Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Catching Up

  No snow today.....just a partly cloudy February day at the Center!  But, we had a lot of catching up to do....and that included this stash of fabric that came in two weeks ago.  Ann, Tina and I sorted through the boxes and bags to see what was usable.

That also included this stash of rolled woolen strips.  Part of this we set back at Carl's loom for his new rug warp.  Ann found some great rolls that will work with her new warp, too.

Cindy brought her newest project to hem at the Center.  It seems her sewing machine has decided not to cooperate.  Christy got the machine ready to roll.

Marie brought in her newest towels to share with us....they look great!  (We know what she's been doing while we were stuck at home!)

  And, Cindy shared her first try at Rep Weave with us after lunch.  LOVE those colors.

Not to be outdone....Karin shared her scarf that she finished.

Bonnie and Jocelyn looked at plans for a new warp, while Sandra wound a new warp.

Jocelyn just needed extra incentive from Chappie.  He makes a great weaver pup!

Marie was determined to get her towel warp on the loom today, and the Weavers just pitched right in to make it happen.  When it was finally rolled on the warp beam, a huge cheer erupted!!!!

A view of the other side of the loom shows intense concentration.
  That thread was determined to curl and kink and make their job more difficult!

(That sure explains the cheer!)

  The weaving continued on the other looms, too.  Ms. Ila and Eiko were hard at work, and Christy wove on her scarf warp.

  Meanwhile, Carl quietly sleyed his reed, and then calmly climbed inside the castle of the old barn loom to thread the heddles.  A stool makes the job a little easier.  We'll be winding on this warp next week when he gets finished.

Roz's warp is now wound on the loom, so she'll be threading this warp next week.
  It seems that warps are being wound on and cut off at regular intervals around here!!!

  It was good to be back!
Happy Weaving!

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Tina J said...

Remember that time we had to sort thru all that fabric, and we all ended up sneezing because of the dust! Oh, wait a minute, that was today!