Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Wow! April Flew Right By......

  One minute you're wearing sweaters and wondering when Spring will actually show herself, and the next thing you know, it's the last day of April!  The temps have finally warmed, and we're busy (as usual) in the Studio.  Although we were missing more than a half-dozen weavers today, we had plenty to keep us busy.


  Dickie tackled the drain in the kitchen sink (which has nothing to do with weaving, but is in use by the weavers!)  He found that one of the joints had not been glued, which was causing the leak.

   Peggy is Inkle weaving at home, but hard at work in the Studio on her huck project.

  Linda keeps knocking out towels in the Studio and at home.  (She told me her challenge towels are off the loom and waiting to be hemmed.......I'm jealous!)

  This scarf is a showstopper!  I just love the use of color on this project.  (Hello to Katja!)

  Pat took over Carol's duties and helped Laura with her first warp.  It's threaded and through the reed....time to tie on the bar.

   Uh-oh!  There's a problem!!!!  (Yes, Pat is ON the table!)  Laura is learning a an important lesson:  check the threading.  There was a small mistake, which will require re-threading a small portion.

  Look at that roll of placemats on Marilyn's loom!  Wow!  I'm glad Mary took a moment to catch up with Marilyn this afternoon.

  Jocelyn's warp is looking better and better...maybe she'll be weaving next week.

  A big thank you to Patty Cook.  She donated this loom to the Tuesday Weavers.  It's a Swedish design loom that attaches to a table.  It also has a piece that can attach to the back to make it stand alone.

Now, for a quick glimpse at some of our warps:

Bonnie's shawl warp.

Tina weaving on her band loom.

A close up of the band in progress.

Frieda's band.
(Don't you just love these colors!!!!)

  My watermelon band....Pearl has already requested one of the key rings!!!!  This is such a fun pattern!

  Tomorrow will be May 1st...the time is flying by!  What's on your to-do list????

Happy Weaving!

Tuesday, April 23, 2019

It's Tuesday! Do You Know Where Your Weaver Is???

  Marie, Linda and Carol were busy this morning putting new stickers on some of our woven goods that are going to a shop in Gatlinburg.  This is a great opportunity for us to sell to at a new venue.

  Sharon was available to help Jocelyn put on her new towel warp.  (Linda is taking a look at the 8/2 colors available on the shelf.)

    Blue and white stripes.....this will be fun to see what Jocelyn does with this towel warp!!!!

  Carl has plenty of weft to keep him busy (for a little while!)

  Ray is sending one of his overshot rugs to the shop in Gatlinburg.  (And, it's a blue jean rug!!!!)

   Carol had time this afternoon to weave on her wee Inkle. 

  Patty is doing a great job on her first Inkle warp!!!

  Tina brought her band loom to warp today....that will give us lots of tape for those key rings.

  Betsy is taking over the mega Inkle loom.  She's got a great color combo going!!!!

  Bonnie and Marilyn are doing their best to keep those looms humming!

  After helping with the items going to our new venue, Pat got a little weaving done.  Then it was time to pack it up.  She was headed to pick up the sewing machines:  they've been serviced and they're ready to get back to work.

  Ahhhh....The Ladies minus Ms. Ila.  It's always a good day weaving with our friends!

  It looks like Bonnie is almost through threading....maybe we can see her pattern next week.

Tuesday.....the best day of the week!!!


Tuesday, April 16, 2019

On A Mission

  We've been posting about our Inkle bands the last month or so....Pat and Tina have been doing the math, and we are on our way.  Don't get me wrong...we have a long way to go, but we've got an early start.

  We have been weaving at home, and weaving on Tuesdays.  Pat brought her newest band warp today to work on in the Studio.

 This is Patty's first warp.  We got it started, and she was busy all morning getting it on the Inkle loom.

  Frieda brought her wee Inkle today, and got to work weaving a band.
  Carol also brought her wee Inkle to load up today!

We are on a roll!!!!!!!

  Elsewhere in the Studio, Marie was busy putting together a stand for one of our Ashford looms.  Christy spent the day sewing blue jean strips, and took time to catch up with what's going on with Marie.

  Bonnie and Ms. Ila are still threading their new warps.  I'm really looking forward to seeing their warps when they start to weave!  It's always a fun surprise.

We got to see the start of Alyce's warp last week....just look at it now!!!!

  Betsy did a little sampling at the end of her warp and invited folks back to vote on their favorite.  Bonnie and Marilyn got a look at her different color combinations.

  Then it was time to cut off the warp.  She had eight placemats and one table runner on this warp. 

