Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Welcome To The Studio, Karen!

  If you've been reading Karen-In-The-Woods, you know that she and Steve have started their southerly trek.  They stopped-over here in East Tennessee to spend some time with Linda, and wound up at the Center to see our own brand of mayhem!
  It really was the perfect day to be here....temps soared up to the 60's and the sun was bright in the sky.  Karen got to see the warp on her former rug loom, as well as all the other looms in our studio.
  It was a short visit (Steve was ready to pull out at the campground nearby) but we really enjoyed meeting her!   I know she'll enjoy all that Florida sunshine for the next few weeks!

  We were busy at the Center this morning!  Pat and Betsy helped Carl keep the tension as we wound on his new rug warp. 

   I finally caught Linda at her rug loom (this is the loom that used to belong to Karen!)  Those blue jeans look so good as the weft, that I think she's going to make another one!

Cindy and Marie are already thinking about our Fall shows.  Marie had pictures of our booth to use for a reference as they looked at the supply catalog.  We need to add to our display equipment!

Carol checked in with Sharon and Molly.....our newest weavers are doing a great job!

  Bonnie has cut off her warp, and she'll be starting on one of the Pups next week.  Wonder what she'll work on for her first project???


  And, Shirley cut off the final scarf from her warp....that makes a total of three!!!  (I won't say what she calls this warp!!!!)

    Pat brought her overshot projects that she has been working on at home.  She's using up her stash of Harrisville wool!

Margi got busy collecting the supplies she'll need for the straw loom class on Saturday. 

Several of our Tuesday Weavers took part in the Nuno Felting workshop last weekend, and brought their finished panels in for us to see.  Here are Marie and Cindy's pieces.

  Ms. Ila brought her piece, along with LaDonna's finished piece.  I think they all had a great time. 

  Geri Forkner will be teaching Nuno Felting for Weavers April 5-6 at the Center.   We'll be seeing some more of these great pieces!  (You can register for the workshop by calling the Center.)

  Even though Julia has gone back to her job, she's staying busy weaving at home.  Marie showed-off the scarves that Julia finished at home.
  Keep up the good work, Julia.....and come visit us when you can!

That's it for today....another busy weaving adventure!

Happy Weaving!

p.s.  Drive safely, Steve!


Bonnie said...

I miss you guys. So much going on.

KarenInTheWoods said...

Thank you so much for the nice visit and letting me interrupt your Tuesday session.... it was so good to meet everyone!

Here is my blog post about the day too:

Tina J said...

I love seeing all the show and tell, it can really kick start new ideas!