Friday, August 31, 2018

First of 12 Napkins

Since I last posted about the Napkin project, I have rethreaded the selvedges, because Marie brought to our attention on Tuesday, that one of our blog posts about selvedges had been sighted on Facebook.  Turns out it was one of my posts way back!  Well I followed my own instructions,  and I like it!  It is basically 12 ends in 3 dents, the outside dent gets 4 ends threaded singly in whatever pattern you are doing, say 1234.  the next dent in, if you are going from the right hand side, gets 4 threads threaded double in pattern, in this case, 3344, and the next dent in gets 4 threads again threaded double in pattern, in this case 1122. If you are coming from the left side you follow that threading pattern order. Clear as mud right!  I will link to the original post here when I can find it.

After I had corrected my selvedges I fixed a sleying error, and I began to tie onto the front bar.  For some reason the front apron only had one metal bar to tie onto, and it was in the apron.  Sometimes I can make that work, using the slits in the apron, but this time it was not going to work with the fine 16/2 that I am using and that for the first time.   I glanced over to the tall trash can in the corner, that holds all my sticks and tall straight things and my eyes fell upon a metal rod that was the perfect length for my loom. ( an old, old narrow Leclerc) YAY!  I spent a little time getting the two rods in place, and over the last day or two, I tied the warp onto the front apron bars.

Today was the day, after I ran the morning errands, and treated 3 goat for hoof rot. (I have never had to deal with this problem before, but it has been bad this year!) I finally got upstairs in the Studio, and finished tying on the napkins, and I went looking for a yarn that was enough finer than the 16/2 to use while weaving the hem, I wanted to make the hem section of these napkins a little narrower than the body of the napkin so that they won't have a bulky hem.  I found the perfect yarn, loaded the shuttles and began to weave.

I soon abandoned the hook style temple, because I saw that when I had to unweave to correct a treadling error, I found that the hooks were cutting the weft!  I had not had that happen before, and I will have to pay attention when I inspect this first napkin to make sure that there are no weak places  in the cloth.

This first time through the pattern I am taking many notes so that I can replicate it for each of the 12 napkins in this order.   I should have enough warp to do some extra ones, the best 12 will fulfill the order the ones that are left over I will set aside because I know they will come in handy.

I mentioned before that the dimensions of the breadcloth's were taken from a Handwoven collection booklet.  In this cut down Napkin version, the stripes are again my own design, but I did use the textured pattern found in the booklet for the center of the napkin.  I think it is delicate enough to do the job.

I stopped for lunch at 2pm when I paused to wonder why I was so hungry!  When I am working on a project, and I am able to really get into it, I often lose track of time.

Late lunch is over, my post is done, it is back to work on the napkins for me.

Until next time, keep on going, Tina

Tuesday, August 28, 2018

She's Back!!!!

  Carol has rejoined the Tuesday Weavers!  And, just in time, too!!  While she was gone, we were busy weaving those scarves that she loves so much, which also means she gets to tag them, and get them in the inventory book!  Ms. Ila's three shawls were also ready to be tagged....but, two of them were snapped up before they could be put into inventory!
  Welcome back!

  Marie finally got some time to work on the fringes of the pink shawl.  (Twisting fringes is NOT Marie's favorite activity!)

  That's one more scarf that Bonnie has finished!  That weft works well with the black bamboo. 

   Marion was back with us today.  She's making great progress on her starter warp.


  A bare foot weaver!   (We don't teach just happens!)  Weave on, Alyce!

  And another bare foot weaver!!!!  Helen is working on her scarf warp.
(I weave bare foot, too.  Do you????)

  I didn't check out Linda's feet....she was busy finishing her fourth green towel.  The next four towels will be yellow.

   Jaid sat down with Carol and planned her next project:  a table runner.  Then, it's off to the warping board!

  After taking some time off, Christy is playing catch-up.  That little Singer does a great job joining the blue jean panels.

  Ms. Ila began threading her new shawl warp today.  This is another one that I'm excited to see going!

                                                                                 You know I LOVE "under the loom" shots.  Just couldn't resist!  Ray found a threading error, and he double checked the tie-up....he's ready to begin his double wide project!

  Would you believe Carl has already used up the blue jean strips we cut a few weeks ago?  He told me this afternoon that we'll need to cut more next week!!!!

 I think this might be the last of that Indigo dyed cotton that Tina plied for Marie.  That truly is a labor of love!!!!

 A BIG thank you to Sharon for that yummy homemade salsa!  It surely did hit the spot!

  Also, a big cyber hug on its way to our Anna.  We're thinking of you!!!

Happy Weaving!


Friday, August 24, 2018

Mini Me

One of my best sellers at the few shows that I do with the Tuesday Weavers is my Bread cloths, in fact I sell every one that I bring.  I had taken as inspiration one of the projects from an old Handwoven collection.  I used the ends per inch and the basic size from the project, but I made my own stripe pattern and textured insert in the middle of the cloth.  I have once or twice used a finger manipulated lace pattern, but I found that my hands really did not like all that stress.

Recently, I was asked to come up with a napkin pattern that looked like the bread cloths, only smaller and with finer yarn.  We went over the color cards and chose the colors my client wanted and we also decided that I should order some 16/2 for the project.  I have not used 16/2 yet and I am excited to take the plunge.

The yarn arrived a couple of weeks ago, and I had finished tweaking the pattern and wound, beamed and threaded the warp with very little trouble.  I have woven a little sample to see if my efforts were to be rewarded, and I think that they are.  I found no threading errors and only a sleying error to correct before I can get weaving.

