Monday, October 31, 2016

Back At It

I want to keep weaving all year so I don't get in a panic before a show. So I wound on a short 2 vest warp using scrap balls of hand painted bamboo. This time I used 2 different color combinations for the weft.
The first vest is more purple. It makes the yellow in the warp just pop.
The second best is green, shades of green. It you look closely you can see that some of it is quite light. It makes an interesting pattern on the fabric, kind of circles. It's quite different from the other vest.
Both vests are colorful but in a subdued way..
DH and I went on a bit of a road trip to Asheville Friday afternoon, spending time downtown, popping into shops and walking. It was fun. I go to Asheville twice a year to do a show downtown. It's the same area but I never get a chance to walk downtown and enjoy it. So it was nice. Then Saturday morning we went to SAFF. Since I don't spin or knot, a lot of the booths were just fun to look at. My big temptation was the booth with buttons.
I love buttons, especially older ones. I use a lot of them in my work so I'm always looking for sets of 5 buttons at least 5/8, but better 3/4 - 1 inch size, in lots of colors.
It was almost like Christmas. 
This morning I'm back at work. I'll wind another warp using bamboo balls left over from other projects and see what I get. There might also be some sewing on a quilt project done in the afternoons....
Until next week, keep weaving!

Saturday, October 29, 2016

A little trip

LouAnn and I went to SAFF yesterday, just south of Ashville NC.   I had 2  things I needed to do neither of which involved any money.  I needed to deliver a spinning wheel that had traveled all the way from Minnesota  to my house and it just needed one last trip to get into the hands of it's new owner.  The other thing I needed to do was to see if the owner at the "Spindolyn"support spindle booth could help me with a bent spindle.  I had bought spindle years ago and it had gotten bent somehow, and therefore was unusable.

We arrived at the fairgrounds about 40 minutes before the wheels owner did, so we had  some time to look around.  We even had time to go  through the fleece venue and I barely escaped without purchasing a particularly lovely silver Coopworth!   We soon heard from the wheels owner and we were able to make the handoff right there in front of the fleece venue, a big hug and off the wheel went to be loaded up for it's ride home.

We went thru the first vendor barn and it was there that I found the "Spindolyn" booth and I watched the owner show off some of her new inventions.  She had a wrist distaff and  wrist lazy kate that were very interesting.  when it  was my turn to talk with her, I asked her if it were possible to repair a bend spindle and she said yes it was.  I showed her mine and she said that I should  just pick out a new one.  She said mine was so old and that she had made so many improvements that she did not want the older models in circulation anymore.  I proceeded to pick out a new one, in the next week or two I can take some pictures while I try it out.  (I will be sure to post them.)

And speaking of pictures, you would think that this post would be full of pictures of the event, but I have to tell you that the only pictures I took were of what we had for lunch!!!!  We were beginning to feel a little peckish, and we decided to take a break from all the fun and get a bite to eat from the little diner trailer that we had seen outside.

 LouAnn had chicken tacos and I had BBQ sliders, they were really good!  I had packed a lunch just in case but it remained in my bag and made it all the way home untouched.

I had already taken a bite before I decided to share the view with you all.

As the day wore on LouAnn purchased some lovely spinning fiber to entice her to work a little bit more on her wheels and I was sorely tempted by some camel/silk blend spinning fiber, oh so tempted!  But all I could think about was all the lovely stuff I already had at home just waiting for me to sit and spin awhile.

It was soon time to go home, and I took one last look in the fleece building, where that Coopworth fleece tried it's best to come home with me, but I held on to my resolve to not bring home any more fiber  until I had used up some of what I already have.  It was tough!!!!!

On our way home we stopped at one of those nice rest stops to stretch, and we came across an interesting sculpture, it is called "Good Morning"  and was put on display in 1996.

We made it home tired but happy, it was a fun fiber day.

On the home front, I have had a fairly busy week in the "making" department.  I finished a pair of socks to wear with my muck boots when I go to the barn in the morning.  Good sturdy heavy fingering weight socks in my favorite pattern "So Simple Silk Garden".  It is a simple rib with one cable running down the leg to the foot, it is my go to sock pattern especially for thicker fingering or sport yarn.

I also finished upgrading my first two bags, someone called them carpet bags, which is appropriate as these are made out of 8/4 cotton warp because that is the fabric I had on hand.

