Sunday, December 19, 2010

Blanket of snow in SF

Hi all,
Just a very quick note and a few photos of our somewhat unexpected snowfall this past Friday. Accumulations ranged from 8 inches to 2 feet! As much as we love the snow and moisture, the storm arrived on the day of the NM state employee holiday craft fair! The event has been rescheduled to Tuesday 12/21 which probably won’t be as good for sales, but who knows? The delay will at least give me time to organize a first project for my new inkle loom purchased last summer after Convergence. I figured that if I’m going to sit for 5-6 hours and things are slow, I can at least be weaving - since it will be TUESDAY!
Happy, healthy, safe holidays to all!
Marta (& David)


LA said...

WOW! Snow in the desert...nothing more beautiful! You got an early Christmas present! Have fun at the craft show with your inkle!

Linda said...

Oh, how beautiful!! Send some our way!

Maggie said...

Marta, Linda didn't mean that about the snow. She was just kidding. You can enjoy it out there all you want, because as soon as the sun comes out, it'll all melt! Merry Christmas!

Linda said...

LOL. Hey! I did mean it! OK, just sent it all to my house!

Bonnie said...

Have a good time at the craft show. Happy weaving on Tuesday. The snow is beautiful but you can keep it.