  Say hello to Anna's sister, Katja, who was visiting with us today.  She lives in Portugal, and is spending some time with Anna during our lovely East Tennessee spring.  She brought her crochet project along to work on while she was here.  (Another fiber person!!!!)

  Shirley brought brownies to help her celebrate her birthday!  Happy day, Shirley!!!!
  (And, thanks for the brownies....YUM!)

I missed getting a picture of Ray with his daughter.  She was visiting the Studio today, too.  She also weaves at home!

There's so much going on in the Studio....what a fun place!

Happy Weaving!

Tuesday, April 9, 2019


  This is the way most Tuesdays start.

  We have to catch up with each other....it's been seven days since we were together, you know!

  Sometimes someone brings a new book....we all want to take a look.

  Sometimes it's a post online that we can't wait to show each other.

    Morning is also a great time to get chores out of the way!  The shelves needed to be adjusted, and this morning was a good time to get it done.  These are the shelves that store the table looms.

  We have filled up the container with woven tapes for our key chains!  Pat decided it was time to measure and tag each roll and calculate how much we have so far.  Plans are being made for a sewing day to start putting the key chains together.
  Christy is working on blue jean panels....a necessary on-going project.


Carol had a lot to share with us about her weekend at Fiber Forum.  Betsy volunteered to put the drops in Carol's eye....a job Carol just can't do on her own!!!!
   Kay came to visit us today....she wove at the Center back in the '90's.  I'm sure she saw lots of changes.

  Liz's towels are coming right along!
   Bonnie and Ms. Ila are threading their warps.  We had a conversation about the sett for Bonnie's warp.....she's threading a plaited twill.  She might want to sample ....the reed can always be re-sleyed. 

  Our other Bonnie is ready to start weaving....she's just got to tie up her treadles!

  When Ray isn't being our carpenter, he's hard at work on his loom.  Mary is humming along on her placemats, too.

  We're glad Anna is back from California!  Time to get back to her loom!  Besides showing us pictures of her adorable new grandson, Linda has been weaving on her towel warp.

  Pearl is always ready to lend a helping hand.  Peggy's warp is looking great!
  Helen had some questions for Tina as she worked on the large Inkle loom.

  Carl continues to put all those blue jean strips to good use!

  Alyce was ready to sample her warp today.  After finding and correcting some cross threads, this is how the bamboo wrap is looking.

Betsy was busy un-weaving when I made my way to the back of the Studio.    It's not our favorite thing to do....but, necessary.

So much going on in the Studio today....you should join us!

Happy Weaving!

Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Off With The Old.....

  It's always exciting when a new weaver cuts off their first warp.  (It's also a little scary!!!  You've been so careful keeping the scissors away from the warp!!!)  Today was Leslie's day!

Of course, when one warp comes off....you need to get busy winding a new warp!  Uh-oh....there might be a tangle involved!

  Jocelyn cut off her shawl warp today, too.  This warp was labeled "two shawls" but it yielded FOUR shawls!!!!

  They just kept rolling off the cloth beam!!!!

  Three scarves came off of Frieda's loom today!

  These are all from the same warp, but when you change the weft and the treadling, you get different results!

  Please note that Helen is back with us again!!!!  She's all healed and ready to treadle!

  No, Liz is not lying down on the job.  She's just making an adjustment!  (You can see her weaving in the previous picture.)  Her huck towels are looking very nice!

  Bonnie is tying on her shawl warp....weaving next week!  Marilyn is cruising along on the placemat warp.


 Her new colors have a spring look to them, don't you think? 

  It's a bee hive of activity!  Laura is working on her first warp while Marie adds additional heddles on one of the Ashford looms.
  Christy is prepping more blue jean legs to sew together.

  Margi took on the job of cutting the blue jean panels into weft strips for Carl to weave.

  And, Carl.....he just keeps on weaving those blue jean rugs!!!

  It's a team effort!

When Ray isn't trouble shooting equipment problems, he gets some weaving done.  Mary's brake required a little TLC...but she's back to weaving on the white placemat warp.

  Ahhhh.....crammed and spaced threads in the reed can cause some confusion.  Carol to the rescue!  Alyce's bamboo wrap will be lovely!!!!

 Bonnie's new warp is a lovely dyed bamboo.  Wonder what pattern she'll select?  Ms. Ila is already threading her new warp.

  Ms. Ila made sure we were well fed again....this is her banana bread with raisins and walnuts!  (It went FAST!)

   And, the birthday girls brought their own cake.  No...they are not twins, but they are sisters with April birthdays!
  Happy Birthday Barb and Shirley!
  Thank you for the lemon cake.....it didn't last too long, either!!!!

   New warps going on next week....stay tuned!