  Anna is getting ready to weave some more scarves and she was making her calculations.  Tina brought out the McMorran yarn balance scale to insure there was enough for her project. 
  That's Polly looking on....it was a great educational moment.

  Jocelyn got an early start back at her loom....just weaving away while we got all the woven goods checked in.  Normally you would see Betsy to her left, but Betsy was checking her tie up.  We found an error on her placemats, and she had to rule out threading or tie-up.  It's looking like it might be a threading problem. 
  Oh well, it happens to all of us!

  Helen had a little tension issue this morning, but I think it was corrected. 


   Christy went back to work on her tub of blue jean panels.  She sorts them by width before she joins them. 

  Marilyn got a new warp wound and with the help of Carol and Pearl, it was beamed on the loom quickly.  I guess she'll be threading at home this week!

  Another row of ladies:  Linda, Bonnie and Linda!  It's so nice weaving with our friends!  (More towels and placemats!)

    Our other Bonnie has started her next snakeskin scarf.  She's using a hunter green for the weft this time.

  And, Ms. Ila has started another shawl using red for the weft.  Isn't that striking????

    Charlotte's birthday is Friday, and she brought US doughnuts to celebrate!!!  Thank you!
  She also brought in a shawl that she just finished...isn't it lovely????

The Tuesday Weavers wish all of you a very Happy Thanksgiving!!!!


Thursday, November 15, 2018

Foothills Fall Show

  The weather says winter, but, it's still Fall!  Our faithful Tuesday Weavers came out to help set up this morning despite the weather, and we got right to work.  Anna and Alyce set to work on the grid cubes to show off some of our smaller items while Marie and Pearl were setting up the display stand.

  But, before we got too ahead of ourselves, we got the rugs taped down!  Marie went over to Carol's booth next door and helped her out.

  We didn't bring as many rugs this year as we have in the past, but we have a great selection of different rugs for folks to choose from.

  Pat finished putting the cubes together and we starting placing items for display on those shelves.

There are napkins, Anna's pin loom ornaments, Betsy's bottle bags, Pat's napkins, greeting cards (with woven inserts) and bowl cozies. 

The kiosk is a wonder!  The four sides of this display hold an amazing amount of woven items. 

Here are the sides that hold the placemats and towels.

  It's not fancy, but we have a lot of different woven items for folks to admire.  And, this year, they have plenty of room to walk around the booth. 
  A big THANK YOU to Marie, Pat, Anna, Alyce and Pearl for all their help!!!!  We couldn't do it without you!
  I've got my fingers crossed.......

Happy Weaving!

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Here We Go Again!

  There is a rhythm to our weaving life....have you noticed it???  Warps get cut off the loom, and a new one replaces it.  We do this over and over.
  I love how folks jump in to help here in the studio.  (That's so different from doing it by yourself at home, right?)  The call went out, and three weavers just jumped right in to help Carl get the warp wound on the old barn loom.
  Not only did they get it wound on the loom, but Carl got it tied on this afternoon.
  He'll be weaving more rugs next week!!!

  After helping Carl, Linda went back to work on her loom.  That means more placemats for the shop.

  Bonnie's placemats are coming right along!

    Liz finally came to the end of her towel warp.  That's six more towels for the shop!

  That's a serious looking group!!!!  Actually, it's a quick lesson on writing up the sales ticket for the show this weekend.  Also, some of our newer weavers haven't used the "square" before, so Marie gave a quick lesson on that, too. 
  Carol took over the inventory of shop items that we are taking to the show in addition to her duties as weaving teacher for our newer members.  (We keep her busy!!!!)

   And, still we weave on.......................

  The cars are loaded with tubs of woven goodness, and my car is loaded with the display items to show off those items.  You should see Marie's car!!!!!!
  I'll post pictures of our booth......

Wish us luck for this weekend!

Happy Weaving!

Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Getting Ready!

  The Ladies were hard at work first thing this morning:  Shirley and Bonnie on their scarves and Ms. Ila on her shawl.

  Here's a close-up look at the snakeskin shawl Ms. Ila is weaving.  The painted warp gives it added depth, I think.

  Liz, Jocelyn and Betsy are intent on weaving their projects, too.  Liz's goal was to cut off  her towels by this afternoon.

  This is a close-up of Betsy's placemats.

  Carl finished threading the heddles, and starting tying on the warp to the back bar.  I know that means we might be winding on next week.

  Christy's ready for him!  She's working on more panels for blue jean rugs!

  Ray brought one of his new rugs to show us...he will have it for sale at the Foothills show.  (This is a blue jean rug, too!)

  Pat is planning her next fabric project for more bowl cozies.  Davison is always a good resource!

  Marilyn finished her sample warp, and she's planning her next warp.  Mary is just starting her sample.

  And what are Alyce and Carol doing back at the warping board????  It's a tangle.........uh-oh!

  Linda is going to work on that black warp....back to placemats, which we always need! 
  Bonnie's huck lace placemats are looking great!

  Linda has switched to a pale green for this set of towels.  She's treadling twill stripes, which look great with this color.

  And, we should all take time to catch up with our friends. 
  As we get ready for next week, we just need to stop and share...it's one of the great joys of our group.

Happy Weaving!