Tuesday, May 26, 2020

New Normal

  This is the new normal, or what passes for that.  A peek inside the Studio kinda makes you sad.  We are so used to it being so busy and vibrant. 
  Carol and Alyce were planning a project this morning.


  Liz was working on her loom in the back corner.  You can see that the folding looms are still pushed out of the way.

  Warps still need to be wound.  Lou Ann was busy winding her next warp for her (new to her) loom.  Can't wait to hear more about her new project.

 Yeah!  Lunch time!  Ray joined us today with news from the Board.  Like many small businesses, we're finding new ways to stay afloat.

   It's like a round robin:  sharing news and weaving ideas.  

 We're even talking about a COVID-19 weaving project!!!

  Linda did a run of t-shirt rugs (shower mats.)  Her color choice for this one gave us some inspiration for our newest project.
.........more information later!!!

Make your new normal the best it can be.

Happy Weaving!

Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Following The Rules

Mask?   check
Practice social distancing?    check
Need your fiber friends?    YES!

 Even the drizzle didn't stop us from enjoying some time together.
We brought our lunches and parked the cars, got the folding chairs and spent the next hour catching up with each other.

  Margi had come earlier to use the serger for one of her projects, and left as we got ready to eat. 

  Marie had items to share with the group that she has been working on at home.
  Carol was safe in her PPE mask.  (It doesn't fog up her glasses!)
  Patty brought her towels that she wove in bumberet.

  Tina had farm fresh eggs and a carload of iris that she thinned out of her flower bed!  There was also some hostas for those that needed them.

 Pat has been busy making masks for folks in the neighborhood.

Linda wove 22 mug rugs....she was contacted by a lady that wanted some for her guest room.  It seems only right to make a bunch while you have a warp on the loom!

I didn't get a picture of Betsy...her car was parked to the side of me!  I'm thinking we might need to do lunch again.  It does get you in the mood to weave! 
  I miss my fiber friends!
Happy Weaving....