I have put one of the bread cloths on this sample to show how much smaller the pattern really is.  At first I thought I might be able to use the same number of ends, but I found that I had to reduce the stripes from 20 ends to 15 to get the proportions that I wanted in the final napkins.

I am looking forward to weaving these napkins starting next week, I need to get 12 woven for this order, with more to follow if they are admired at the Thanksgiving party.  The first napkin I will have to take good notes so that I can make then all the same.  I have thought about using sewing thread for the turned part of the hem, have any of you found it helpful?

(Incidentally, I love the feel of 16/2 cotton, it is soft and very pleasant to work with, not hard to beam at all, though I did use a back to front approach since the yarn is so fine.)

Until next week, (maybe)  Tina

Tuesday, August 21, 2018


  Once a year we get a group from the Chamber of Commerce Leadership group.  This year's group called ahead to make sure that Carl would be here when they came!!!!
  As usual, they were full of questions about what we were doing in the studio....and, we love to tell them about our projects!

  Of course, we were not expecting their bus to get stuck in the driveway!!!! 
  There is a steep grade on the west driveway that requires you to take it at an angle.  (My car sits low, so I always take the side street to avoid scraping!)  The bus blocked the east bound side of the highway for a bit before they were able to free it.
  This just meant that the visitors had extra time to enjoy the Center!


  Lunch time means talking with each other about the projects we have on our looms at home and upcoming special events.

  It's also a time to talk about projects that just might be giving us a little trouble.  Alyce believes that sometimes those projects just need a little time-out!  Agree!!!

 Wow!  Such a diverse group....and it's always nice to see old friends!

   I promised a close-up picture of Frieda's scarf, but, it is determined to come in sideways!!!!  Isn't this lovely!


  Ms. Ila wound on her new shawl warp.  It is a hand dyed shades of gray bamboo warp.  The first shawl will be the "snake skin" twill using black bamboo.   There is enough on this warp for three shawls.

  Polly wasn't weaving today....she was ironing!  These are the new AACC tee shirts for the shop upstairs.
  (Karin does a great job photo bombing, don't you think?)

  Carl didn't get as much weaving done today as he would have liked.....that's what happens when you are the main attraction for the visitors!!! 

  I haven't shown Liz's towels...she's been on vacation this month.  But, she got this much done before she left.

  Tina finished plying the indigo dyed cotton, and wound a skein for Marie from the threads.  I think this is the end of this project!

  Another great day....a little drama....a lot of laughter!!!!

Happy Weaving!

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Dog Daze of Summer

  With the August heat outside, being in the Studio was the perfect place to be!!!  We still have folks on vacation, so it wasn't as busy as it normally is around here.

  This happy quartet of weavers jumped in to wind on Peggy's warp of huck placemats.  Alyce, Helen and Pearl made sure the warp went on smoothly with just the right amount of tension.  (This will be Peggy's first warp on a floor loom!)


  Jaid is at the end of her first warp, which means she gets to decide what her next project will be.  So many possibilities!!!!
  BTW....Jaid brought in her very first weaving project to share:  a panel woven on a cardboard loom in elementary school!  Precious!!!!


  Shirley and Bonnie were able to work on their projects, too.  Shirley is getting really close to the end!

    Christy is back with us and right back to work making panels for Carl's rugs.  She's got this down to a fine science. 
  Carl got started on another rug today, so that tub of strips will get used before you know it!

  Linda's baby blanket was a big hit at the baby shower recently (her grandson is due in October!!!)  For now, she's busy with the green dish towels at her loom.

Aw shucks....I meant to get a close up of Frieda's pattern on this scarf.  I'll try to remember next week!


  I love the colors of Anna's dyed warp!  They just seem to flow from one color to another.

  Tina is back to work on her black & white walker bags.  Marie was just checking on the progress.


  Ray wove a couple of rows this afternoon to check on his threading.  This morning, he threaded the fishing line through the left side, which will be closed on this double weave.  We are all excited about this project.

  The Studio is a cool place to spend these hot, humid days.....join us!

Happy Weaving!

Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Tale of Two Warps

  We've been watching Ray's warp for awhile now.  He put it through the reed and threaded the heddles last month, and we've been waiting for him to wind this puppy on the loom.  Today was the day!!!
  You can see that he had plenty of help:  Ray had helped Bonnie wind on her warp, and she was ready to return the favor.
  Peggy came to see if she could help, but with Ray on the warp side and Tina on the crank, they pretty much had it covered.

  That is until they discovered this:

Yep....a big ole rat's nest tangle.  It seems that someone had tumbled the warp chain out of the box it was in, and then the threads got all mixed up!
  But, once again....cooler heads persevered and the tangle was slowly UNtangled.'s ready to go!  What a lovely sight!

   Now, all this time, our newest weavers were hard at work at their looms.  Marion and Jaid were back with us today.  They just took up where they left off!

  Marion was working on her three inches of 1/3 twill, and I saw Jaid laying down some lovely hemstitching!


  Ms. Ila's warp of three shawls came off the loom today....each of them with different patterns.  This picture does not do justice to this shawl!!!!


  Oh, yes!  Here's that second warp going on the loom.  This is an eight yard huck placemat warp getting wound on the loom.
  I love that they just jump in and help each other!

  Linda finished her baby blanket for her soon to be grandson!  This is from Tom Knisely's Handwoven Baby Blankets.  Be sure to click on the picture to get a better look at the pattern!  That's one lucky little boy!

  I need to get a CLOSE up shot of this pattern that Frieda is using for this scarf.  She told me she found it on Pinterest.    It is perfect for this scarf!

I really don't know what these ladies are up to???? 

Do you????

I'm sure we'll find out soon!!!!

Happy Weaving!