The red and white overshot one you have seen before but the one on the left is new.  This is made using the fabric I wove months ago.  On this one I used a hand dyed plain weave fabric with a pattern woven in using Monks Belt pattern blocks.

I have one more bag already cut out of fabric similar to this one, then I have some fabric with just the hand dyed weft in plain weave.

Since I am going to need some sort of embellishment for the last batch of bags since there isn't one woven into the fabric itself,  I turned to one of my new ventures, and that is bobbin lace.  I have found a series of patterns that will be both big enough and fast enough to make to use as an embellishment on these bags.  I have one on the pillow right now as a matter of fact, I should finish it tomorrow, and we will see if it will show up against the fabric, and indeed be the right size as is to do the job.  It may very well take a several tries to find the right pattern to do the job.

That is it for now, Until next time Happy Weaving, Tina

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Oh No, No, No!

  The last time I blogged, I mentioned that Carol had challenged me to make a purse like one she saw at Homecoming.  I had three photos to work from, and I got out my graph paper and worked it out using a 15 inch placemat warp that was already on one of my Pups.
  Sounds easy, huh?  NO!

  I kept careful notes as I worked....I had to keep in mind that the strips for the straps would need to be reinforced along the bottom edge.  I over estimated how long to make those strips--I allowed three yards each just to give me extra for take up in the braided area.  Now I know that two yards would be plenty!!!!
  The picture on the left is right before I wove in the small braided strip on the top edge.

   You can see the small braid in the middle, along with the loop for the button at the top of this picture.  But, here comes the rub....I'm not happy with any of these pockets for the bag.  I have been through my "pocket" collection several times, and these are the best bets!  NO!!!!

  I'm about to decide that there would NOT be a pocket on the outside at all....but, I can add two inside pockets for those of us who need them!

I think I'm about over this challenge, Carol!  It's time to move on to other weaving projects!  But, I will finish this........when I solve the pocket challenge!

  This isn't the clearest photo, but, those are BUDS on the tips of the cactus!  And, they are still outside on the porch!

  This crazy Fall weather that we're having means that we have not had our first frost yet.  It is getting in the upper 70s every day....and they are talking about temps in the low 80s this weekend!!!  It's FALL, folks! 
  Now, don't get me wrong....I do not like cold weather, but I do like having four seasons.  You can see that the tree in the background does not have a lot of color.  It's kinda hit or miss on the Fall color around these parts.  
  I'm sure I'll be going into a panic soon enough when the temps drop, and I'll need to bring plants inside in a hurry.  So, for now, I'm just going to enjoy these warm afternoons, and blow the leaves that are falling out of the driveway.

Happy Weaving!

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

And, Another Thing.....

  You know how it show a friend your handwovens, and before you know it, they want to learn to weave, too!!! 
  Say "Howdy" to Ruth Anne!  Yes, you've seen her here before....she's Betsy's friend that has 29 alpacas and weaves on a rigid heddle loom.  Now she's ready to learn to weave on a floor loom and join our merry band of weavers!!!  She brought along her very nice Ashford table loom for her first's a GO!!!!

  But, before Ruth Anne could wind her first warp, Joan would need to finish winding her warp.'s always something!


According to Tina, she has been working on the 10th towel FOREVER!!!  There's something going on with the threads behind the heddles.....we found several twisted ones after she finished number ten!


According to Molly, Tina HAS been working on the 10th towel ever since she started threading her warp!!!  Just look at all those beautiful colors!!!!

  Carl had no comment on the 10th towel....he was intent on joining another weft strip for his rug.  He started a new rug today, and now we're guessing how many more on this warp!!!

Remember when you used to hide a book  behind a textbook so you could read during class???  That's what this picture looks like to me!  Actually, they were looking at Dixon....must be planning a new project for Jocelyn.

  Lanny always looks over the insurance policy for the Center to make sure we have adequate coverage.  Someone has to do it!!!!
  Anna has come up with some adorable tree ornaments using her pin loom pieces.
  That little inkle loom of Christy's got a work-out today!!!

****That's Pat in the background just working away on her placemats!

  Joan DID get her warp wound, and now it's going on the loom.  Irene is threading while Frieda gets ready to dress her loom.'s the Ladies!!!  What can you say?

Harriet went with some black weft for this sunny scarf.

