Tuesday, September 24, 2019

All In A Day

  Just like many mornings when I walk into the Studio:  there are bags of colorful cakes of thread lying on table.  Someone has donated their stash to the Weavers......

  Well....actually, Ms. Ila's daughter donated leftover bamboo to the weavers!  These are all weft from her beautiful weaving projects, and they needed a new home. 
  We challenged Carol to select some cakes to make a warp for a wrap that we would weave in the Studio.  I wasn't surprised at her color choice:  teals....her favorite!  Tina challenged her to make a second warp for another wrap, which she did.  (You can spy the burgundy and blue there on the table.) 
  Our new weavers got to see Carol wind the warp using 5 threads at a time which she places between her fingers.  This will be a fun project.....stay tuned!!!!


  Carol cautioned Katelyn and Sandi that they weren't quite ready for winding 5 threads just yet.  Learning to weave is a process....that's for sure.

  Pat has been busy at home weaving placemats for the Cliff Dwellers shop in Gatlinburg.   Now that they're tagged, they are ready to go!

  Mary is concentrating on weaving more of the white placemats for the Fall sales in the Shop and for the Foothills show.  It looks like she has a nice size roll of mats ready to be cut off and hemmed.
  Ray continues to work on his next table cloth.

  Tina finished her latest warp for the key chain project, and I think I heard her say that she got three and a half yards.  As we finish the key rings at home, we'll get a final count soon.

  These ladies just stay busy, busy, busy!  Linda is threading....Bonnie is weaving another shawl.....and, Marilyn keeps turning out those great placemats!

  Pearl pitched in to help Linda when some threads got snagged on the sectional beam.  Isn't it great to have weaving friends!  That's Pearl's gray warp on the Pup.                                   
       Frieda brought her wee Inkle purses for Share time today.  (I think she might be having too much fun with her Inkle loom!  She's already warping her little loom for another band.

 After all their hard work last week, Ms. Ila is ready to rethread her warp.  That means that Bonnie is back to weaving her scarf.
Look at that tidy warp now!!!!!
 Ms. Ila is so multi-talented:  just look at the quilt she made for her grandson's wedding gift!!!!  

  Somehow I neglected to get photos of Carl, Liz, Betsy and Shirley!!!!  I know I talked with all of them today, but they will be first on my list next week!!!

Happy Weaving!

Tuesday, September 17, 2019

It's What We Do

L to R:  Sandi, Laura, Katelyn and Lou Ann

  It doesn't seem all that long ago that we wrote the grant to get new looms for the beginning weavers.  Yet, when I look back, we had to wait for the grant, wait for the delivery, and each loom had to be put together.  I think this might be the first time we had all four looms being used by our new student weavers!  Isn't it a wonderful sight!!!!  Thank you, again, to the Norris Foundation for your faith in us!

    Soon, they will be ready to move to a floor loom and plan their own projects.  (I'm sure they are already thinking about getting a loom at home, too!)
  It's always fun to walk around the Studio and visit with the weavers as they work.  Pat stopped by to chat with Marilyn and Bonnie as they worked at their looms. 
  In the background, it looks like Ray as been called in to look at a mechanical problem.
  Linda is still threading for a new towel warp.

  Carl finished another placemat and got started on another one.  He just keeps churning them out!!!!

  Helen has finished weaving the body of the scarf, and is almost finished hem stitching.....not our favorite part!!!  That's another scarf for the Fall sale!

  I don't know the game plan, but, Ms. Ila has one!  As promised, she got busy at the back of her loom pulling the threads out one at a time and putting them in the lease sticks that Bonnie is holding.
  We'll stay tuned......

  Jocelyn tied her warp back onto the loom, but she still isn't happy with the tension.  Betsy stopped by to take a look, but it's not clear what is going on. 
  We'll figure it out..............

  For your viewing pleasure, take a look at Peggy's Peacock Twill scarf.

Need I say more?????

  Today WAS the perfect day to be in the Studio!  Jocelyn and Ms. Ila treated us with homemade coffee cake and muffins AND
  Connie was working upstairs and brought down a bundt cake that she had baked.

