Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Around the Studio

  I know that this is the picture you all are waiting for.....this is one happy weaver!!!!
  The new warp is tied on and ready for action.  The ball of weft on the bench beside Carl is from a previously woven rug that will soon become a new rug.  Recycle and reuse....our guide words!


Elsewhere in the studio, Cindy and Shirley discussed a draft for a new project.  We are so lucky to have each other to talk to about weaving.  There's a lot of knowledge to share in that studio!!!  Sharon got the opportunity to talk with Eiko about her project.  Our new weavers are making great progress!

   Jocelyn and Molly got a lot done today, too.  Karin is just about finished with her project on the table loom, and then that loom will be ready for another new weaver.

Of course, there's lots of catching up to do, too!!!  Sometimes we're sharing our projects on the looms at home....and sometimes we are sharing pictures of our new baby goats!!!  Congratulations, Linda!  She's the proud "grandmother" to two little kids born just last night!

  Yes....this is intense concentration on Betsy's face!  She is threading her first patterned warp.  (She's doing a great job!!!)

  Tina and I tackled the Straw Loom Kits...we needed to get some new kits ready.  Carol blogged yesterday about her adventure with Margi on Saturday. Sounds like they had a successful day.

  Roz is just about to get that warp tied on her loom....she should be weaving next week!

  No week is really complete without a warp coming off the loom!  Ms. Ila finished up her shawl warp!  What's next???

  And, there's always show & tell time:  Marie used her rigid heddle loom to weave this huck lace scarf from bamboo and silk.   Oh-la-la........so soft!!!!

  Now....get busy cutting those strips and ordering more thread!!! 
  There's lots more weaving to get done around the studio!!!

Happy Weaving!


LA said...

Judy sent me this comment from her daughter, Ellen:
"Ahhh. How cool. He is so sweet!"
That is Ellen's rug that Carl is reweaving.

Theresa said...

Ah Tuesdays, always so joyful and lively!
My favorite Loomy Tunes kinda posts. :)

Cindy said...

Wow! So much progress since we came to visit. There is so much energy and fun in that room.
Hope to come back and see you all soon.