Sharon's bracelets were such a hit that she needs to make more before the Foothills show.  And, for our new weavers, it gives them a chance to see how this loom works!

  It's three weeks until our Foothills show, and there's lots to do to get ready.  We'll be hemming and twisting fringes soon!!!

Happy Weaving!

Monday, October 24, 2016


I know, I didn't write last Monday. I was busy getting ready and totally forgot until Tuesday morning. I had a stack of pieces to finish for my show this past weekend.
Wednesday morning DH and I headed to Asheville to set up for the Southern Highland Craft Guild. He helps me out the panels up and get my lights set up. Without his help, it would take me forever to set up (and take down). Plus, he gets to drive over the mountains and enjoy the views which we both enjoy. He headed back home after we were set up worked the rest of the week, coming back yesterday to help take down.
So here's what I've been working on the last few months. 
Not only do I have my regular cotton production pieces, but I had a bunch of hand dyed handwoven pieces.
This is from the last warp I wove. It's what I call my color block pieces. I have 4 colors I use for the warp and then weave with a fifth color. This time it's chocolate brown. The other color block pieces I've woven were black. This was a new idea. This jacket got a new home on Saturday.
My new hand dyed warp project are bamboo jackets. Look: pockets! I figured out how to make it work. I like how the pockets hang on the jacket, nice crisp look, not baggy like on the tunics I wove last year.
Here's the other color block jacket I wove recently. It's at a new home in South Carolina this morning.  wanted. She wanted a show stopper piece. She loved it.

I truly like this piece. It's hand dyed as well. Imagine, in a few months. It's been snowing and the sky is dark and dreary but you put on this jacket. It cheers you up and anyone that sees it will, for a second, be cheered by the colorful sight.
So that's what my week was like. I'm taking today off to finish up the show stuff and ready for the next one. Then I may get another warp on the loom. I've got several waiting to go on the loom.
Until next week, keep weaving 

Friday, October 21, 2016

Once Upon A Time....

.....there were 4 over shot placemats.  They were made many years ago when this weaver was very new at weaving.  The 4 placemats were different lengths so they could not be sold as a set, and they languished in "that" pile for a long time.  Then the weaver had an idea, and she needed something that she could use to try it out.  Her eyes went straight to the pile and out popped the placemats ready and willing to finally go to work.

The pattern was drafted there was much measuring before cutting, and much ripping of seams and taking out of zippers, and putting them back in again, before there was any progress at all, but the placemats are sturdy 8/4 cotton, and they can take it.

In the end, or should I say the middle because I am getting ready to take it apart and do it all over again, there was only a very little bit left of those 4 placemats, but they have done what they needed to do and more!

I am now no longer afraid to cut into my handwoven fabrics, I know that they can take it, and I have a good feel for how to do what I need to do to get the product I want to have for the show next month.

As I said before I am getting ready to do it all over again, I am not happy with the how the zipper is fitting in just yet, and there are a couple of other things that need to be reworked, so I will take it apart once again to get it right.

Until next week, Happy Crafting, Tina

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

A Day In Our Life

Welcome to our newest weaver, Liz.

  We told her that if she read the blog, she would learn our names faster!!!!

You can usually find Carl at the big old loom! goes.....I think I got everyone in a picture (or two) for her to work on at home!

Carl and Pat cutting blue jean strips for another rug.

Pat weaves lovely placemats!

Since the black thread has been found, Lanny is happier!

Linda is working on her placemats.

Connie is weaving a scarf on her Structo.

Irene is conquering the tangled warp!!!!

Christy is working on her wee Inkle.

Frieda's new scarf warp.

More of the neutral placemats:  thank you, Polly!

Shirley and Bonnie just getting it done!

The border on Karin's towels.

Sharon got the thank you note written!

Bonnie modeled Ms. Ila's cocoon wrap.

Ms. Ila is almost through threading this warp.

Now.....where were the other ladies today?
  Since the Foothills show is in a few weeks, they worked in the Annex today storing all the extra looms at the back of the space, and bringing all the show equipment up by the door!!!!

Marie moved looms, Betsy was the cleaner!

Marie and Tina moved the loom parts to the back.

Karin made sure it was all stored in an orderly manner!!!

There you go!  Just a quick look at the Tuesday Weavers on a typical day!
  Lots of chatter!
  Lots of laughter!
  A little bit of weaving!!!

Happy Weaving!!!