It was decided that we are wayyyyyyy overdue for a Potluck!!!!!  That's just what we do!!!!
Thank you, Ladies!!!!

Happy Weaving!


Tuesday, September 10, 2019


  This is such a typical glimpse into our morning....folks working on projects and chatting with each other!  Tina and Marilyn are getting one of the old Lily inkle looms ready to work for Marilyn's grandchild.  Frieda is weaving a new Inkle pattern.  Yes....Alyce is twisting fringes on her wrap.  That's Anna and Sharon back by the door just catching up with each other.  Charlotte brought in a new bunch of hand towels that she wove at home.  Pat is stripping interfacing off of some wool strips that she just might use for a rug.  Patty is adding tags to the latest bunch of key rings for Convergence.

  You also might see Tina climbing around to put away the LARGE Inkle loom!


Carl cutting more weft for his placemats!

   Our newest weaver, Sandi, got busy winding her first warp.  She's just beginning a grand adventure!!!!

   Of course, that means that Katelyn is not the "newbie" any longer!!!!  She got her first warp threaded and now it's time to sley the reed.  

  As promised, Liz cut off the placemat warp, and she serged the edges in preparation for hemming.  Can you believe how close she got to the heddles????

   Marilyn's roll of placemats were ready to be cut off the loom, which gave us the chance to see the two table runners that she wove.  Click on the picture and compare the two runners!!!!

  Marilyn started the next set of placemats using a new color scheme for this black warp.
  Bonnie has started her newest shawl using a salmon colored bamboo thread for the weft.  It's working well with this warp.

    Typical????  Yes.....and oh so comfortable!

Happy Weaving!

Tuesday, September 3, 2019

Another Great Day

   ****Just a note:  I updated the membership list last month and sent it to Carol.  I jokingly said that this would mean we'd be getting a new weaver soon.  Guess what?????

  Welcome to our newest weaver, Katelyn!  She came by to visit the Center last week and came downstairs to tour the Pottery Department.  But, she loved all the energy and weaving going on in our studio, and she's back to learn to weave.


There's always so much going on in the Studio, and if you blink, you might miss it!
  Pat finished up one rug and she was getting started on the next one.

  Liz is almost at the end of her warp!  The bar is getting ready to go over the back beam!  That's six placemats and one table runner!
  Jocelyn is still having trouble with the tension on the right side, so next week she'll cut off the two towels that are finished and tie back on the loom.

   Carl finished one placemat and he's half way through the second one now.  After filling the shuttle with the fabric weft, we realized that we'll need to.

  Patty tagged the new batch of key rings that are ready to be counted.  We are getting so close to our goal!!!!
  Charlotte dropped by with plans for her weaving at home.  Wonder what she's weaving now????

  Polly and Barbara stopped by today, also.  Polly wanted some tips on her Inkle weaving.
  The best tip:  practice, practice, practice!!!!!
  Frieda has contributed a bunch of key rings to our project!

     Alyce is through knotting the groups for fringes, and now comes the fun part:  twisting!!!!  These bamboo wraps are sooooooo nice!  A perfect wrap for Fall evenings!

  We were so glad to have Helen back with us today.  She back there with Linda and Betsy in their cozy little nook.  Linda is rethreading her towel warp...it's time for a change!  Bonnie is starting a new shawl on her warp....I need to get a look at the weft!
  Those lovely hands belong to Pearl.  She's busy threading an Atwater Bronson pattern.

  Yes....another view of Bonnie from the other side!  Marilyn, Ray and Mary make up the other corner of the Studio. 
  We were all excited about Ray's warp making Page 12 of the HGA Convergence guide.  You're famous, Ray!!!!

    "That's enough," she said!!!!!  Ms. Ila has declared that she will NOT fight this warp any longer.  Next week a plan will be made to fix all the wayward threads!!!!!   Stay tuned......

I've said it before.....and it's still true.....another great day with the Tuesday Weavers!

Happy Weaving!